The French Maids

Maids Wanted



Are You looking for a new maid? For domestic services? For training? Would You prefer the maids to send applications for interviews to You, rather than You having to do all the search and e-mail writing?

If yes, then all You have to do is to send a description of the position, and Your requirements, to
The Web Maid for inclusion in this section.

#1 Mistress Blaque

I am Mistress Blaque. I am the proud owner of maid tammi, Registered Maid #553. I am seeking another live-in maid. She should be submissive, well trained (or I'll make sure she is), and employable. I will discuss the details with the girl through e-mail.


#2 Mistress Nataly

I'm Mistress Nataly, I am 30 y.o., and seeking a very submissive slave/maid, for my personal service. If you are interested send me an e-mail with your photos in uniform. Here are a list of rules that you will have to follow if you want be my slave/maid. Answer and comment your opinion about every rule. I await your answer soon.

1.- During the day you always will have to put on your maid uniform.

2.- I will give you 6 maid uniforms, and order you when you have to put them on.

3.- During your service you always will have to wear a ball gag at your neck, collar and chains (this point isn't negotiable).

4.- Never speak without permit.

5.- You must always stay on your knees, when receiving my instructions.

6.- During the night, you will always sleep in a big cage.

7.- You must sleep in a school uniform.

8.- If your work is bad, your punishment will be bondage, hard spanking, and confinement chained in a cell.

9.- You position as slave/maid is 24/7 (no free days)

10.- You must shave all your body.

11.- You must go to shopping with your uniform on.

12.- I will not pay anything for your work, only your food, your uniforms, your under dress, and your cage. I give you pocket money US $150 month.

13.- I will give you a medical insurance, in the case you do not have one.

14.- Your duties as maid will be, laundry, cook, ironing, dish, clean the windows, clean my car, clean dirty toilets and other things.

15.- You will always eat your meals from a bowl on the floor.

16.- This will be your daily uniform: Maid uniform of my choice, cap, ball gag around your neck, leather collar, hand cuff with a large chain, cuff for your feet with a large chain. Both chains (hands and foot) are united to a large chain to the collar. This combination permits very free movements. Also all your uniforms have a padlock, for you shall not be tempted to undress your uniform until I order. When I have guests at home for a party, you must use the same uniform, in addition to a mask and a gag in your mouth.

Mistress Nataly.


#3 Madam Zara

Experienced (40's) Dominatrix (ex School Teacher) and High Priestess requires EXPERIENCED maid or maids on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Not live in. No applications from outside the UK. Preference given to those within 1 to 2 hours driving distance of Canterbury. No fees - just hard work and the joy of serving ME as my maid.

If you are inexperienced (these usually mess me about) there will be a registration fee for tuition. I do hold a Diploma in Education and am thus qualified in Drama, Psychology etc. Genuine replies will receive my home phone number (not premium rate...) Calls from witheld numbers on caller display NOT accepted.

NO Timewasters.

Madam Zara


#4 Master Jaap

I need a maid.

I am looking for a female FRENCH MAID who is willing to serve me and she must very obedient. No experiency required, I will train you.

I live in the Netherlands and I am searching for a maid in Europe.


#5 Sir Thomas

Dominant attractive Male in Central New Jersey, USA is seeking a part-time French Maid for cleaning service. Possible live in/relationship for the right Maid. I will supply all the necessary outfits and associated undergarments ans accessories. Prefer a submissive into fetish dressing. Modest pay possible. Also seeking a submissive into more esoteric training.


#6 Dom from NYC

I am a Dom from NYC, US and am looking for a live in maid, SHE must be willing to serve 24/7 with no time off during the week. I will give 3 weeks vacation time and $200 a month in salary. I will supply all the clothing SHE is to wear during the day and night. In return I am seeking a Woman, that is born a woman, to cook, clean, and satisfy my needs. I am married, she dose not participate, and you will not associate with her. She is open to my need for a servient at the end of each day you will sleep on a small bed to my side, in case I should need anything, and you will be chained. ALL APPLICANTS MUST SEND TWO (2) PICS IN FULL DRESS TO EVEN BE CONSIDERED!!!


#7 Mistress MzBoDaChus

I am seeking a submissive male or female to assisit me. Your duties will include complete cleaning of my home on a weekly basis, paying special attention to the bathroom. You must be obedient and very willing to please me in whatever way I deem fit. I am a gentle Mistress who belives in reward rather than punishment. You must live in the area and be avilable whenever I call. I live in New Hampshire,USA


#8 Goddess Vixen Allat

Goddess Vixen Allat is looking for a single, petite, attractive, weight/ height proportionate male between the ages of 21 and 41, who is interested in learning all aspects of maid service. Boys with refined, smaller features get first consideration.

- Must be in the Nashville, TN area or willing and able to relocate,

- must be employed and able to afford own supplies,

- must be able to accept harsh criticism and stern punishment,

- must have excellent work ethic,

- must be skilled at housekeeping,

- must be interested in chastity and bisexuality...

If you can say yes to all of the above you may be qualified. E-mail Me a list of Dominants that you have served, a picture of yourself in costume, a list of the supplies that you own and ways in which you have been and wish to be trained, a phone number and best times to reach you. All maids must go through a 1- 3 mo. probationary period in which they will be tested for servitudial capacity. If I like what I see, live in is a must, so don't apply if you cannot be a live in.

If these requirements sound hard- do not apply, this is nothing compared to what I have to offer. The maid that I choose to begin with should be prepared to sleep in a special area; groom daily- immaculately; work and run errands- daily in uniform within My home, other homes and the general public; work as an "escort" when I demand, be willing to turn over all earnings to Me and live from a weekly allowance... My maid will be My #1 toy, an integral part of My website, videos, pics, etc. For hard work and superior effort, I will reward My maid with weekly fetish treats and lavish days off dressed as a lady, trips with Me dressed 24-7 as My glamorous assistant, and a private vacation/ retreat yearly.


Web site:


#9 Mistress Jacqueline

I am seeking a live-in maid who is submissive and very devoted. She will be employable and will need to relocate to Minneapolis, MN.

Mistress Jacqueline


#10 Miss Brook/TV Rebecca:

Twenty two year old genetic female and forty year old MtoF crossdresser seeking either pre or post-op transsexual or extremely passable and feminine TV for permanent position as live-in maid in the Atlanta area.

To the right applicant, we are offering your own private maids quarters in our wonderfully large and private home, full wardrobe including uniforms, underpinnings and all accessories, meals and perhaps a modest weekly stipend. What we expect in return is full and complete devotion in all household duties as well as the daily care of the wheel-chair bound Miss Brook.

You must be drug and disease free, non-smoker and between the ages of 25-40. We can provide a loving, open and supportive environment in which to become the woman you've always wanted to be. Firm correction can also be provided if necessary or desired.

For further details, E-mail to:

#11 The postion is taken

#12 Mistress Felicia

Stunning TV Mistress, and 24/7 stunning real female slave, searching for a special maid to serve...For more information on what we are seeking go to: Bisexual Women, Bi Tv, Bi TS's Only, Club in ...

E-Mail Address:

#13 Kaj

I am a man 54 years. Looking for a naughty maid to have some fun with (spanking / punishment). I have always wanted to be a maid myself, but I think I would look funny in a maids uniform, I am also at bit to old.


#14 Magnolians

We are looking for a feminine TV who wants to be trained to be a perfect maid. If you have ever fantasized about being a maid or slave here's your chance to live the dream. Do you love to serve and want to spend your days en femme? Does the idea of serving a r/l Master/Slave couple appeal to you? Do you want to be a better woman and maid than you ever thought possible? However, should you fail to perform your maid duties satisfactorily there will be inevitable forfeits:) In return for your service we would provide you with a Victorian style education, treat you as a member of our family and provide you with room and board. All applicants are required to send two pictures en femme (don`t have to be perfect), and an honest description of yourself and your needs to us. !!Pictures of hairy apes in a $0.99 pantyhose or pictures of your willy will be deleted and NOT even answered. The same goes for some sissy fantasy stories or letters that tell us your sex stories. If you're interested send We are r/l and this is a REAL position.!!


#15 ItalyMaster

Im an attractive and experienced Italian Master of 36 yrs. I live in Milano (North Italy) where I own a fully equipped dungeon. Im looking for a maid to punish and train, so if passing through Milano give me a call. Im experienced in both psic and fisic training, humiliation, bondage, spanking, watersports, enema and from mild to severe pain.


#16 Position is filled

#17 27 yr old female


27 yr old female looking for a male sissy slave to help with her need .. must be in the Portland, Salem OR area .. live out, just be on call .. light discipline .. more mental than physical .. experienced preferred .. for more details contact me ...


#18 Mistress C

I am in search of a sissymaid/maids in the Portland Or, area for part time service. Maids must be obedient and ready to work. Some humiliation/degradation is necessary, but not too much. Contact me at


#19 Mistress Felicia

I am Mistress Felicia and I am seeking maids, for both fulltime 24/7 positions, and for evening positions for the Bi Kink club in Los Angeles. Maids must be completely subservient, trained, and ready to serve. Maids must be responsible, stable, and committed to their tasks and the care of Mistress and her owned 24/7 slave cyn. All maids must be finely dressed, and be Bisexual if Mistress assigns them the privilege of becoming her personal full time maid. All maids must be employed, and uniformed.

Bi Kink Club - Los Angeles. We are a New Bi women, Bi TV, Bi TS' only sex group in Los Angeles. (No men or Masters.) Only the Bi fem Kinky, Fetish lifestyle of women, and Bi men who act and dress as complete women may join. We have our own multiroom, private, Victorian styled Dungeon, & erotic play space house for our highly sexual, fantasy fulfilment, get togethers. Our site is:

Contact: slave cyn

Contact E mail:

#20 Lord Raven


Lord Raven is accepting applications for a single attractive GENETIC FEMALE, waifish to weight/ height proportionate female between the ages of 18 and 35, who is interested in all aspects of maid and submissive service on a 24/7 r/l live-in basis. No children.

Must be in the Tulsa, OK, USA, area or willing and able to relocate,

Must be employable and able to afford own supplies,

Must be able to accept criticism and punishment when necessary,

Must have excellent work ethic, faithful, loyal, able to endure long periods of silence and only speak when spoken to or given license to,

Must be skilled at housekeeping, caregiving, personal body servant duties, massage, oral, and trained (trainable) in erotic dance, & practice birth control,

MUST BE HIV/AIDS NEGATIVE, No STD's, D&D FREE! I AM...UB2. Will require a blood test,

NO recreational drugs, designer drugs, smoking dope (weed, reefer, marijuana, bud, hash, etc) will be allowed. Will be tested,

Alcoholic Beverage & substance consumption will be monitored and approved by me, administered by me,

Smoking ok...I smoke heavily.

Must be interested in slavery, chains, manacles, being shared, spanking, masturbation, public display, bisexuality, toys, light-med bdsm, exhibitionism, caging, humiliation, isolation, uniforms, photography, fine art, sculpting, animals, & nature...

If you can say yes to all of the above you may be qualified. E-mail Me a list of Dominants that you have served, pictures of yourself in uniform and nude, ways in which you have been and wish to be trained, and a phone number with best times to reach you. All maids must go through a 1- 3 mo. probationary period in which they will be tested for servitude. If I like what I see, live in is a must, so don't apply if you cannot be a live in. If these requirements sound hard, don't apply. The maid that I choose to begin will sleep in a special area designated by me, groom daily- immaculately, work and run errands, dress in uniform or nude with uniform accessories within My home and other homes, in the general public - as I specify, be a third party sex toy upon my demand, be willing to turn over all earnings to Me and live from a weekly allowance. You'll be required to improve your mind through study and your body through a workout regime (supervised by me).

My maid will be My toy, a pet, an integral part of My artwork (fine art), photographic pics, companion, model, my treasure, my pride, etc. If accepted, you'll receive a small tattoo of my preference signifying you are mine ONLY.

For hard work and superior effort, I will reward My maid with petting, weekly treats, trips with Me, clothe her to my preferences, minor medical care, and a yearly vacation.EXTREMELY SUBMISSIVE SERVITUTE...SERIOUS ONLY!!! Prefer well trained, but very serious novices considered.

I have no patience for criminal personalities, crazies, theives, substance abusers, and whiners.

If you've read the above and don't understand it.....forget it.....stupidity doesn't earn Lord Raven's consideration.


#21 Master Joseph & Mistress Delilah

We are a lifestyle Ds couple, living in suburban NJ, about 35 miles from NYC. We are seeking a permanent live-in maid/servant for cleaning, laundry, other household duties, and personal services to us both. Training and discipline will of course be ongoing in order to enhance and perfect your service to us.

We wish to emphasize the following:

You will be equally owned by and obedient to both of us.

The focus of this position is actual service. We live in a 15 room home and there is much to do here. Dressing and uniforms are most welcome, however we will not consider someone who focuses mainly on dress-up to the exclusion of performing actual and useful service. You must be skilled at and motivated to housekeeping.

Because this is a permanent, full-time 24/7 position, we require that applicants have prior experience at actual servitude. Full-time service is not appropriate for many, if not most of those who fantasize about serving... a good deal of your time is spent doing menial chores, and you must have the proper temperament to devote yourself to this lifestyle permanently. If you are local to northwest NJ, we would consider you for less than full time if you are an exceptional maid. However, we will not consider someone who is married and doing this without his wife's knowledge.

Optimally, you are passable and between the ages of 24 and 38.

Respond with a detailed letter about yourself, your prior experience, your current life situations and your own expectations. A photo is desirable but not mandatory in your first letter.


#22 Master

24/7 Real female maid/slave

Master, Mature, young looking 49 , very experienced. I am looking for a real submissive female willing to live 24/7 as a maid slave . She will accompany me to Europe and Costa Rica and will enjoy a good lifestyle in exchange for total submission and control. I live in Florida close to the beach and am very active. She will be trained hard in all aspects of service and submission. Her clothes will pe picked out by me and she will be totally under my control. If interested and you are a REAL female( born female) contact me at


#23 Mistress Janine

Mistress Janine in south UK requires a compliant maid. You must dress in heels, stockings, suspenders, very short skirt, skimpy full skirt, wig, full make-up and be very sub. Full services required. Training, help and advice given if you have the real potential in face, figure and attitude.

Applications to:

#24 Twin brother Doms

French Maid Wanted - Northern NJ

Twin brother Doms, professionals, seeking submissive french maid for part-time, possibly leading to live-in status. Requirement: She must know she is beautiful and be an enthusiastic play-partner for light bondage-discipline and spanking games. She may get disciplined, but she won't be sorry. Limits respected. Applications requested.


#25 Transvestite Dominatrix

Maid service

Transvestite Dominatrix seeking late night maid service. looking for sissies available after 12:30 a.m, wednesdays through saturday....... contact Me for any additional requirements, if you're interested...... at


#26 Mistress Karra

I need a maid.

I'm a 43 year old busy professional single female living in a dirty studio apartment in Manhattan, NY. I'm seeking a part-time sissy maid. I would only need her services one day or early evening per week. She must be trained and come with her own uniform and stuff. I need someone who will really, really clean and satisfy my needs. Someone who is competent, and doesn't need much/or any discipline. Email me about your qualifications with a photo to respond to this position.


Posted: 16th January 2001

#27 Master Anthony

French Maid Wanted New York City

I am in search of a female maid in New York City (Manhattan), for part time service.

I am seeking a Woman, that is born a woman, to do housekeeping, and satisfy my needs.

I am married, she dose not participate, and you will not associate with her.

Must be interested in, being shared, spanking, masturbation, public display, bisexuality, toys, exhibitionism, uniforms, uninhibited, and work as an "escort" when I demand.

E-mail Me pictures of yourself in uniform and nude, ways in which you have been and wish to be trained, and a phone number with best times to reach you.

For hard work and superior effort, I will reward My maid with a salary, trips with Me, and clothe her to my preferences.


Posted: 23rd January 2001

#28 Master T.A.L.

Maid required

I am a single male. Seeking a maid for service, she would ideally be a novice, so she can be trained from fresh. The position would ideally be on a part time basis until i have deamed she has learn't enough to take on a more permanent position. this maybe with myself or someone else. The position is in the UK. Somewhere within region of the East Midlands/East Anglia/London. Full details should be sent of age, build and any previous experience if any. I thank you for your assistance and look forward to receiving replies T.A.L.


Posted: 5th May 2001

#29 Master J & Mistress Alexa

Maid Wanted

Master J & Mistress Alexa FRENCH MAID WANTED Atlanta Master and Mistress Alexa have opening for a part-time maid. Lovely femsub or slutty TV maids are welcome to apply. In addition to domestic service, we enjoy fetish wear, high heels, bondage and domestic discipline. you must at least share some of Our/our interests. Reply with dressed photo and resume to

Photo attached Master J

Posted: 5th May 2001

#30 Andrew & Sandra

We are looking for a maid Maid


We are are happilly married Dominant couple living in the Thames Valley area of England.

We have the opportunity to offer a position to a maid, who might appreciate what we have to offer.

We would welcome a Tarty Maid who is relaxed in her role. We have no interest in forcing or training inexperienced maids.

Her role would be mainly decorative, as neither of us have any wish for a sexual relation relationship with the maid.

Ideally we would require her attendance from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, and she would be treated as both a friend and a maid. Her duties would not be onerous, but she would be required to maintain a visually stimulating image.

We can provide a comfortable environment with appreciative people in a secure environment. We would expect that our maid could quickly relax in her role, and understand that whilst she is with us she will be both a maid and a friend.

We would be able to provide a long term arrangement for exceptional candidates.

Andrew & Sandra


Posted: 5th May 2001

#31 Mistress Ouch

ISO maid

Mistress Ouch, Lifestyle Mistress in Pittsburgh, PA seeks a very dedicated and sincere live-out maid ( either born Female or VERY feminine sissy boy) to provide service in My home on a regular basis. MUST be available for beck n call duties, have all supplies and uniforms in hand and realize NO task is beneath you.

I am a VERY sadistic Mistress and am VERY thorough in training and discipline application. you WILL be perfected to My tastes and will also answer to My alpha slave ( a lovely sub femme) as i see fit.

Experience preferred but will train an appropriate novice.

MUST BE healthy, NS, DnD free as well to be considered!

Send letter of application ( include references from past service,) and pictures of you in uniform. ***Make sure you include what makes you an approporiate candidate for Me to spend My time training and assimilating you into My household.

All half-baked, poorly thought out emails will be deleted at ONCE!

reply succinctly to:

Posted: 5th May 2001

#32 Lady Erika Storm

Obedient and submissive maid required

Lady Erika Storm. from Edmonton Alberta, requiring obedient and submissive maid. Training available is suitable as I am a Pro Domme. If you aren't trained you will be expected to arrange such sessions, at a reduced cost, to improve yourself. Maid must be understanding, compliant, a pleasant disposition, dress pretty, nice manners, educated, employed, living within 2 hrs of Edmonton as this is not currently a live in position. Uniforms, etiquette and behavior must be of the highest quality. Knowledge of ladies needs, general house duties, sewing, cleaning to My standards and party servitude is a must. Apply with credentials, servitude description, resume of experience, picture and what you have to offer I just cant find in another. I host and attend regular functions and expect your behavior to be perfect. I also travel and expect while I am away you wont have a problem with your chores. This is a 24/7 D/s household with other submissives present, each having their own roles and responsibilities. If at some point I feel you are worthy to live in this will be discussed. Your commitment will be twice per week to start. A contract is expected. Email humbly to Visit My site to see just who you might have the privilege to work for.

Posted 11th May 2001

#33 Master Peter

Part time TV maid vacancy in Kent

Master Peter, aged 36, has a part time vacancy for a maid in Kent. Must be feminine and fully feminised. Tuition will be given in both O and A levels together with rimming. Novice maids are welcome but must be genuine in their willingness to please. Performance before groups may be reqiured. Total submission with bondage and exhibitionism. All applicants must submit a respectful CV with full details of training to date and training sought. Punishment will be an integral part of training and total servitude a prereqiusite of any applicant. Maids currently in service seeking the attention of the Master will only be permitted to apply with the full written consent of the current Master/Mistress.

All applicants apply to Preference will be given to those with picture proof of training including full facial

Posted 8th June 2001

#34 Mistress Deb

Very attractive Domme in Lexington KY is seeking a sissy maid. Mistress Deb has asked one of the 'Maids Around the World' to assist Her in locating applicants. This girl knows from experience that She is an excellent Domme!

Mistress Deb requires that all correspondence be clear, concise and properly written. Her e-mail address is:

Posted 5th August 2001