The Maid's Qualification Test



Here are some of the comments made to the test:

Score 72: "Since I have never had a mistress, I have not had the privilege of any training."

Score 72: "This was very enjoyable and made me see areas of training i need to explore with my Mistress."

Score 11: "though I may have scored high on the purity test my Mistress still finds it necessary to punish me. For minor infractions she uses a hairbrush but yesterday she was really upset. When she was through, my well deserved ass was so swollen red and feels like its on fire. Actually, I LOVE the sensation, my pantied bottom all hot like that. ...though it's still hard to sit."

Score 60: "I would like to find out how to improve my score."

Score 57: "Loved your site, completed the test scored 57, I know my mistress will not be happy, I can expect that now my training will be more severe in order to increase that score."

Score 56: "I can only pray that i could serve a real Mistress, even a TV Mistress in the manner described in the test."

Score 39: "i love serving my Mistress. Naturally She is the single most important thing in my humble life."

Score 88: "Thank you for reminding me of my humiliating position. My mistress thanks you too!"

Score 65: " I found the test interesting and thought provoking. Section A, whilst I am a cd I do not currently have a mistress so have not been able to dress for some time. Section B ditto Section C: thought provoking indeed. I was able to answer yes to all questions when I examined my desires for my future."

Score 73: "I'm still a novice maid, I have a lot to learn. I'm currently looking for someone to serve as a useful maid."

Score 47: "I am not serving a Mistress as a maid, however, I would love to serve my girlfriend as a maid or just as a submissive helper. Any suggestions to allow me to approach her on the topic would be appreciated."

Score 39: "Great test! thanks, i really enjoyed it!"

Score 48: "I would have had a much higher score but I don't have a uniform, nor has my Mistress used me in this capacity as of yet."

Score 30: "Great test. It's great to be a maid!"

Score 12:  "I just adored your test that identifies me totally as a qualified House Parlor Maid. Thank you ever so much for allowing me to participate."

Score 66:  " I think this means Assistant Maid, not Novice Maid. Anyway, I'm GINA from Argentina, and I'm looking for an attractive mistress to perform all kind of day long services (including sexual) for her and her friends. My e-mail"

Score 21:  "Good Test. Good site! Well Done!!"

Score 41:  "We both enjoyed the test. Miss Anglea thought I should have scored high and will make the necessary changes to become a better sissy maid. Thank you.  Michelle D."

Score 58:  "I'm sure Mistress Mel would be proud of me and will buy me a new a restrictive uniform as reward for my loyalty."

Score 82:  "I think the test was pretty fair. Maybe you should have one that will test if someone will be a good maid too. b/c after reading this my friend wanted to be a maid. I was wondering, do you know anyone looking for a maid in the states? maid beth."

Score 58:  "I seem to be strong on pleasing a Mistress, but weak on formal training. Very revealing... "

Score 43:  "My Mistress will be very angry with me and I will tell her tonight."

Score 51:  "nice test =) , jasminecd@IRC US-Efnet + Undernet"

Score 9:  "Thank you for allowing me to complete the test, Maid Lisbeth. i feel that i have learned a great deal and the test results have fortified my ideal that i am a fairly capable maid, but always in need of correction and further training by my Mistress. i adore my Mistress and will always love, honor and obey her. Maid jackie"

Score 32:  "I've never been a maid but I think about it all the time. Could you advise me as to where to start? Thank you in advance." (Lisbeth's note: Thank you for submitting your score and making a comment. Since I don't receive your e-mail address I cannot answer you directly. Your question is however of wide interest, and it might be an idea to post it at the Maid's Forum).

Score 42:   "i'm really surprised i scored as high as i did, since i only recently began sissy-maid training. Mistress Angela will be pleased...i hope! Thank You, Maid Lisbeth, for Your service. sissy julienne"

Score 37:  "A very good test. I hope I can have some experiences to make me a more effective maid, particularly going out dressed as a maid."

Score 30:  "I sure have to improve myself!"

Score 66:  "Dear Mistress, i am very sorry i only scored 66% on Your wonderful test. Please forgive me. i would be honored immensely to have the privilege of serving You, in whatever capacity You seem fit. Submissively naked, mike the cuff."

Score 55:  "Mistress, I live in Australia and I am desperate for full and intensive training. Can you help? Rebecca."

Score 5:  "I would really love to find some "real" maid suits.. not just fetish clothing... any links?"

Score 42:  "I wish to be a good maid, Mistress, and hope someday to be worthy of praise."

Score 36:  "I´m a bad maid. Only a Novice Maid. Maid Begin."

Score 14:  "I loved taking the test, however a true sub. Would also do all task such as shopping and driving her Mistress while dressed in the clothes her Mistress desired!"

Score 45:  "Thank you for the test. Where are you located? Could you help me train to be a better maid?"

Score 11:  "Lovely test, dear...i only hope to be claimed and forced to improve myself. Sissy Chrissie"

Score 6:  "Enjoy your page. As a Slavemaid to Mistress Dara, I know where you are coming from, NuliCC"

Score 10:  "Dear Maid Lisbeth. I have pursued your excellent pages and taken the purity test. As you can see I scored 10 % - I should say I didn't cheat and I am a part-time maid to a professional Mistress in the UK, so perhaps I should have scored better!!:-)"

Score 24:  "I believe that the test is a wonderful tool in evaluating the performance of a maid."

Score 61:  "I believe that with the proper training, I can better my Maid Training score." <I humbly curtsey

Score 67:  "Thank you for providing this test. It has helped me, I think, be a little less confused about my submissiveness. Although, I think, submissives, especially transvestite submissives, will always be confused and unsure of themselves. That is one reason why we feel happier in a Domina's controlling relationship."

Score 69:  "Excellent test makes me realise what a lucky slob I am to serve my mistress. Humbly, Jenny."

Score 39:  "I know I have a lot to learn and I will treasure every moment of training and servitude."

Score 42:  "Thank you for the opportunity to take the test! chrissy"

Score 64:  "I would love to be a maid or serve a Mistress!!!"

Score 56:  "It was very interesting and insightful to me. i know there were many questions that i would have loved to be able to answer want to be or would like to. It is obvious by my score that i have many things to learn. It is my hope to find a mistress that would want a willing mind, body and heart to shape, mold and use. Great test."

Score 64:  "I really need to improve or else!!!!!"

Score 39:  "Great test - plan to score better in future, with the right training of course."

Score   ?:  "Sir: Please read "mistress" as "Master" as I am female and serve my Master faithfully."

Score 38:  "A very good test. Hope it will help you."

Score 45:  "Thankyou for the opportunity to do the test. I am sure I would have scored better if I belonged to a strict mistress."

Score 45:  "So I am a Novice pure...I honestly and deeply want be become a better maid and to this end, I need to meet a stern and demanding Mistress, who would take care of my education. That's my life's goal and I am thrilled whenever I think about it."

Score 41:  "An excellent test mistress. I will tell my mistress of my need for improvement in the various areas."

Score 25:  "i found that what hurt my score the most was our (my mistress and mine) agreement for me not to be seen by anyone else but her..but other than that i'm a good little obedient maid.."

Score  4:   "Mistress let me beg a question of you, please.... How would you take an experienced sissy maid further...? donna  (Uncapped for a reason)"

Score 30:  "A wonderful and thorough test"

Score:  ?:  "I have never had a mistress, but would very much like to...I have been a CD for about 5 years now but I have no-one to show, and no-one to show me how!!! I wish I could get info on where to get a mistress from, I am dying to be used, abused, punished, and be submitted to such humility as I believe I deserve."

Score 45:  "I have seen myself as a maid for many years, but have not had opportunity to serve a serious Mistress. I'd love the opportunity."

Score 45:  "That was a fun test. Although I have no real experience as a maid, I seem to have the potential if trained properly. I cook, and keep house now and know I would make someone an excellent maid. Can you send me contact information on who would be willing to train a new maid in the Poconos or Philadelphia area? Thank you."

Score 44:  "Explain my results, and what I have to do to be the perfect maid."

Score 34:  "I am a French Tranny's maid well dressed in corset and stiletto's. I look for a Maid's Strict Education Place. Send me offers to Thank you."

Score 19:  "Hi I'm maid Erica, I'll be sending you some pics later:-)"

Score 14:  "I sure wish that I had a Mistress to serve since I moved south. I really do miss this life. There is no such activity here. I know that I would make someone an excellent maid if given the chance again. Maid S----"

Score 46:  "I feel I have a lot to learn and am looking for a good teacher."

Score 29:  "It made me realise how much harder I need to work in future. Maid Julie"

Score 28:  "I am a 39 year old maid with varied experience. I found your test to be excellent and will share the results with the lady I serve."

Score 37:  "It was a very fair test. I have never had to opportunity to serve for an extended period of time, but i think with proper training i would be a good maid."

Score 44:  "I have never had a R/T Mistress, though I wish i could find one. I know I could learn more. Mail may be sent to me at Paradox2B@AOL.COM, I do need work."

Score 61:  "My mistress was not pleased. She has punished me by making me perform all tasks today, including posting her letters, in six-inch heels. Maid Sylvia."

Score 8:  "What a lovely day it has been for me stumbling upon your web page which is my fantasy, and, as often as possible, sexual treat, when I dress up in one of my 3 different maids uniforms for my husband, and set about the housework as normal. This lights the sexual fuse between us and manages to elevate our love making from the mundane, unimaginative type, to a sexually charged situation where I am held down whilst my stockings are ripped apart to make access for my partner with abandon and no thought for my wishes. I love it and I somehow feel better inside knowing that there are other women around the world who share this desire of mine. As for the test, it has made me appreciate that, next time, I must pay attention to the standard of my maids work as well as making my husband hot by bending over etc. and longing him to take me hard. I will keep up the standards expected of my sisters on this web page, and, if you like, I can e-mail some of my maid encounters to share. Love Sasha XX"

Score 44:  "I would love to do more of the following: Be trained by a mistress, scolded in public, perform for Her Friends. I will try hard to get more training and hopefully someday be a good maid."

Score 24:  "Dear Lisbeth. I don't have to have things locked on me. I obey or I'm punished for being a bad girl. I don't dare take off anything. I'm not required to serve in public, but I do everything else. Thank you, Angelique Marie Rose"

Score 22:  "Dear Maid Lisbeth: Thank you for providing this page and test. You must be a real sweetheart. Truly, Maid Carol"

Score  ?:  "What a wonderful test!!!!"

Score 41:  "i have to admit with shame that my score is below average, although i have had the pleasure to serve a Madam for over a year, but the time spent without having a Madam (or Master) did not do me any good. i promise to do my best if You take me as Your maid, please contact me at if You like. Thank You. {curtsy}"

Score 33:  "Maid Lisbeth, I am really eager to be a maid. i just don't have the people around me to help me."

Score 24:  "I am to be given 24 strokes of the cane for not achieving top score."

Score 45:  "I have an awful lot to learn."

Score 48:  "Thanks so much for this test, it has helped me identify what I need to work on. Maid Leigh"

Score 63:  "Now, i just hope to find a Mistress to serve. If you know one.... "

Score 79:  "It should read Mistress or Master...."

Score 65:  "Mistress, i was given a score of 65% novice pure. i enjoyed taking the test, and wish i would have done better. my experience is lacking due to my current relationship."

Score 45:  "It was a great test, but I'd like to become better. If there is a mistress who will work by E-mail, email chris at "

Score 39:  "Like many others, the fantasy is rarely as easily attainable as we would like. My girlfriend and I used to play quite often. One day I hope we will play again. Until then, I always have the fantasy."

Score 54:  "I have been doing the mistresses house hold chores and taking care of wishes sexually for three years now."

Score 70:  "Dear Maid Lisbeth, I have been interested in dominance and submission for close to 2 years now, and love the idea of serving a Mistress or Master as a maid. I have never had the opportunity to do so in person though, which is why I didn't have a better score. I live in Toronto, Canada. Do you know any Dominants in that area who would consider training me as their maid? Love, melanie"

Score 69:  "great test simply wonderful"

Score 57:  "great test....showed my Mistress where my training has been lacking...She plans to fix it. thanks, Anna Marie"

Score 61: "I have never had a Mistress. Thus a very low score on training and experience. However I am pleased with 100% on attitude. I live in a small town and cannot find a Mistress to serve. Can you suggest techniques I can use to find myself a Mistress. Can you provide advice for me to improve my rating. email:   ,sioban"

Score 41:  "I am sorry I could not do better, Mistress"

Score 47:  "The test was quite comprehensive and intriguing for a novice such as myself..."

Score 6:  "Dear Maid Lisbeth, Thank You for allowing me to submit to this test. i was, as You surely can imagine, shocked to find that i am so utterly worthless as a maid. i hope and pray that in the future You can provide a method by which those of us who are so undeserving of the uniforms we are allowed to wear can improve ourselves based on Your test. i will try of course to be a much much better maid. For now, of course, i must ask Mistress and Master to discipline me for having been such a miserable failure. Respectfully, miss holly hole, inadequate maid"

Score 1:  "I just wish that more women want full time male maid slave servants. The test is great. If I can help email . I really love being a maid slave."

Score 45:  "The test was very humbling maid me realize how far i have to go before being worthy to serve the Goddess."

Score 29:  "It was an honor to take Your test. i am not currently serving a Mistress in person. i hope that i will be able to serve soon."

Score 24:  "I did not want to do this but Mistress Sophie told me to."

Score 62:  "I don't want to be anonymous. I want to be public. I want Someone to be a maid to. God it hurts! brice. "

Score 8:  "i am a pre-op male-female transsexual, i am on hormones and will have my operation in 12 months. i would love to serve a Mistress full time."

Score 39:  "Is there a chance of getting a certificate once you have attained First Maid position and can i be logged in a directory with my score and grade for potential Mistresses to view" (Note: Certificate and Directory are very interesting ideas. I am unfortunately traveling quite a lot at present, but I will look into it when I get a little more time at home. Thank you, Lisbeth.)

Score 16:  "i am pleased with the outcome of this excellent test, since i have not been in service with a Mistress for quite a while. i do believe that my score would be higher after some renewed assignment as slave/maid to a Mistress. by: proud to be Senior Maid, maid elly"

Score 55:  "Thank you Mistress"

Score 25:  "It was fun, the only thing I find is that some things one wants to do but doesn't have the opportunity. Regards Sarah Farmer"

Score 67:  "Help me, I need to be a maid"

Score 72:  "This test was alot of fun....Now tell me where do i find a Mistress for proper maid training?"

Score 26:  "I did a lot better than i thought I did. I'm frequently naughty when my mistress isn't around."

Score 47:  "Hopefully one day I will get to serve a more permanent Mistress. Love your sight thanks for the effort put in."

Score 60:  "Looks like I need to work much harder, I am looking for a person living in Guam to help mold me if they have the time. As I do truly feel my position is as a French Maid serving others totally. Sissy maid rachel, Tamuning Guam USA"

Score 49:  "Is there any way to receive training, so that I may improve my score?"

Score 18:  "A wonderful test Maid Lisbeth! My Mistress was pleased with me and has decided that I will wear my uniform to serve Her in public from now on. I am to thank you for making me a better maid. Maid Jenny."

Score 40:  "The Test is excellent keep it up"

Score    ?: "I believe that the score results are reversed. a 75 should not be a poor maid" (Note: It is the way a purity test works. The less experience you have, the more pure you are and the higher score you get)

Score 40:  "Fun test, full of ideas."

Score 70:  "I can only wish to improve Maid Lisbeth"

Score   9:  "Great test...very erotic as well."

Score 37:  "Interesting and fun, thanks."

Score 43:  "Thought the test was quite thorough and can see it very useful for all to judge the maid: Mistresses and the maid herself."

Score 72:  "I would like to be a maid, dress in uniform and help bath and dress my Mistress... making sure at the end of the day her underwear is fresh, and launder her soiled underwear as well as help her remove them and help put fresh underwear on to her.. Of course when she is out of the house I would love to to try her underwear on.. and be caught.... I would love my Mistress to choose and tell me what uniform and items of underwear and tasks for the day."

Score 50:  "This test is wonderful, the questions may be a little bit leading. But if one answers truthfully, I believe it to be generally accurate. Thank you for posting this service."

Mistress:  "I must tell you that I am a professional Mistress who specializes in training Sissy Maids and Lady's Maids. I was thrilled to find your website and now use the test to evaluate My charges. Madame Regina Snowe"

Score 66:  "I would really like to be a full time maid to a mistress."

Score 51:  "i hope to learn enough to be perfect."

Score 32:  "I am also required to perform simulated sexual acts (oral and anal) with dildos for my Mistress and her friends. I am also required to purchase and use feminine hygiene supplies (tampons and sanitary napkins) during my service."

Score 17:  "Hello, The test seems very pure and well thought out. Robyn"

Score   8:  "Great test!, My Mistress will not be pleased that I didn't get 0 (100%)!!! I can't wait to tell her!!, thanks for the great test and website!, Siilycd"

Score 10:  "Wonderful test. I am a true male maid looking for Mistress, but there are not enough Women that now how good life can be owning a male maid. "

Score 69:  "I will wear the shortest uniforms, always wear stockings, high heels and the frilliest of knickers, and ensue I will always bend over and show off my underwear whenever I can. I will always make sure my Mistress's underwear is chosen well and tend to Her ever desire in any way any time of day."

Score 49:  "my score would have been better Ma'am .... except that maid service (when actually dressed for the part) was a minor part of our involvement Ma'am."

Score 12:  "i would like to Thank You for allowing me the privilege of taking this test. It has shown me what areas i need more training and instruction to better serve my Mistress.......Thank You"

Score 16:  "Humbly i was unable to answer 16 of the maids qualification test questions, sissy tina"

Score 52:  "I am not kept in uniforms at the present time. My Mistress does keep me in petticoats, several, with my full skirted outfits. I am not allowed pantyhose or the comfortable clothes that real females wear. My score would have been higher otherwise. I can only dress the way i am told. Amy"

Score 62:  "As I read everyone's comments, I noticed many maids who need Mistresses. The truth is that there aren't many women who want strangers for service. The best place to look is in your own bedroom. I've just started serving my wife of 14 years. It takes mutual love and desire.I don't serve in a real uniform yet...its a slow process. I do wear her old and wore out lingerie. (you'll be amazed at how fast our Mistresses go through them) Many wives would love to kick up their heels and watch soaps all day if they knew their husbands/boyfriends so strongly desired it. So if your looking, start by doing chores anyway....and give suttle hints of what you'd like for your birthday. Such as a maids cap. (remember slowly) If she bites...your well on your way. But remember...once you become her true maid, you may be stuck."

Score 44:  "My Mistress has recently had me purchase a French Maids dress and so far I have not had an evening when she has not made me wear it and complete various cleaning tasks. It is probably just as well we've got children otherwise I think I would not be allowed to wear anything else."

Score 61:  "fifi is pleased to have taken the purity test and will look forward to taking it again in the future to see if she has improved."

Score 45:  "I got quite excited just taking the test. I imagine I'd love to be your maid."

Score 36:  "Thank You, Maid Lisbeth for this site ... what a joy it has been. Please send any e-mail to and no other address. Thanks !!"

Score 13:  "Mistress i am a little confused if this is a good score and i am not blond!!! please tell me how qualified i am?? sissy slut josie xoxoxooxxo thank You !!!!" (Note: The score is very good, almost perfect!)

Score 37:  "Thought the test was quite good... just starting my sissification and under the guidance of a Wonderful Mistress, Madame Regina Snowe, Who had me take it. First scored 45, but most of that was one time 'out' to a movie theater in a maid's outfit and several sessions with a pro-Domme, Lady J, which doesn't really count. Then spent a weekend with Madame Regina and became 'less pure'. This test is a very good mechanism for a maid to find how s.he measures up. Hugs and kisses, lisbeth. sissy bekky"

Score 33:  "I truly need more actual experience and then I think my score would improve greatly. I am eager to learn, improve and diffently please and serve."

Score 41:  "Really loved the test. Hope to be a maid someday."

Score 40:  "Would love a Mistress to further my training. How do I find one?"

Score 69:  "Since i have not had the privilege of ever serving a Mistress, i feel that my score can only improve."

Score 34:  "This was a good test, I liked it! But I think that I have to work a little bit harder. Thanks, Monika"

Score 11:  "I loved taking the test. Reinforced how much I adore and love my Mistress. Being a maid is the greatest joy in my life."

Score 8:  "i have been in the service of a strict disciplinarian for more that 15 years. She has forced me to dress completely as a sissy maid and maintain the cleanliness of our house. i am required to shave my body free of all hair (including my pubic area) and must keep my toenails polished at all times. She is now using that nail polish which can be peeled off on my fingers as that makes it easier for Her to change my colors when i have to change outfits. She has often threatened me with hormone therapy, but as of yet i am not taking anything. i am forced to wear a very tight corset which forces my chest flesh up into a very appropriate cleavage. This is the part of my transformation that always causes the most attention with my Mistresses friends when i am serving them. They can't believe that i don't have a large pair of breasts trapped in my corset because my cleavage is so deep. When i am wearing a normal push up bra for my Mistress i still have a nice cleavage, but not as deep as when in a corset. my Mistress was very pleased that i did so well on your test and promised to treat me to a special day of shopping as a reward. i know that i will be totally humiliated by this experience. Kisses, Missy"

Score 16:  "My Mistress was quite pleased with my score, but She has decided that I am to serve Her every day from now on. I am also to serve her with her friends, and will be in uniform in public from now on. This must help me to become a better maid. Thankyou Lisbeth:)"

Score 95:  "i have been in service as a maid to many of the finest Dommes on the east coast for over six years and to spend the time to take this test and find myself rated as worthy of dismissal is the most ass-backwards rating system i have ever seen. Certainly i am not a novice and yes i have experienced most of the things a male maid can experience in my years of service. However, i am very highly rated and am often personally referred by one Mistress to another. So i find it pretty insulting to have Your so-called test rate me as "worthy of dismissal". i would like to suggest that You might wish to reconsider Your rating system."

Score 15:  "It's a cute test. Kisses, Chrissie

Score 65:  "Thank You for the rating opportunity. i am encouraged to learn more, and really impressed by the growing recourses for training and understanding what it is to serve a Mistress. i only wish there were more Mistresses to go round. Cheers, jacqui"

Score 61:  "Oh Mistresses! It is so humiliating to take this test and realize how much farther I must go! I do hope with all of my heart that i will someday be the sissy maid that i need to be. i need so badly to serve Womynhood. It makes me feel so happy when my Superiors desires are met. Your Test shows me how feeble my attempts have been. i will certainly go right out and correct the inadequacies of my wardrobe. And then i will aspire to be used more as the maid that i need to be. Thank you Mistresses for Your guidance. sissy anna. "

Score 61:  "I have a long way to go - but one can always dream... "

Score 37:  "I like the test, for he gives me a medium to compare myself to my other sisters in maiding. maid dora"

Score 28:  "my Mistress uses me more as a slave than just a maid. Perhaps if you considered that some of, at least me, only perform as a maid part of the time we are in service your results might be different."

Score 31:  "This test gave me an insight on more of what is expected of a Maid"

Score 2:  "Your test is a wonderful way to find out that I am a true maid. I respectfully accept my role in life."

Score 63:  "Thank you mistress, I have learned a lot."

Score 54:  "The test gave me a good idea of how I can please a Mistress if I ever meet one."

Score 44:  "My score was 44 - Good test - My Goal is to reach outstanding status."

Score 63:  "So what does it mean?"

Score 23:  "I did not realize how good a maid I could be. But it still showed me the tasks that I need to learn."

Score 22:  "I need training"

Score 51:  "I love the test, it has been a long time. I would love to find another Mistress to serve."

Score 37:  "Test shows I am a Novice- but willing to learn.." (Note: I think you are too modest. The test actually shows you are a good maid, - but you still have lots to learn..)

Score 67:  "It was saddening to see how deprived i am. If only i could be a better person! Not being female, i cannot be perfect, but to be perfect for a male would be to submerge into the will of Mistress and any woman who demanded."

Score 42:  "It was wonderful! i will try harder in future."

Score 61:  "Excellent, far reaching and in depth questions"

Score 34:  "my Mistress was pleased, and allowed me to serve her feet for a long time."

Score 69:  "I am interested in serving a Mistress, although I have never done so. To tell the truth, I am not interesting in sissification, BUT if the Mistress wants that, I'd be willing to do it. ESPECIALLY if I know and see somehow that it pleases her."

Score 65:  "i know i totally failed the first part and did poorly on the second. The only thing that saved me was the personality test. i am a sissy slave wanna-be only, i have been unsuccessful in finding a Mistress to take me in. But it is my hearts longing to be Dominated by a caring loving Mistress who allows me the single greatest pleasure there is: serving Her. I live near Detroit and intend to fill out the form i read about on your home page but if You know of Anyone who would be willing to take me in or just to train me part time i would be eternally grateful. If You do please mail me at"

Score 42:  "Being a person who excels, with the proper training and direction there would be no doubt in my mind that i would rate as a superior maid."

Score 13:  "I love it"

Score 44:  "I wish it was better, sorry"

Score 25:  "I thought I was making progress as a maid, but I am obviously still in need of more training."

Score 8:  "I would like to visit as a live in maid for any interested Mistresses"

Score 10:  "This proves that I still need further training before I can be classed as a fully fledged maid servant for my Mistress."

Score 40:  "The test is very good, it gives me hopes that I will find very strict Mistress."

Score   8:  "Dear Mistress. I began acting as a maid for my mother and sister when I was just a young teen. I had been raised wearing female clothing and acting as a young lady from the time I was born. My Mother thought it best for me to be a lady and to learn all aspects of taking care of a household. From age 13 on I was allowed only feminine attire, started on my period and given my first maid's uniform. From that day on my life has been to serve Women and their every wish."

Score 48:  "Would enjoy serving someone in Springfield MA"

Score   ?:  "Please tell me how i can learn to be an expert sissy maid for a strict Mistress? i will obey all orders and beg for punishment when corrected."

Score 29:  "My wife does not believe in femdom, I'm trying to persuade her by being her maid."

Score 66:  "I am available"

Score 12:  "I loved the test, but I would love to meet a strict TV Mistress who needs a sweet swishy maid like me. I would also love to meet maids in my area of SW Ohio."

Score 48:  "Thank you for letting me a test."

Score 12:  "Maid Monique, #67 on your Maid's register, updating my score"

Score 19:  "I did like the test. And hope to meet you someday."

Score 87:  "Still looking for a great maid uniform and petticoat, but at a reasonable price. Most sites' prices are a bit usurey. Would love to serve, but need to find a nice uniform, got the shoes.... Julianne"

Score 43:  "I only wish that I will ever get to be a maid . Since my Wife doesn't agree with my dressing. I only wish she would try to understand me better, you would think after 30 years of marriage she would understand better. I wish I could find someone who could enlighten my Wife's way of thinking, I would be more than happy to do all the house work in an outfit. Is there some way you can help me?????????"

Score 35:  "I'm not the best maid yet, but some day......."

Score   7:  "Thank you for allowing me the privilege of taking Your test. It showed me the seven areas I need to work on, but as You say there is always room for improvement. Sissy Sarah"

Score 69:  "Dear Madam. Thank you, on my knees thank you, for the privilege of taking your Maids Test. Your worthless Maid, Sissy Maid Simon"

Score 60:  "Please, I am not a very good maid, so since I am unfit to talk to a Mistress, maybe a sister sissy maid can take pity on me and email me to help me serve better. nina"

Score   1:  "Found the test very good, and I hope my Mistress is very pleased with the result."

Score 51:  "Completing the test made me realise I wish I could serve my mistress more often."

Score 17:  "I failed the test badly last time, my Mistress was upset. I have spent the past ten days working harder than I have ever done. The punishment stool has been in the kitchen everyday for ten days, and I have been strapped to it twice a day and my service has been assessed. Punishment has always followed. My previous test was very bad, I let down my Mistress, and rightfully I suffered. I have been locked in the cupboard under the stairs at night, and made to serve all of my Mistress friend at a dinner party. I was the after dinner entertainment, along with my punishment stool.

My Mistress is away on holiday for the next four weeks, I was going with her, but my poor marks put a stop to that. After the dinner party, my Mistress' friends played a game of bingo for my services.

As I write these comments, my Mistress is packed, I did it earlier, I am being picked up shortly.

Thank you Mistress for allowing me the honor of retaking the test, my training has paid off, but I still deserve a caning before you go on holiday.

Maid Sissy Abby"

Score 56:  "Thank you for testing me. I surely hope to find a mistress to train me and transform me to a lifetime maid. Please look at my site and tell me if you think that it should be possible to find someone. Love from Britt. []

Score 30:  "I am a CD living in Tokyo, Japan. I tried the test. the most of questions are that I expect for a long time. I would like to be a maid. I hope you allow me to join one of maid. Please see my homepage at: Thank you []"

Score 27:  "A very good test! I am gratified to learn that I am a very good maid and I look forward to improving my skills. Do you know any women in the Eureka area of California who might need a well-trained maid? I would so love to serve again. Heather []"

Score 60:  "This score came mainly from enthusiasm - I have just embarked upon a new career with my Mistress, and she is starting my training now..."

Score 31:  "It was exciting to take the test. I only wish my wife would be more supportive in my need to serve her. She does not freak when I appear to her as a maid, but she has no desire to pursue her right to make demands or to humiliate me as her male maid. I was able to check off some punishments like spanking and whips, but I have to request these things and she would rather me keep my dressing to myself. It hurts me that I cannot expect her to force me into servitude. I love her, though. I will never leave my Mistress and hope she will take charge someday. She loves me and I will show her the test. Thank You"

Score 14:  "My Mistress felt that my score was not good enough and made me remove my panties so that she could spank my bare bottom 14 times with a hairbrush. I was most grateful for this punishment and promised my Mistress that I would improve! Maid Lisa []"

Score 79:  "I did better than I thought I would do...."

Score 64:  "I hope a mistress will take me to her with this score"

Score 18:  "I am grateful to be allowed to take the test"

Score 21:  "Please help me be a better maid. Thank you"

Score 62:  "The test is very fair"

Score 97:  "Obviously I am a poor candidate for the job of maid . I am a very lazy (girl) . But then again your test is biased towards those weird heteros. Still I am a decent girl and your test is fun. I got to go to sleep now."

Score 74:  "I had to answer no to all the questions under the heading Maid's experience. Perhaps it might be a good idea to let the examinee state his desire or otherwise to those questions. For example. Tick the appropriate box under these headings. I desire/I do not desire. Had this been available I would have answered I desire to most of those questions."

Score 30:  "Dear Maid Lisbeth, I found your maid qualification test to be very challenging and enjoyable. Maid Bunny"

Score 49:  "I need a Mistress so bad, I do not have one at this time. (help)"

Score 29:  "Sorry Mistress: I have a lot to learn to be qualified as First Maid."

Score 37:  "Je me appelle yvette lemieux. yvette has never had the privilege of serving a Mistress before. yvette c'est unable to dress at the moment. Merci Beaucoup for allowing Cissy yvette lemieux the privilege of participating in Votre survey. Submissively, Cissy yvette lemieux (deep curtseys)

Score 52:  "Very stimulating test, it makes me wish i could serve a mistress 365 days. Though there might be something on dildo training."

Score  3:  "A wonderful test."

Score 26:  "Marvelous test Lisbeth. Don't you just love all the femmie things about being a maid? I do but I wish I were a better maid though. Maid Denise"

Score 47:  "Good God, why I can't find my Mistress?"

Score 33:  "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test my abilities as a maid. This is a very nice web page. maid brian"

Score 10:  "Sissy Maid Sally UK wants to be tested for real and is available to strict mistress S.England"

Score 9:  "maid lisbeth, please thank your Mistress for her marvelous test. 1st maid denise

Score 63:  "I'm not in service to a mistress although my GF understands some of my needs, but I would love to find one and be properly trained."

Score 55:  "Very good test, I like it, you could also put implement of discipline and punishments."

Score 73:  "I will try to become a better maid. There should be more personal questions about how to humiliate the maid"

Score 71:  "i obviously need to improve my work and myself, if i am to progress to where i want to be"

Score 48:  "Mistress, in taking the test I was forced to realize that I have not truly been receiving the proper instruction that I need to perform in my station in life. Much more instruction plus physical and mental changes need to be accomplished. Am I girl enough?"

Score   5:  "Maid Lisbeth, My Mistress, Mistress MaryEllen insisted that i take the test again. i'm delighted that my scores improved. Mistress is very pleased with my progress too. i love being a sissy maid and pleasing Mistress. Sincerely, Sissy"

Score 36:  "Looking for female mistress or lesbian couple to serve (In Denmark, Scandinavian or Germany). i have nice pic's for emailing"

Score  7:  "Thank you for the chance to take this test. i LOVED it. Love Sissy Lisa"

Score 57:  "I am looking for a Mistress who will properly train me. I am willing to do anything for my Mistress."

Score 50:  "As no mistress trains me, it's hard to improve myself alone. But i will try and do the test once in a month to check. Maid corsetine"

Score 58:  "As i need more training, i am available at"

Score 54:  "I found it a little difficult, since I have never served a mistress. I am usually wearing nylon aprons to do my late evening tasks. I think they are even more humiliating then the beautiful uniforms I see on the Internet and in magazines. I don't think I deserve these lovely clothes..."

Score 28:  "Thankyou for the privilege of allowing me to take your test. I adore it when my Mistress humiliates me, especially in public places. Yours sally-anne,"

Score not improved:  "Maid Lisbeth, Mistress MaryEllen commanded me to retake the test again. i didn't improve my score. As a result, Mistress spanked my fanny with a wooden spoon. i deserved it. i need to be reminded that i will always have room to improve my sissy maid behaviors. Your test is a wonderful tool for Mistress MaryEllen to judge my performance. Humbly, sissy"

Score 60:   "I wish to god I was able to locate and present myself for training to a dominant woman. Not only would I become an obedient servant but I would fulfill one of my life's desires (i.e. become a sissified panty slave). I wish this information to be shared by and possibly, someday, I can become the maid I was meant to be."

Score 55:  "I want to become a sissified maid to a dominant woman. I was born to be a maid and I love my panties. I have worn them everyday for over 20 years."

Score 30:  "I never had the chance to wear a maid uniform or to be trained by a mistress or master. However, I want to realize my fantasy and become a 100% perfect maid totally owned by a mistress, master or dominant couple."

Score   6:  "I am proud of the result. i took the test in my full maids uniform kneeling in front of my pc. I must now complete my chores of washing my wife mistresses panties and prepare her meal for when she returns. Yours obediently first maid angela."

Score 56:  "At the present time I have no steady Mistress to serve. Please tell me what I should do. I feel lost! Maid Jill"

Score 57:  "maid patsy is glad that she still qualifies as a fair maid, although she badly lacks training. she would love to improve her skills by serving a Mistress, Master or Couple. maid patsy has her own uniform and is very submissive. She lives in Oxford UK and would like to hear from other maids as well."

Score 39:  "Unfortunately, I do not own a maids outfit at this time or serve a real Mistress, only my wife. I believe that I'm much more of a sissy maid than this, but because of the number of questions centered in this direction, I can not score higher without stretching the truth."

Score 49:  "I really am looking to serve a new mistress!"

Score  7:  "I still do have the opportunity to serve as a maid as often as I need to. I also feel the need for more regular punishment and humiliation. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to check my experiences as a maid."

Score 47:  "At present I have had little experience in service but I hope that that shall change soon."

Score 41:  "Although with limited experience as a maid, I feel I have the right attitude and mind set."

Score 55:  "I truly wish to be trained and to someday serve"

Score 46:  "Your site is marvelous and I like the test although I scared a lowly 46%. That seems rather low, so I do need training. Thank you so much.

Score 16:  "I kinda liked made me more aware of some things I just took for granted."

Score 39:  "I have no comments far, but I would love to become a full time maid and would humbly submit my self for your dom training.
My E mail is I look forward to hearing from you?

Score 65:  "I am a 26 years old boy, very obedient I think, but with very few experiences in Maid service. I am looking how to know more to improve my score. With my best regards

Score 30:  "Enjoyed the test - it showed me where I need improvement as a sissy male maid - I hope to find a dominant Mistress whom I could serve as housemaid/laundress/personal chambermaid/menstrual attendant/house cleaner/etc. - Effeminantly yours - maid Denise   (new orleans, la..)"

Score 56:  "I do not have a mistress at the present time so I was unable to check some of the questions"

Score 17:  "Ironing and whipping"

Score 43:  "I wish my wife would make me the maid."

Score 65:  "I would wish to have a proper RT Mistress in order to do better."

Score 31:  "Hi Maid Lisbeth, i was so proud to take your test,i am 31% but ill be getting better soon,i promise. sherra."

Score 39:  "this test was wonderful in that it allowed me so see many other ways to serve my mistress. thank you."

Score 22:  "I think the test is very though. As a possible future frenchmaid I liked all th subjects it touched"

Score 42:  "thank you for letting me take the test I would have done better if I had a Mistress to serve and if you can find one for me please e-mail me back as I truley love dressing as a maid and cleaning house for someone <curtsey> rsvp to thank you <curtsey>"

Score25:  "Hi, great test, thanks. Great site....useful finding where I can get a new maids outfit from."

Score 48:  "i hope to be a better maid and submit more easily."

Score  ?:  "all maids need to be whipped two times aday by their mistress"

Score 43:  "Thank you very much for the opportunity to evaluate my usefullness as a maid.  It has become very obvious that much work needs to be done before i am a worthy maid.  Thanks to your survey, i have identified a number of areas for improvement and will strive for perfection in the servitude of a Mistress"

Score 54:  "I am going to work harder at my training to hope of finding A MISSTRESS!"

Score 75:  "I have recieved occasional over the knee spanking but have not been trained as a maid"

Score 26:  "I am new to serving as a maid..I have been a Bondage submisive till now..But I have no excuse for such a low score..I have to TV Mistresses..and a GG wife Mistress..I will try to improve my score...

Score 58:  "I am not a maid at this time. I am looking for a mistress to serve full time"

Score 57:  "I want very much to serve a Mistress and make her life more enjoyable so she doesn't have to do such meanial tasks that i am meant to do for her"

Score 20:  "Excellent test. Thank You, sissy lola"

Score 24:  "What a wonderful idea and service for we maids! I can't wait to join the List!!!"

Score 24:  "I have served as my Domme's maid for six months. I am trying my best to properly serve her. Your test brought up many failings I have and I am grateful for this. Thank you, Fifi"

Score 29:  "To serve is my destiny:susette"

Score 51:  "My score has improved! But I will continue to work hard to become a qualified maid. Maid Janet"

Score 26:  "I loved the test, but I don't think that I am as good as the result shows (26%). I do have very much to learn yet. I tried to be honest and I scored many points on the last questions. I also have a great deal of practice. If you did ask "Do you always act as if the Mistress is more imporant than you" instead of "Do you think the Mistress is more important etc" I think my result would be more correct. I do belive in female supremacy but it is not easy in all situations to live up to the ideals. My wishes for the New Year is to be more considerate towards my Mistress, perform my duties in a better way, to be more generous and offer more thoughts about how to improve. Irene Sophie

Score 58:  "Hi Lisbeth, I long to be dressed and shaved and made to be a women and a maid. I would love to be bound and gagged alot. I have no experience and I am 53 years old. I have had this fantasy all my life but never been able to live it. I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. Stu"

Score 24:  "I loved the test , you should add personal hygeine questions ,"

Score 35:  "I think the test was good!"

Score 46:  "can i serve anyone in springfield ma"

Score 46:  "I'm proud to be nextly a very good maid."

Score 49:  "i have the ambition and dedication to make my mistress when i find one, the happiest mistress in the world."

Score 69:  "hello, i find your test very interesting & exciting to fill in, more particularly because i'm a closet-case & am looking for a R/L Mistress in Belgium. Sincere greetings, ivana"

Score 12:  "The test is very good"

Score 76:  The test is very well prepared. many of the questions made me seriously think about my response. i feel the dressing portion is most exciting to me. the personality portion of the test also reminds me that there are trials and tribulations one must endure to become a successful maid servant.

Score 55:  Thank you Maid Lisbeth for helping me see the way my future lies. I hope that I can better serve my Mistress now.

Score 17:  I found the Test absorbing and it made me realise l still have much to learn. However, l am willing to obey, fully.

Score 17:  i thought it was a great test

Score 50:  I think i would make a good maid. Thank you Sarah

Score 55:  Really good test. I'm novice and haven't been trained, so I am looking for Master(/Mistress) to train me via email/IRC/chat.

Score 34:  i wish i could serve a mistress now so i could be trained better so i could get a higher grade

Score 25:  Because of my outstanding obedience during my short lived maid training, I scored very well.

Score 79:  Dear Maid Lisbeth. I work full time (18 hours a day) as my lady's personal maid and slave. I can't tell how dissapointed I am not to get a top score. Allthough my Lady seems to be satisfied with my sevices, I now fully understand that I have to improve myself. I promise to start tomorrow.

Score 44:  My name is Veronica (if you like) and I think that if you did the test it's perfect and it can't be better.

Score 33:  Thank you for the test. It makes me realise that i'm not to bad as a maid, but still have a long way to go. Mandy

Score 19:  Thank you for allowing me to take the test. It's given me some ideas which I can pass along to my Mistress.

Score 18:  An excellent test Lisbeth.

Score 6:  Just number 194 checking in again :) I can't belive I'm in the top 10%... Mistress will be so happy with me!

Score 79:  My mistress is looking to take me out to serve others and humilate me. I live in northern Virginia. I would like to practice my skills and please you and my mistress.

Score 41:  So I am a Novice pure...I honestly and deeply want be become a better maid and to this end, I need to meet a stern and demanding Mistress, who would take care of my education. That's my life's goal and I am thrilled whenever I think about it

Score 9:  I know I can become an almost perfect maid, with a lot of training and If I do make mistakes or do not listen carefully punishment will remind me who my mistress is and how much she owns me. I liked this test,because my mistress gave me a very good training so far, and she knows I am willingless because my only pleasure in life is to serve her, even if she sometimes makes me being like a hooker without being paid. Even if she tells me to give good blowjobs to men I have nerver seen before, I do not hesitate to do so, because my mistress likes me to do so.

Score 26:  Must try harder

Score 40:  I think the test is perfect and does bring up enough subjects to cover what is being expected by a maid. Keep up the good work. Maid Sandra.

Score 19:  I am not sure whether 19% is good or bad. (Note: 19 is very good!)

Score 18:  as an ironing maid more ironing

Score 56:  I am not currently serving a Mistress, but am desperately trying to find one.

Score 22:  I don't have a mistress but love to dress up as and be a maid

Score 23:  From sissy maid Carolyne (So Cal) I just adored the test and was pleased with my score of 23%! Of course, Mistress pointed out room for improvement. I am to be shackled while finishing the ironing. I must be so careful to avoid tripping. Love, Carolyne (

Score 39:   Hi Maid Lisbeth - Mattie here! I would have scored even better, but I've never had training for things like cleaning etc., because I trained as a chambermaid when I was younger and consequently already have all the necessary skills, and I'm only too eager to use them!

Score 45:  Good test, a little unfair to those of us with no mistress to serve. I understand I am just a novice maid but feel can look and perform with the best of them Thank You, Maid Jeselle

Score 64:  I must do better madam

Score 43:  I was do even better

Score 52:  I found the test to be very comprehensive. It let me know that i have a lot of room for improvement.

Score 49:  "Maid Lisbeth. I am maid diana from the UK and will soon have my own web site and will submit my details to you. My email address is"

Score 42:  "Thank You for letting me take the test Mistress. I will show it to my Mistress asoon as I can"

Score 30: "It´s my only wish to be a maid 24/7 my email is"

Score   ?: "I hope these test results will result in me contacting a mistress interested in my services. I wish I knew how to attach a picture of myself to your for consideration as a mistress. I go my two screen names on AOL, Michel7614, and JamesWinch. I hope I hear from you and what I need to further my servitude to a superior mistress. My fem name of choice is Jenny, /Submissively Jenny"

Score 52:  "I'm not very experienced at all, but i'd love to learn. Julie TV"

Score 85:  "Nice idea.......perhaps it would be better with a few more "gentle" questions for us novices........."

Score 59:  "I accept that i am weak in practical training and am currently working towards this even though i am very shy. I find Your comments very encouraging and will try harder as a result. Many Many thanks"

Score 7:  "The test shows that I need to spend more time as a maid. I hope that my Mistress will ensure this."

Score 52:  "my Mistress is very dear to me, She does care alot, i am only disciplined when i have done something really wrong. i am a novice to fair sissy maid, i love Your website, it gives me many ideas on how to become the perfect sissy maid for my Mistress. Thank you, ** curtsey ** sissy darla"

Score 35:  "As the test showed I have the correct attitude to be a maid but lack formal training and correction. Formal training by email would be welcomed and I can supply picture proof. Maid Diane"

Score 68:  "The test seems very fair. and the analysis was most encouraging for me."

Score 19:  "Wow what a test. I might suggest that you would also want to add (Master) to your list. Seeing that this maid does not serve a Mistress but a Master."

Score 44:  "Lovely! The questions really turned me on and i sure needed some advice"

Score   2:  "I thought your qualification test was very thorough and complete. I did my very best to be honest and hope to meet others involved in strict discipline while serving as a maid. Your obedient servent, marsha"

Score 59:  "It will be fine when some more questions about transgender-thinking are in. Because the test was a pleasure to read, thank you!"

Score 23:  "Thank you for pointing out my weaknes's. I hope to become a full time maid soon."

Score 46:  "Your test was very informative to me Maid Lisbeth and really shows me were I will need help and experience.

Score 35:  "I think that the test is very accurate and pegged me to a T. Thank you for your efforts in drafting the test and providing the opportunity to be tested."

Score 45:  "All that happened long ago. Now I make the chores in privacy."

Score 39:  "The test was quite accurate in my case, I do not have enough training but my desire to be feminized is very strong."

Score 22:  "very comprensive, well done, perhaps should have more on self contol areas"

Score 50:  "I have only begun to serve me wife/mistress. The maid's test showed me how much more I have to learn. I can't wait!"

Score 63:  "Please make the test more compehensive in the area of what the the prospective maid would consider to be proper treatment, working hours. And perhaps the mistresses preferences in lifestyle to determine a proper area of sevice. Personally i don´t care as long as i can belong to a true dominant female. But it would be nice if she wears stiletto heels and have biig to clean house and many female friends to serve..."

Score 45:  "I hope I will soon be a perfect maid."

Score 46:  "Thank you for providing the test. It has shown me where I am weakest and in need of further training and correction."

Score 94:  "I would perform as requested for Mistress and her friends"

Score  8:  "I am willing to be a most loyal maid to anyone who will be willing to take me *curtseys*"

Score 10:  "The test was very comprehensive and revealing...I enjoyed it..Thank You Lisbeth"

Score 54:  "I liked this test very much. It revealed that I have the right attitude to serve, although I don't have much training. It shows therefore, that if a Mistress is willing to invest time she will be rewarded by a very obedient maid."

Score 44:  "I need a lot of training."

Score 14:  "The test questions seem to say it all.."

Score 41:  "My fiancee is my budding Mistress and is not quite comfortable with the idea. It's been my greatest desire to serve her in front of her friends! NOTHING would please me more!!!! Any suggestions?"

Score   5:  "As a full time sissy maid for almost 3 years I feel that maybe questions about shopping for groceries picking up mistress' garments at the cleaners as well as chauffuer duties might well be added. I can be reached at, if Imay be of more service. Yours submissively sissi maid bobbi"

Score 51:  i want work as maid and thought this would be a good idear Do you know how i can get such work?

Score   6:  Thank You for allowing this maid to participate in this evaluation.

Score 84:  this sissy maid is just about gualified, this sissy will try to do better, sissy krissy .......

Score 34:  Thank You for this test. It was very interesting. Concerning uniforms, what do You think about the possiility to wear slippers during homeworks, and where can I find them on line ? Thank You in advance. Yours maid Susan

Score 12:  the test was very fair and instantly told me what i should correct in order to be the best maid for a Mistress

Score 18:  Thank you Mistress for giving me a high score. I will work much harder to become a better servant

Score 38:  it was nice to see i have potental...all i need now is a full time Mistress to serve and obey thank you

Score 46:  I usually wear clothes that are currently worn by other girls, I have a very large wardrobe. I am very pretty and i work for a major paris based cosmetics manufacturer as a makeup artist. I always wear girls underwear at home.

Score 54:  your test gave me hope that one day i will be a feminine maid, worthy of serving my master/mistress to their hearts content.

Score 46:  I think that is a good system. I hope it might put me into service one day soon

Score 52:  Very accomplished covering all aspects of service

Score 23:  Thankyou, Mistress for allowing me to take this test. This sissy maid would be honoured to serve a Mistress full time.

Score 28:  It was a very good test. i need a lot of improvement and training. i still have a long way to go. Priscilla

Score 34:  My mistress thoroughly approves of your test and is taking your advice to heart. She intends to place me on a strict formal training regime immediately

Score 69:  This is wonderful, now i know i have promise. All i need now is a mistress to make it all come together

Score 32:  Thank You for allowing this sissy maid the opportunity to be tested, classified and qualified.

Score 18:  i qualify as an excellent maid. i can only work harder to be worthy of serving any Mistress.

Score 49:  Although 49 indicates being or having the potential for being a good maid, I do lack in experience. Can you please advise me where I may get the experience necessary?

Score   9:  I am looking to become a full time maid and hope that someone will be able to make me a 24/7 maid

Score 38:  I need to find a Mistress to serve. Without this I remain incomplete

Score 76:  I feel very humble to learn that everything my mistress has taught me has produced a good result. My mistress insists I do better next time.

Score 16:  Please send your comments at : thanks

Score  4:  Dear all, this is a very fair and straight forward test, i am pleased with my score but however am currently out of work and would like to resume my service to a mistress, any and all interested please contact me at or and we could get together for your benefit.

Score 20:  I am very sorry that my lack of experience let me down. I shall try to be a better sissy maid in the future.

Score 57:  It is a very good test, thank you for the opportunity to take it

Score 79:  I feel that I was not fairly evaluated due to my lack of experience.

Score 67:  The test has helped me realise my weak areas and will hopefully help me in becoming a better maid

Score 54:  The test was excellent and gave a good insight into the life of a maid. I really would love the opportunity to put myself to the test with a real mistress.

Score  2:  Thank you for the opportunity to take this test and help me become a better sissy maid! Sissy Jennifer

Score  0:  i have been in service since i was 16 and have worked very hard to serve my Master and Mistress and to get them in a position where they are happy with my standard of care so i thank them for spending the time training me

Score 58:  I thought the test was very truthful and I hope it makes me a better maid. Thank you mistress.

Score 79 :  I know I'm not a good maid but I really wish to be. I'm looking for a misstress to teach me all about being woman and dress like a woman. I wish someone could take me and make me a woman, a very femenised maid. Please i wish to learn..

Score 46:  I have little actual experience, but I dream of serving my mistress as maid often.

Score 47:  I hope to find a Single hard Mistress to train me if possible who want's a Maid as property.

Score  2:  Since i am a maid for both Mistress and Master i should like to comment that the answers to questions involving Mistress also include Master and my answers would be the same.

Score 69:  i must work hard

Score 62:  More question's are needed to my opinion.

Score 57:  The test gave a very fair estimate of my ability to be a maid. Though I did not score high marks, I am very happy to test as an assistant maid. My goal now is to become an assistant maid and be happy at that status. Thank You for allowing me to take such an informative test.

Score 83:  Ich denke mal, daß ich noch viel Training brauche, um eine einigermaßen gehorsame und tüchtige Maid zu sein. Es würde mich freuen, wenn es mehr Deutschsprachiges Material gäbe und Leute die sich mit mir in Deutsch unterhalten könnten. Hinweise hierzu bitte an Vielen Dank. Der Test ist an sonsten prima.

Score 16:  It was very good but i could and would of liked to have shown how submissisive i am to being used sexually by MISTRESS and her guests. love susan

Score 40:  I only want to better myself and feel that with the right training I can be a good maid.

Score  ?: I don't seem to be able to get the Test Score. I just get a Script Error (Note: You will need a browser with java script capability to get the score calculation to work. It is also possible to find your score by counting the number of unchecked boxes.)

Score 45:  Thank you mistress for allowing me to do this test, I am not surprised by my low score but am looking forward to training to a standard which will make any mistress master have need for my services. I hope that I can one day pleasure a mistress of such high standing as yourself, Thank you again, Maid stephanie

Score 52:  I find it interesting

Score  ?: I have a strong desire to show reverence to Women, abase myself before them, humbly kiss the hem of their dress and rain ardent kisses on their feet . I long to obey and submit myself to the service of a strict Mistress.

Score 11:  Thank you mistress for allowing me to take the test

Score 34:  i think the test makes one consider, realisticly how they see themselves, i hope i can use these new insights when i find a Mistress who will allow me the privilege to serve Her full time.

Score 62:  i have the posibility to be a good assitant maid and i am very respectful and have to much potential to do it.

Score 60:  I totaly agree on the score..

Score 63:  This sissy maid found the test and the results to be very helpful. Though only rated as a Fair Maid, I do hope to improve. This maid is concerned that at 43 I have left it too late to become a full time maid, job concerns, personal relationships, retirement/pension worries, health , etc. all intrude into my fantasies of serving a Mistress. I hope to give it a try, though, even if only on a part-time basis.

Score 29:  Thank You very much for having this test available for 'us', sissy maids. So that all may know our performance and weaknesses.

Score 52:  I loved doing the test, it gives me hope once to become the maid I want to be, and find the Mistress who will train me to become golden maid in her household. Yours Lisette

Score 13:  I only wish to better myself in serving my Mistress and the rest of the female world. Your test has showed me the error of my ways and where I must improve myself, for that I am in great debt to you. Maid Luara

Score 20:  Thank you Mistress for taking the time to reply this e-mail, and the feed back to my test thank you Mistress daisy

Score 61:  It would be a honor to serve you as one of your loyal servants.

Score 42:  Thank you, very much for testing me!

Score 24:   Dear Maid Lisbeth The results of my test are as follows: I need more formale traing and more correction in my dress and instuctions. How ever I have the makings of a good Maid. I am qualifide to serve as a Senior Maid

Score   ?: I have really only served a mistress in my head. In truth though, I did own a maid's uniform and have spanked myself on my panty bottom for misbehavior. I would love to serve a lady as a maid ... it would be demanding, but fun. Sorry to answer not all the way truthfully, even though I have dreamed of such things. Do I get spanked for answering the way I did?

Score 52:  I only wish to be trained properly

Score 62:  The maid test shows that ritalynn needs training by an mistress who has a firm hand for guidance and training.

Score 19:  i am not presently serving a mistress,if you know of any in the upstate NY area, please inform me.i am more than willing to submit...Thank You

Score 21:  i really liked the test. i wish that my mistress would give me more time and opportunities

Score 53:  I love being a maid for my mistress and hope I can improve for Her

Score 46:  Dear Lisbeth, your test is wonderful. Though it could go into more humiliating detail to determine how we would react in a given situation.

Score 49:  Your site is great and i'm glad i found it so that i may improve myself as a sissymaid

Score 63:  i like pink it's my favorite clour

Score  ?:  i am a long time transvestite who craves feminization under the guidance of a firm Master. i am too sissy to achieve this myself--my folish residual male pride must be subdued! Please, all Masters, include my name in the "About" or "Re" line, as I clear all email i don't recognize.

Score 38:  Good evening Mistress(curtsey). The test was very useful and made me think of how I can be a better maid and please a Mistress more. Thank you Mistress(curtsey).

Score 68:  Never tried to be held as a maid. I dream of it. Love Mie

Score 75:  All maids should be dressed correctly when taking the test.

Score 24:  I enjoyed taking the Maids test very much. I will show my Mistress my score and hope She will help me be a better MAID

Score 60:   i'm thank you for your test. Where can i find your links (webpages) because someone send me this page, and i am grateful to that.

Score 34:  Mistress, (curtsey) The test was very revealing to me. It enhanced my weaknesses or the area's that I most cetainly will need to address if I ever want to become a full Maid. Thank you. jodi

Score 16:  Gwendolyne, thanks

Score 51:  I thought I had a Mistress for a while and was willing to relocate and live in with her.Those were my intentions.But we met and it never went anywhere. I think your test is very good,Thank You for letting me take it. Renee

Score 45:  Although I deeply wish to undergo formal training and become a full time sissy/maid I have not had the oportunity or found a Misstress yet to help me become the sissy I know I am. Sissy kat

Score 33:  As maid Stephanie I will obey my master or Mistress' commands

Score 32:  A very nice test.Really good was a pleasure to go through it.Thanks from Lucy

Score 54 :  I do believe the test to be a fair and accurate one, Ido need more trainning in the practical areas

Score   4:  I found the Test made me think about what I can do to heelp make my Mistresses life even more pleasurable.

Score 51:  i did not do well in the practical because i have been unable to find anyone who will train me. my present Girlfriend does not wish to participate. sherry

Score  ?:  Great test. However... there should have been more questions regarding wearing the female undergarments everyday... regardless if one is serving the Mistress that particular day or not. It is imperitive that the slave/maid be feminized at ALL times.

Score 30:  I found the test to cover everything in my life that I want to be. I will improve on any weaknesses, to be a better Maid. It made me feel complete to answer the questions.

Score 20:  Thank You, Michelle

Score 35:  Dear maid Lisbeth, my score was 35 and I am happy with that for now. I am not serving a Mistress at this time and I do need more practical experience with a firm Mistress.

Score 48:  This maid wants to become better and would welcome the opportunity for formal training to please his mistress.

Score 21:  hi maid debra just took test. i have a few comments. i don't have a mistress right now i am looking for one- however, my old mistress would think there should be questions of humiliation. 1)would maid be willing to obey instructions for maxium humiliation to maid for mistress's admusement.2)would maid in the most embarrissing outfit possible still perform her duties quickly and correctly/ 3)will maid perform in front of others to make mistress look good and other feel envious of mistress. these are a few sugestions. tell me what you may think.

Score  ?:  I was always afraid of being a maid until the first time my girl friend had me serve our friends. Now I know my place and I am never out of uniform.

Score 33:  seems a position is needed

Score 16:  The test was very well written and instructions were easy to understand. This test allowed me to really see how much of a maid I could really be. Thank you Maid Lisbeth for helping me out with truly finding myself, sissyreba

Score 14:  I thought that the test covered everything possible and you have done a gine job in assembling the above test. emmeline

Score 33:  I have never seen such a test. It was extremely correct in determining that I lacked formal training. I wish I could receive formal training.

Score 15:  Dear Maid Lisbeth. It was an excellent test, and i was humbled by my score, which i had not been led to expect a my Mistress is constantly correcting me. i am looking forward to putting into practice the recommedations to gain more practical experience in uniform. Thank you Mistress

Score 68:  Thank you for the privilege of taking the test and the result. I hope I can learn more.

Score   3:  very good assement

Score 57:  My first test was based on fantasy. This is an accurate assessment of my Maid abilities Sissy Jennifer

Score 59:  great test

Score   7:  Thank You for allowing me to take this very important test. I am longing to become more submissive and useful to all the Superior and Dominant WOmen of the world. I wish that there was more information for maids who serve as thier Mistresses toilet and toilet paper. Thank You Mistress, submissively, Sissy Maid Samantha, aka bimbo slut

Score 30:  I see I still have work to do.

Score 51:  Hello, Ive had a strong interest in becoming a maid to a domme woman TV or possibly even a man but a woman is my first preference, I havent found the opportunity to serve as of yet,My desire to serve has grown immensely,I would serve mistress in any way desired, Its not my place to make judgements on a Mistress's whims, I have my own uniform, heels and accesories and really believe that I could serve a Mistress to her satisfaction,I tried serving a girlfriend that I live with presently but she unfortunately doesnt have the necessary characteristics to be a domme, I wish she did but it just didnt work, I'd love to serve a domme and would love the opportunity, I feel its something that born within me to be a submissive and accept my role in servitude, I hope to meet a domme that may consider me worthy to serve her desires and whims

Score 64:  Petra has only had training from a transvestite mistress never a real woman. She so longs for this to happen

Score 11:  The test was very good.

Score   8:  It was pleasing to see I feel I am serving my Mistress well.

Score 30:  The only thing I lacked was experience

Score 47:  Dear Maid Lisbeth, It's clear from the test that I require a Mistress. I would love your thoughts. Maid Candice

Score 33:  I feel the test is quite good and I thank you for the opportunity of completing it. I also thank you for the advice and look forward to further training to better myself as a maid.

Score 33:  One word of advice to all maids in training- COOPERATE. The sooner you accept the inevitable, the better off you are. Life as a maid is good. The work is hard - the hours long - the rewards rare- but there is unique satisfaction in loving and adoring and SERVING a female. Tighten your corset, polish your heels, practice your curtsey, and get back to work girl!

Score 33:  Very interesting and very good, as it is so large, you could not be sure, what you voted before

Score 34:  The only thing I wish would happen for me is to be able to serve a true Mistress and I wish that my wife would become able to control me better. Thank you Mistress for your time <curtsey> (

Score 50:  This was a great little test, I was actually looking for training but i think this gives me an idea of where to start, Thank You very much

Score 23:  i have not been trained to think

Score 54:  I am pleased with my score, but I know that I could do better. I would love to learn how to find a mistress to serve and please.

Score 41:  Thank you mistress for allowing me to take your test . i know it will help me be a better maid for my mistress. i`ll work hard on becoming a better maid and improve on this disgusting score

Score 14:  thank you for the test Maid Lisbeth. I will try to do better next time

Score 26:  A good maid should also see to her Mistresses grooming and personal hygiene.

Score  ?:  Here is a question for you to consider? To please your Mistress, would you wear ballet point shoes, so that Mistress could make you walk on point, when need be?

Score 60:  The test was a very good one and the only reason i only scored a 60 is because i do not have the uniforms yet Thank you Mistress for your valus time in letting me take this test and haven you score it for me

Score 66:  loved your test, is there a place you are aware of where I can get more training and maybe even find a Mistress to serve .... after I am trained ofcourse?

Score 60:  i am in maid training right now i dont have a mistress right but i am looking for one

Score 41:  It was a very nice test, I only wish I could have scored higher

Score 26:  Misstress I am only here to serve and so do not have any comments apart from on more training please. As a sissy maid i realise the importance of my training, and look forward to your comments.

Score 16:  Mistress Linda loved it, so I loved it. Mistress truly enjoyed you pointing out my weak points and has already started to correct them. So I am writing this in my padlocked, black skimpy uniform and chastity belt, my behind all red and burning from a hard spanking received minutes ago. I wish to thank you for helping me to become a better maid so that I may serve mistress with more humility. Curtsey

Score 28:  i would like to become a full time maid and i would like mistress to use my mouth to care for her personal hygine,i would be totally devoted to her no matter how humiliating or degrading

Score 38:  Love your site, would love to serve you

Score 29:  Thank you for giving me this oppertunity to see where I need improvement so that I may better serve my Mistress. Lots of love. Jennifer Kay

Score 60:  I have always enjoyed the idea of being a trusted and well disaplined sissy maid to a goddess

Score 11:  Very nice,i am so glad i was told to visit your site.Thank you.

Score 62:  I have always dreamed of being a sissy and under complete crontrol of a mistress but have a lack of funds resources and contacts to get my life of servitude off to any start.

Score 24:  Thank you so much for putting so much time in building this beautiful site. The test is really a great help to me. MaidMandy

Score 51:  Thank you for letting me take the test. Shelley

Score 11 :  Your qualification test is very extensive and complete. I was very surprized and happy that i scored as well as I did. I will be peased to forward my score and comment to my mistress for her review..Maid Brandi

Score 32:  One can only try harder to please one's Mistress

Score 11:  Could have alternative, ie i dore my MISTRESS but am unable to sy so in the questionaire

Score 10   i feel unworthy

Score 22:  Thankyou- this gives me hope!

Score 54:  dear maid lisbeth, thank you for giving me the oppartunity to take this test and i shall endevour to make my score near perfect. yours truly maid angela

Score 49:  I was glad i took this test to me how much a maid i was

Score 40 :  i have served a Mistress for only one weeked as a maid. It was wonderful and She enjoyed it, also. i am looking forward to serving Her again. Being married makes it difficult. thanks, rebecca jane

Score 52:  Love your web site. I have a mistress who is considering accepting me as her part-time maid. While the test score did not compute, I am assuming that the number of negative numbers is used for the ranking. If this is correct, then my score is 52, which qualifies me as an Assistant Maid. Hopefully, if my mistress accepts me, these scores will improve.

Score 42:  Dear Maid Lisbeth, Thank you for making this test available for us. i think it is a lovely way to evaluate our areas for improvement in the service to our Mistress. Respectfully submitted robyn

Score 23:  Just taking the test excited me, and made me wish for full time service.

Score  ?:  So far all i have mananged to accomplish has been without the help of a Master. A Master's will can overpower my remaining male pride! So far i am just a sissy transvetite, but a Master can insist on feminization, and make me publicly acknowledge my status as a maid.

Score 16:  Very good and thorough test.

Score 28: is a very interesting test! I would like to be used by my Mistress with friends and/or other maids but she is very jealous...

Score 22:  I love serving my mistress as her sissy maid. sometime i will be full 24/7. I can hardly wait

Score 22:  I have been taking this test for three years while i progress as my wife's sissy maid. My scores started at 35 after 2 years of being in service. Now they are at 22. I believe someday I will be under 10, if my mistress ever brings her sister's into our secret. Someday I hope to be a 24/7 sissy maid and clean all their houses and do all their laundry. Love the test and your site! jeannie

Score 47:  Yes Ma'am, I would like to be a better maid, and also on a semi- regular basis. I have had very little training, but I want to please. I have a tendency to daydream, so need lots of attention. I have responded well to frequent panty inspections, as well as OTK spankings and corner time. The concept of being spanked in front of guests, and even by guests would also help. Thank you for your time mistress, Valerie

Score 12:  This slut slave begs to thank the Mistress for her test and humbly begs to say that the maid thinks it a very comprehensive set of questions.

Score 59:  Very good, but there should be more questions on punishments and attitudes to punishement

Score 48:  i was taking a correspondence course with Mistress Alexandra in the U.K. i heard about in an ad in Mrs. Silk's magazine. The currency exchange got too complicated in that i had to send cash all the time. International Money Orders are outrageously expensive. Looking for a Mistress in the New England area.

Score 65:  Dear Maid Lisbeth, You ask for sugestion's, do you think it's a good idea that the Form, the Qualification test, and the Register should all be part of the Contract, in other word's you must sign and fill in all section's completely from your Email, Name and Maid's Name to the Register before you can submit your score, can Maid's change their advert and keep the same Mr No, once signed should Maid's be allowed to come off until they have a Mistress, do you agree or not, I like the page very much and often look at it. Your's Sincerely, Maid John (Maid No 647 in Register)

Score  5:  Thank you for a wonderfull test. I will try to better my score

Score 50:  Thank you Maid Lisbeth for allowing me to take your test.

Score 59:  Perfect test

Score 14:  i enjoyed taking your test and thank you for helping me with my training. i am a submissive sissy maid, in search of a stern Mistress to train me to be the kind of maid i should be.

Score 69:  I have a Master. I give my Master an attitude and I do get punnished just about everyother day. He has a high tollerence for me and I'm his only maid. He punnishes me alot. I will try to serve my Master better in the future. Your Test has really helped me. Thank you.

Score   6:  Thank you Maid Lisbeth for the page. It is wonderful. Mistress has made me do all the very best I can. I where a chastity belt 24/7 except when Mistress releases me. I have been undergoing training for 2 yrs now. I cannot think of a thing to improve your test sorry it is very good. Yours in Service Maid Elley

Score 42:  Some of the questions asked i haven't performed, but i would have been willing to do, as my service was not to one particular mistress it was to a house of mistresses,

Score 12:  The test is vary through and doesn't any thing morfe mistress. Thank you mistress for letting me take it

Score 63:  I live in Hamburg

Score 7:  I presume nothing Mistress.

Score 3:  thank you mam that was much appreciated

Score 57:  Thank you for pointing out my faults.

Score 63:  I need to have a comprehensive training session with a misstress who is willing to give me the disapline I need to become the best sissy maid that I can be,I crave for an opportunity to serve a goddess that see a potentially great sissy maid in me.

Score 100:  All men rule supreme! Women are meant to serve men!

Score 27:  The test questions made me very excited and very motitated to improve my behaviour. Thank you !!!

Score 26:  Some of my answers were made regarding previous Mistresses. My new mistress promises to increase my training and I thank you for this benchmark.

Score 85:  i am only a novice. i need all the help and taining i can get

Score 22:  Maid Michelle, thanks You very much to be allowed to be tested. i am very proud of the score i reached. The questions to describe the subject of a maids responsebility very good and precisely. Your Maid Michelle eMail:

Score 17:  Loved the test and I love being a maid, I was very honest. I love wearing my uniform. Maid Lily

Score 37:  I would have done better but I don't have a misstress that desires a maid. I would like formal training and disaplant. in your service mic michelle

Score 43:  Who knows, maybe one day, a Mistress will continue my training. i feel useless without a Mistress to please

Score 22:  To maid Lisbeth from maid nanna I have finished your wonderfull test and it made me happy, 22 was my score. I know that I need more hard training, but at this moment I do not belong to any mistress, this makes me unhappy because I feel lazy without my position under her feet. Love from Nanna

Score 52:  A very comprehensive test, Maid Lisbeth, and quite revealing as to what is expected of a maid. I am a new maid and don't have any uniforms yet, but my Mistress is planning to rectify this situation very soon. I can't wait! You have constructed an excellant web site which has given my Mistress and I much help and pleasure. Thank you for all your hard work.

Score 50:  Thank you for a very comprehensive overview of what is required of a maid. I am a new maid and don't have any uniforms yet. However, my Mistress is planning to rectify this situation very soon. We look forward to using your helpful site often and even communicating with other like-minded maids/mistresses.

Score 81:  Everything is true and i need a mistress for a training

Score 14:  i loved the test

Score 64:  I have never had a mistress but I am very willing to be trained.

Score 27:  Does not have provision for serving in fessels, which I am often required to do. Otherwise very comprehensive and points out the areas I need to improve in order to become a better maid for my Mistress.

Score 32:  Thank you for allowing me to take this test and I am trying everyday to be a better Maid to my dear loving Mistress

Score 12:  good test, slave ed

Score 66:  Would you be willing to undergo hormone treatments for your Mistress?

Score 57:  I desire to serve as a 24/7 sissy maid. I do not have formal training. Training is a weakness. My desire is to serve a strict Mistress, that can feminize me and sissy maid train me.

Score 88:  it was a good test but it didn't have any part of it about hormones or going farther into being a tg and Her feminizing more to be a feminine maid not just a tv

Score 55:  oh thank you for showing me my weaknesses, i do really need help to be the best. And the best i want to be, can be, that's why i breath. i nearly died imagining me being able to answer yes to them all. trainee maid jilly

Score 25:  My Mistress is not strong on formal training prefering to punish incorrect behaviour. Eventually by making enough mistakes I will learn to please her in every aspect.

Score 20:  The test is just what I needed...just when I thought I was doing great the test has has brought me down to earth. Now I can concentrate on the area's such as corset training, etc, to provide a more pleasant sissy maid for my mistress.

Score 57:  I think the test has had a great deal of thought put into it. One has to consider carefully before answering the questions truthfully. If you think I have potential I would appreciate a little word from you so I can make a formal application to a Mistress. If you have the time please contact me on Best wishes, Tara

Score 9:  I loved your test, it was amazing. Sorry for not having my answers on the form, my pc messed up, but I loved it. -tyanna

Score 19:  wonderful test

Score 28:  very complete Mistress

Score 61:  a maid can't give comment to what a Mistress orders

Score good:  I would feel priviledged to honor you and all the other maids as well. I would be at your beck and call, 24 hours a day. All my attention would be given to you, my Mistress. Every wonderul experience I have had in my life, I shall try and recreate that same pleasure, only this time, for you to experience, and share with me. I beg you to allow me OUR opportunity at PLEASURE AND PAIN. Humbly, you slave, Erica

Score 13:  i found the test an excellent guideline to remind me of my position duties and need to try better to serve and be a useful sissy maid

Score 1:  I think this is a very good test for any experienced or new maid to take.

Score 38:  Very comprehensive.Please contact me soon.

Score 38:  Only the obvious comment that there were no questions to validate whether I am a truthful maid! Otherwise, this was an enjoyable which would have been better if answered in your presence! Thanks, Maid Jayne

Score 56:  i am willing to learn and will work hard to please my Mistress.

Score 19:  I love being a maid, even though it is only part time at present. The mode of punishment my Mistress administers is that of being hogtied, gagged and blindfolded for at least an hour, depending on the severity of my infraction. Maid Joanne

Score 20:  i wish to be a good maid and the test will help. thank you your humble maid tasha.

Score 49:  Thank you for allowing me to rate myself and discover how i can become a better maid. i hope one day i may meet an understanding Mistress who will require my services.

Score 1:  this maid found the test to be quite comprehensive and well thought out.

Score 47:  This test shows my weakness in formal training. Formal training is all well and good, someday perhaps. The correct attitude, and submissiveness can help to cover many technical flaws. There is also nothing that will get this maids' attention quicker than an over the knee spanking in front of some of mistress' friends.

Score 0:  thanks for the test. it has told me even though i am one of the best at serving my mistress that i can still work to serve her better. thank you. -Sissy Jessica (David)

Score 8:   i feel lucky to be a maid and appreciate my mistress allowing me to take this test

Score 57:  maid denise understands her weakness and will obey her mistress in order to improve

Score 59:  Excellent test - looks like I will have to make a start as a maid's assistant. Know anyone in the UK prepared to take me on part-time?

Barbie:  I fell very honor and gratefull of having the oportunity of having myself evaluated. thank you very much. your servant. Barbie

Score 37:  thank you i am trying hard to be a good maid and apreciate your time (kertsy)

Score 52:  Encouraging - obviously I need some proper training>

Score 16:  Perhaps there might be more questions on domestic duties, such as washing up, ironing and cleaning. Otherwise the test is very fair.

Score 59:  This is Maid Cosette... I am going to be sending you some pictures in the near future. Thanks for your great site... I hope to find a Mistress in the near future to serve.

Score 35:  the test was excelent i 'm looking forward to improving as a sissy mais

Score 46:  Questions should be added concerning the maid's willingness to perform bisexual acts with other sissy maids and on the mistress' real man boyfriends. Also, the maid should be willing to orally clean up the mistress and her man after they have made love.

Score 38:  It was a very well thought out test, thank you for letting me take it.

Score 44:  thank u mistress a most searching test

Score 10:  wonderful test! my mistress and master and i enjoyed taking it, and i scored so well! <blush>

Score 43:  1. Ask if the prospective maid can support her self with her own means. 2. Ask if the prospective maid would like to be physicaly feminized, breast implants etc.

Score 65:  this one was happy to find such a thing as this test miss and hopes to one day find service thank you miss. emily

Score 17:  Excellent test! Though with computers, there must be a way to do a test which makes for a better screening of a maid, i.e. a way to get an answer right or wrong on experience, ability, etc., and not know that the "guess" to the (multiple choice?) was correct until it has been answered. This was really not a "test" as tests are defined, nor a real screening form...

Score 66:  I am just beginning the Maid journey, so I will be having more formal training with my Mistress. But it will be a pleasure to be able to serve Her efficiently and lovingly.

Score 0:  a wonderful way to make sure that you must always striving to be a exceptional maid for your mistress

Score 61:  Mistress i feel the test is more than fair. this one would make a very good assitant and would strive to improve

Score 4:  i wish to improve my maid skills so as to be a better maid that Mistress wil use me in front of others and humiliate me in public

Score 11:  Very nice and extremely well done. But then, I expected that knowning Maid Lizbeth! Maid bobbi, Bobbi Swan

Score 10:  i enjoy very much my life as a maid

Score 22:  Thank YOU DIVINE MISTRESS for allowing me to take this test! i still know that i need more training. i am constantly praying and trying to learn all i can so i can be the best i can be. Please WORSHIPFUL and DIVINE GODDESS any tips or training would be greatfully apreciated . sissy slave jamie

Score 31:  Dear Maid Lisbeth, i like the test , it give me the thinks that i forget to do for the Mistress

Score 13:  It was very useful.

Score 57:  I realise that i need to be trained to high standards. However my Mistress has moved on and I no longer have a mistress to serve. Therefore my training is at a standstill.

Score 54:  Sorry, I have to work harder ant to be more humble to become a suitable maid.

Score 59:  I need to get experience.

Score 11:  Mistress, i intend to work harder to improve my maid skills. alice

Score 31:  Thank you Maid Lisbeth. This maid scored a 31. This maid is weakest with practical experience. She will definitely be looking for sissy maid experience with a Mistress soon. Thanks again, paulina (

Score 66:  I want to be a better maid *giggle*

Score 42:  interesting test... i liked it but thought the scoring might've been better for myself??

Score 64:  my score indicated that my personality is very good for a maid and i need formal training.

Score 45:  i'm a crossdresser from Spain, who likes to wear all kinds of feminine clothes, prefering tight clothes. i have seen i've much more to learn, (i'm afraid about my grammar, but i don't usually write in English) Thank You very much for this little lesson. Dominic

Score 52:  How do I go about proper training?

Score 56:  Since I get only enough points to be a fair Maid, I would like to find a mistress, who could help me with training me to be a better maid. Please send me a mail to:

Score 31:  Thank YOU for the test...i suppose i have a long way to go!!!

Score 37:  Thank You Mistress! -Maria

Score 17:  Thank you for helping me to realize where i am lacking as a sissy maid.

Score 65:  perhaps mistress should make more allowances for those of us without mistresses of our own?

Score 62:  I would be grateful for any advice Maid Lisbeth

Score 22:  I am very grateful to Mistress Lisbeth for allowing me to take the test. However, it is Mistress Poppy I must thank for allowing such a useless maid such as me to be of service to her. Obeying Mistress Poppy and being humiliated by her is the sole reason for living. I shall now try even harder to please her at all costs, even though she will be extremely displeased my score is so humiliatingly bad. Maid Anita.

Score 18:  It`s good but it`s easy because everyone know to say yes and become a maid with certificate.You are so kind to write me at.

Score 55:  I wish I could do better but I need a Misstress who can take a more active role in my training

Score 45:  Think the test is fair in how a maid is rated.

Score 12:  A shy maid seking service who knows her position

Score 18:  MISTRESS i thank YOU for the test!!! It was very helpful in showing my flaws to which i am very ashamed and sorry for!!! i will do everything and anything to rid myself of these flaws so i can be the best i can be for my MISTRESS!!!! Again thank YOU!!! sissy slave jamie

Score 21:  i try to be the best maid i can be and fully expect to be punished if i fail to please my Mistress. thank you and curtsey Mistress

Score 67:  I will do what it takes or told to be the best for my or any mistress.

Score 18:  Thank you for having this test. I want to know where my weaknesses are so I can better serve my Mistress.

Score 43:  I need to do much better...and think less of myself.

Score 20:  i appreciate Your efforts to help potential maids like me find a suitable Mistress. i simply hope my owner finds me soon... again, thank You.

Score 25:  It's so interesting.Thank you.

Score 38:  Looking fom Mistress in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. Ross425834@AOL.COM

Score 34:  Very fair test

Score 51:  The comments that accompanied the test score say that I need more correction in proper maid training, which I am willing to undergo in order to be a better maid, and hopefully get to serve more often! thanx, maid Johnie

Score 21:  "curtsy" i humbily submit my test score of 21. i deserve to be punished for not doing better, may i suggest 48 strokes of the cane on my bare arse?

Score 82:  I want to be forced to be a girl but my SO hates it all.... What is a want-to-be girl to do? Susan

Score 33:  Dearest Lisbeth, fellow, senior Maid I know i do still have to learn a lot to be the maid a good and strict Mistress expects me to be. Hopefully i will have the opportunity to be of unlimited humly service to a stern Gooddess. with most demure curtsey Yours sissy Maid josy

Score 3:  it's great

Score 69:  Excellent suggestions to new maids and misstresses are revealed by the test. As a new maid, I hope my mistress (and wife) will follow all of them.

Score 42:  A good well thought out test covering all aspects of maid training and ability and attitude

Score 33:  i need good free training

Score 38:  Mistress, I apologize for my lack of formal training. Sweet Mistress, I long for your instruction. Please bestow your kindness on me. Thank you, Mistress

Score 11:  This is the most comprehensive test that I have ever taken and is just great. Thank you for providing this service. Sissy Marrissa

Score 47:  I hope that someday I will be able to be the perfect maid to a beautiful woman in complete control of me for her total use.

Score 0:  I beg to serve you mistress.

Score 56:  i am willing to serve you most fully

Score 13:  It is a Very Good test that ALL sub`s should take, and should at least TRY to work at getting 100% on the test, I am just Sorry that I was not able to get the 100%, Humberly maid/susan

Score 29:  I just wish to explain that I am serving (several) Masters, not Mistresses. Although I am a sissy, I am moving towards complete feminization, if you would like to read more about me and my training, check out my home page at This is a highly personal page, with no spam or banners, and I highly welcome feedback from all individuals.

Score 54:  I am honoured to be able to take the test. I just wish that there was more opportunity to answer questions on how a master may treat his maid

Score 77:  I shall do everything to improve on the scale in tests to come.

Score 7:  Most comprehensive and a truely cool idea. I must admit I was sweating over a couple of the answers

Score 49:  i would like to become a much better maid, and be a maid in real life too

Score 46:  I think that all maids/slave/sluts should be made to wear a dildo or butt plug at all times. This will show your mistress that she has complete control over a slaves body

Score 88:  sorry i did bad on my test... i'm more into erotic scenes...

Score 5:  I thought it was very good

Score 23:  thank you for the test. i learned alot of what i need to work on

Score 66:  i have no real experience just dreams and desires to be the best sissy maid to a strict dominant woman

Score ?:  jackie: i would be a very willing and obedient trainee

Score 6:  very enlightning

Score 13:  would love to be a full time maid.

Score 56:  i hope to become a fine maid this test helped to show my subjects i need to improve on

Score 30:  i have never had the opportunity of dressing a maid uniform when performing my duties, because the mistresses i have met only let me dress in normal dresses and wigs in stead of a maids cap although i have ask them to help me to get a real maids uniform. to avoid this problem i suggest you include this problem in the test. i really would like to find a way to get in contact with a real misstress, so i can be trained properly. sorry i erase the score before i got into nº 4. thank you. barbara.

Score 36:  jennifer's score is 36. thank you madam

Score 53:  Interesting test, it was right in saying I need more practical experience. I hope I am able to find my mistress in Atlanta where I live.

Score 54:  My experience is limited, however I am willing to undertake a strict training regime to make myself a an employable maid.

Score 24:  I like the test and I feel I can be a loyal and good maid

Score 10:  It didn't take her long - just about three years - to effectively manipulate me from "groom" > "househusband" > "panty maid". I sort of saw it all coming, but never ever believed it could actually get to this point. The progression is slow but steady and for some unknown reason - irreversable. Maybe it's the hormones? Maybe it's the male psyche? Maybe it's my infatuation with her beauty and femininity? The questionaire taken suggests my score is "excellent" > yet, despite truthful answers, I have far to go before I ever reach the level of "excellent" as a maid. Pantied, corseted, aproned, heeled, chastized, spanked, loaned out to friends, yes- these all accurately depict my situation. Yet- the survey fails to question housekeeping skills, elimination of all masculinity, and sincere commitment to a life of servitude. Nonetheless, it is far from a panty maid's lot to do more than respond and obey- hence, I faithfully submit my name to the maid's register. Best wishes to all who are padlocked and pantied.

Score 26:  One question I think you should Ask is :- Has the prospective maid any type of income ie dowry / pension

Score 69:  Vazena pani, vyplnila jsem jenom cast C a skore mi vyslo 69. Musim podotknout, ze ne vsemu jsem rozumela. Pokud je tento pocet bodu dostatecny pro prijimaci pohovor budu se tesit. Vase sluzebna Vlasta.

Score 9:  Thank you Mistress!

Score 54:  This sissy believes the test was right on. This sissy lacks experience, but has the attitude to become an obedient sissy maid.

Score 48:  your test was really pretty accurate. My Mistress is not nearly as strict as many. Most of my "maidly" duties are just for fun

Score 4:  I accept them all

Score 36:  i think the test helps me understand my weaknesses as a maid

Score 33:  Thank you for the opporunity for a self evaluation. I realize that I have much to learn, and it gives me a chance to see where my deficiencies lie..

Score 43:  A good test of past experience.

Score 43:  I really would like to be a more obedient and better maid. I truly need your advices. I also would like to serve a Mistress who would accept to make a somehow valuable slave out of me. I'm too fat. What do you suggest in order to lose some weight? I also think I need permanent instructions and punishment. I'm such a bad girl, with not enough feelings of gratitude towards the Mistress who would take care of me. Please, save my soul. Bring me in contact with the superior Mistress who'll take care of my worthless life.

Score 47:  Dearest Maid Lisbeth. It has always been my most cherished desire to become a full or part time maid to a Woman or Man that would alow me to prove my worthyness to clean their home and serve them in what ever capacity they feel nessary. Sincerly Krystal

Score 11:  Quite an interesting test, and made me realize just how far I have come! Only hope I can spend more time as a maid in service.

Score 33:  Please advise how i can receive the formal training i require

Score 19:  Mistress, Please accept my thanks for the test. i have found areas in which i may improve my service.

Score 44:  The test was an enlightening experience. Thank you M'am for the opportunity

Score 50:  i would be happy to become a real maid. please help me to find the mistress i have to obey

Score 80:  I`m seeking a position as a maid, but I found no mistress. I need training. Who can help me. I´m a german sissyslut. Pueppie

Score 43:  i learned some things about myself, most importantly that i have to spend more time serving my Mistress.

Score 12:  it's good way of making sure you get the best from a maid and also shows their weakness's

Score 67:  i belive this to be a good test.

Score 0:  Dearest Maid Lisbeth, the maid test is surperb, my Mistress found it to Her approval and She was delighted to see me score high.I t refects ofcourse on Her training a good maid. maid gloria

Score 73:  Mistress I am a novice and I have never had maid training. I am sorry Mistress if I disapointed you. Submissively barbie

Score 14:  Miss Lisbeth, i received a 14. I MUST work harder!! But, i am very pleased i did so well. Thank you! susan

Score 24:  Thank you Mistress for giving me the chance to see how worthy I am to searve the superior sex. Leah.

Score 29:  i was surprised how much of the test i had actualy suffered in real life, however i am out of service at the moment so my levels are dropping. It would be nice to find a Maids wanted area to find some one to serve. yours respectfully Veronica

Score 34:  good test makes me know the correct criteria when trying to improve my service

Score 15:  Mistress: Thank you for the test. It has revealed my deficiencies and i hope to work to overcome them so that i can be the best possible maid.

Score 48:  I thought the test was wonderful and allowed me to see what i need to do to better myself.

Score 64:  I need a mistress who will keep me dress as here maid and if it please here she can give me hormones so my body is more female and lead to a full sex change

Score 70:  thank you maid lisbeth for your interesting test.

Score 68:  i have't got many comments to make as the answer to the test i took was hypothetical being as i have never served a Mistress before but only because i live in a small town and dont know how to get in contact with a Mistress for possible consideration for training.

Score 58:  i would love to serve a good Mistress an atractive Mistress. i belive a maid should curtsy when she enters a room curtsy to her Mistress curtsy after instruction withdrawing from her Mistress & when leaving the room. To serve her Mistress is a maid's desire, to love obey serve & be submissive & suck her Mistress's toes. Please find me a kind Mistress to serve & care for. <curtsy > elinor.

Score 18:  Please Mistress, Tell me what to do.

Score 21:  Thank You for the very nice questionairre, it might help Mistress with my further traning. Maid connie

Score 51:  I will like to be properly trained as a good sissy maid

Score 48:  if it is possible i like to find work

Score 20:  i am also kept as my Mistress' prostitute and after working by day i am worked in the evening and sometimes at night. My Mistress is a smoker and insists i am also i have to take numerous 'fag' breaks and my Mistress especially enjoys me grovelling and begging for a fag.

Score 15:  Good Evening Maid Lisbeth, I hope someday to serve a Mistress or Master as a fulltime maid. It is my goal to someday be owned. To serve is my hearts desire. Maid Rhonda

Score 13:  I wish I had done better I dont think my mistress will be pleased

Score 92:  I need some training. I guess I'm dressed to serve myself and i'm sorry. I need a lesson on serving my mistress, would you please help me.

Score 33:  Thank you very much. Happy New Year! Stefi

Score 22:  Thank you for the test my Mistress has allowed me to take this test and will consider upgrading me to a senior maid, the only suggestion I can make to improve or add to the test is whether or not the mistress takes sexual favors of her maid.

Score 63:  Thank you Maid Lisbeth for the oppertunity of taking the Maid's Test.

Score 39:  as much as i crave to be a full time maid i am married and need to be discreet... my score was a 39....i am available during the day during the week in central southern and eastern pennsylvania

Score 6:  I do not always wear a uniform but I always wear a very feminine apron over my dress when I am in the house. I think my mistress thinks this is the symbol of my feminisation.With my apron neatly tied,it is so easy to obey and so natural.I wear a uniform when I am ordered to. Ilike a frilly bibbed apron with a longer dress.It is so much to be a woman. Lily

Score 56:  i thought the test was very accurate. i do not have any practical experience however, i am very obediant and submissive and wish to become a maid.

Score 38:  I am pleased to become a good maid, but need training in formal duties and much more to be a better maid. I long to be in full time service one time.

Score 44:  excellent test, i feel that i would be a great maid and serve and please all the time

Score ?: Maid Lisbeth, for some reason my computer won't let me see my score, but I think it would be a fair maid. Maybe you can figure it out for me. Thank you. (Note: You need a browser with Java Script capability to calculate the score. You can however find your score by counting the number of unchecked boxes when you have answered all questions)

Score 48:  I am a novice sub male maid 29 from Birmingham UK looking for a Mistress My e-mail address is

Score 21:  i have no comments or suggestions to or for the test, Mistress i wish that my Mistress would give me more time in my uniforms, but because of our positions in the community my status as her maid would not go over to well with Her business partners, my Mistress does spank me when, due to Her business dealings i can't serve in uniform, i don't think that it is fair but i am just the maid. Thank You Maid Julie Anne

Score 24:  Maid Lisbeth i am honored to take Your test and am pleased that i have scored so highly.

Score 56:  i will become a better maid, Mistress..sissymelanie

Score 54:  thank you Maid Lisbeth! I've learned so much about myself~ I hope to serve so that I may improve my score. I Humbly Curtsy.

Score 50:  Mistress this maid needs help...

Score 61:  I need a lot of work

Score 31:  this test is great, shows me where i need to improve to become the perfect maid

Score 10:  i only want to please my mistress

Score 58:  i have no suggestions lisbeth only a mistress can make a comment on the test or my score. i was so pleased to be classed as good enough to be an asst maid. now to find my mistress thank you lisbeth, bye from cerise

Score 34:  Thankyou Maid Lisbeth for your wonderful test, I appreciate my failings more now and my Mistress will follow your advice. My score has increased by ten since my last examination thanks to your guidance and my Mistress's training. emily

Score 21:  a very fair test thank you mistress

Score 68:  the test is acurate to tell you of no formal training

Score 23:  I think the test was very fair, and would love to opportunity to put my skills to work in the Baltimore, MD area. Sissymaid tonya

Score 52:  Thank you for allowing this sissy to better understand her weak points. Sincerley, becky

Score 31:  I promise to always be obedient so I can avoid any unpleasant punishment.

Score 35:  i have found the test excellent. it teaches a maid what she should know when serving a Mistress. my inexperience in serving in real life is a drawback. But it is rewarding to know that i have the qualifications to be a good staff maid.

Score 42:  i thought this was a very good test

Score 15:  I agree with the test. I seek a permanent Mistress

Score 28:  I love the test

Score 40:  I only wish that my Mistress could be with me more. I do need more training.

Score 79:  Good test but i want to become good Maid

Score 65:  The test is very interesting, thank you very much for it.

Score fair:  i would love to serve you

Score 53:  this one has just started to serve Mistress and we are switches .Mistress is comming to this one in three weeks and will be training this one.we are looking into getting this one a maids dress or uniform thank you , maidjohn`s{A}

Score 66:  Very good test thnx :)I enyoj it very much and i would love to learn more with real Mistress some day i would love to become very good maid and willing to learn more about it . From LOLA with LOVE

Score 5:  loved the test! hope i can serve someone soon. i live in ct, work in nyc. would love to know of anyone in that area in need of a part time maid! please reply to  -candi

Score 10:  Thank you for a wonderful test. Mistress was pleased with the score but say this sissy needs to improve <curtsy>

Score 66:  i am interested in learning more, Ma'

Score 64:  I am in desperate need of training. reverently sherry

Score 30:  how is it possible for me to get better training, right here ? is ther a way to find my Mistress here ? is it possible to be trained through Internet, as a preparation to real use ? Thank You, Madam

Score 72:  I have never done anything like this before. I'm a straight person though and I don't consider myself as perverted

Score 35:  I'm a novice maid waiting to be trained

Score 34:  I do believe in serving my Mistress in every way. When I am well behaved my Mistress let`s me sleep with her. When I am naughty and after punshment, I have to sleep with the dog.

Score 69:  Quite amusing, but not sufficiently autocratic.

Score 27:  the test was very useful. i am so happy to have scored as an excellent maid. i only wish i could receive more formal training and live as a maid.

Score 41:  this one serves Mistress Anna`{j`s} and is new to Mistress and to serving and was told by Mistress to come here and do the test and tell Mistress the score and this is this ones second time at the test. the test is really good and this one will try to get better as this one is getting Mistress in 8 days and Mistress is moving and staying with this one and this one is very happy about it.

Score 46:  needs training in formal maid performanence

Score 4:  i live to serve

Score 38:  There should be questions of a more specific nature regarding service,such as cooking, ironing,washing of floors,etc.

Score 60:  thank you Maid Lisbeth for your time. sephine

Score 63:  Hello, My name is Michelle, and I have always wanted to be a maid, I have never found anyone to train me. I am a pre-op transsexual that has just started to dress as a woman full time so I will be able to have my SRS as soon as possible.

Score 62:  Thank You for allowing me the opportunity to take your test and providing me with the area i require the most work in. i shall humbly endevor to improve my worthless sissy maid self

Score 59:  The test was fair and you are correct, I would need time to spend as a maid in uniform, as I would like to be the perfect maid to a mistress, as she would be my master. It would be my duty to please her, and perform all of my duties given me.

Score 57:  I need training

Score 6:  i have always strived to be the best i could be my firs Mistress trained me long and worked hard to be sure i would never embaress Her at any time and i will ever be indebted to her for using Her precious time on me

Score 66:  I lack experience but still dream of becoming a maid!

Score 3:  The test was fair and concise. I apologize for not scoring 100!

Score 52:  thankyou mistress , for letting do the test

Score 28:  Please suggest any ways that i could improve on my attitude for my mistress. I hope to improve my performace and wish to perfect my skills for the benefit of my mistress. I have accept my new role for my mistress and although I am still learning how she wishes for me to accept my current status. Her displaying of her new maid is quite embarrassing and difficult to accept why she has placed me in this situation. I still think of it as too strange that i have accept this role for her but i will continue, as that is her demands of me. Any and all help will be accepted gratefully. Thank you. Maid Cynthia

Score 42:  The nature of the questions were, I felt, pandering to my fantasies rather than testing my ability to serve in real life. I probably couldn't give the same level of service to a woman I wasn't attracted to as one that I was attracted to

Score 43:  Excellent  The test is sort of aim at someone who has been a maid or is a maid in service. Other I thought was Excellent.

Score 61:  thank you. i just need the opportunity to serve as a maid to get the experience that i need to do better on the test

Score 17:  This test was very good for myself. It showed me, that there is still a lot of work for me. Adriana

Score 33:  I am looking for a Mistrss in the Binghamton New York area. Any help would be apprieciated! My email address is

Score 23:  An excellent test. Someday i hope to do better !

Score 1:  I agree with all of the requirements for being a good maid and only hope that someday I will be granted the opportunity to perform maid service for a very dominant demanding Mistress who will teach me to be the submissive maid that I have always desired to be.

Score 21:  So - you want to be a sissy maid - do you reallly? Be certain you fully understand exactly what it is you are asking her for! It might seem like sexy fun and games at first. Pretty panties, silky slips, sexy high heels - oh, yes - all those forbidden treasures and much much more will be yours forever. Well, actually NOTHING will be yours, indeed, EVERYTHING will soon belong to HER - including YOU! Life will soon be so very SIMPLE for you. Ah, the life of a sissy maid. Up early at 5:00 am, bathe and dress yourself and then attend to her needs before she leaves for the office. Wash the dishes here, dry the dishes there wash the laundry here, dry the laundry there, iron the laundry here, fold the laundry there, scrub a floor here, scrub a toilet there, vacuum a carpet here, sweep the tile there, wash a window upstairs, wash a window downstairs, sew a button here, mend a corset there, polish her high heels here, polish your high heels there, dust the living room here, dust the vanity there, make her bed here, make your bed there, --- I think you get the picture --- By the way - did I mention the word "FOREVER". It was only just for fun, just for a little while, maybe a week, or two?, or was that a month, or three?, or did she say it was for a year, or four? Just slip those pretty panties up over your buttocks- thats a good boy - now swallow that pretty purple pill- every morning without a miss - my, how obedient you are - take a deep breath and exhale completely so we can get your corset laced perfectly from top to bottom - yes, it's supposed to be very tight - step into those pumps and fasten the ankle straps - yes, the padlocks are necessary to make sure you keep them on - oh, I almost forgot to tell you I booked a month in Maui for us - no - not you and me silly - Sandra and I will be leaving tomorrow morning- you will be staying at Stephanie's house - she is looking forward to your visit and has absolutely everything prepared for you - including a special room she had redone just for the occasion - now don't give me those sad eyes - stand still while I tie your apron strings - hand me that safety pin - and that padlock - turn around - curtsey - again - Oh - I hear a car out front - it's Steph - take those suitcases I packed for you out to her trunk - Oh - HI STEPH! - you are early! - THANK YOU so much darling! - Yes - SHE is ready! - Here is the one andd only key to her uniform padlocks - they are all keyed alike - I haven't had a lot of time to go over the details with HER - but essentially - SHE is ALL YOURS! See you in a month or so! Remember, we might extend our stay. Goodbye Josette! Make sure you BEHAVE! Don't hesitate to SPANK HER if she needs it Steph. Yes- I know you have plans for her. Bye!

Score 25:  Your questionaire was thought provoking Mistress

Score 36:  Good test indeed. Nice certification.

Score ?:  I am a very good girl mistress and i bought a pair of frilly knickers to celebrate

Score 33:  I am trying to improve my girlie ways miss, so im going to purchase some frilly pink knickers Maam

Score ?:  I would love to serve as a maid to and for a Mistress some day - I dream of doing this often

Score 45:  Thank you for the privilege of doing this test.

Score 18:  I hope that one day I will be able to be the best maid for my Mistress that I can be. Thank you for providing this test to maids such as I. maid steffi

Score 64:  Maid simone feels her inexperience with a real Mistress to be her main handicap as she is a very willing maid

Score 11:  Thank you for allowing me to take the test...i shall try to do better in my duties... kathryn

Score 17:  i am a very good maid and am happy serving my mistress at any given time

Score 52:  It seems to cover all the aspects I would imagine to be important, though having little practical experience it is hard to know for sure.

Score 15:  I am grateful for this opportunity to test my skills. While I am proud of the service I have given, I know that I can never be truly worthy of the chance to serve a great mistress. I have always deserved the punishment I have received which has included being on lone to my mistresses friends.

Score 62:  I look forward to your comment Maid Lisabeth

Score 60:  this test was great.i only wish it could be real! im a im a talllean baby face guy who wears pnties in secret, and has longed all my life to be discoverd by a supierier WOMON. and be exposed, and capterd into a life of complet submition ,as the little sissy slut i truly am in my soul. im 35 and redy to be trined right the first time. does any one want meeeee. ho pleaseeee! eddie

Score 47:  I was talking with Mistress when answering the test and Mistress has moved to my home . do you have any good ideas on makeing me a better maid, if any good ideas e-mail to i got the same score as last time

Score 24:  Thank you mistress for allowing me to take this test. I would be happiest with a mistress to serve. sandi

Score 65:  Great Test.

Score 41:  I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to analyze my weaknesses.

Score 67:  thanks to all who were responsible for providing this test.

Score 10:  Dear Maid Lisbeth, I was so flattered to be able to take the test. I thought all the questions were very relevant and as a sissy maid it again made me realise that Mistress is first and that I am her submissive.

Score 36:  Thank you for letting this sissy take the test. christine

Score 21:  This test has shown me where I should strive to inprove myself so that i may be a better maid for Mistress

Score 44:  Can I do anything else Maid Lisbeth

Score 57:  I would like to know how I can get personalized training by email

Score 15:  Mistress I have no comments or suggetions Mistress

Score 36:  I`m geeting more experience day by day and learning lots from Mistress Satin. i am collared to Mistress r/l and to be married to Mistress in three months and am very pleased that Mistress wants me for ever and am trying to learn as much as possible. the test is very good and learning every time i take it as per Mistresses orders . thank you , maidjohn`s{MS}

Score 72:  I have no formal training

Score 58:  I am ready to find a Mistress who will discipline me to become the best maid my Mistress wants me to become

Score 24:  I am not sure, if it is right to comment the test for the position of maid. But I try to. The questions are very good, but I think, that score calculation needs some improvements. I was evaluated as a excellent maid, but I have just few practical experiences with service as a maid, but my feelings are the same as they are mentioned in questions. And this is the main reason of my high score. I think, the score should be formed of two figures - practical experiences and internal maid´s feeling and acoording to the combination of mentioned criteria should get a position of maid. Honestly, I would position myself between the Fair and Good Maid. Best regareds, Maid Juliette.

Score 17:  Nice test, and very helpful. A good tool to show a weekness in the maid's training.

Score 66:  This was interesting and i hope beneficial to you and myself for sure. Sincerely veronica1

Score 33:  My only wish is to have a mistress to become a better maid

Score 42:  Maid Lisbeth, I hope to become an excellent maid someday, but that will not be up to me, only my wife (mistress). Maid Amy Lynn

Score 64:  i obviosly need a lot of training. what i am missing is the real-life experience. i just have the fantasy. great test. i enjoyed it. hopefully i can take it again someday and score better. love, kelly

Score 24:  Thank you for having such a wounderful test to take. In taking the test I found my weaknesses, I will have to work on them. Once again thank you for the test.

Score 14:  Thankyou Mistress fro letting me find out my weekness is that I need to spend more time dressed as a maid and servicing my Mistress.

Score 38:  That is a very good test, although I am am little inexperienced.

Score 25:  Maid Lisbeth, This sissy has taken the "test" and has gotten the score of 25. This sissy is currently not under the supervision of a Mistress now, but is looking for one. This sissy has spoken to two young ladies who have promised to take her on a shopping trip to Frederick's and Victoria's Secret for lingerie.

Score 53:  Maid Lisbeth, my test results are 53 = the Fair Maid, the weakest partf or my is that I hadn't any Maids Training. Now my most wanted thing to train my ability to serve you in the most proper way. Thank you, Maid Lisbeth.

Score 51:  I wish to present myself for your total service. Please take into your folds, Mistress. Thank you

Score 62:  Dear Mam. i enjoyed the test and agree with the score and i know that i need more training. Your obediant sevant robert.

Score 37:  Comment One day I would like to offer my self up for a full time Maid to a strict Mistress.

Score 38:  I would like to serve as maid to a strict but understanding Mistress in the near future I hope that there someone out there that can help me?

Score 53:  Hello Maid Lisbeth I took the test not knowing if I may one day be acceptable as a maid. I think it is a good test and am encouraged to try harder to learn about being of use to a Mistress. Thank you for the opportunity to take the test. Best Wishes jessica

Score 51:  I'm just starting out, and don't have a mistress. I would like one however. Please email me at Thank you, Submissively Lisa7

Score 49:  Please Mistress, thank You for granting this test to Your maids and helping us to Serve the Superior Sex better. Your maid angora

Score 47:  I have very little experience but do serve a Mistress. Im more interrested in lifelong corset training. Miranda

Score 20:  I am pleased that i reached the Title Excellent Maid, but i will try hard to get better. I like to be a maid and will everithing do for my mistress. Bianca

Score 42:  This last Sat I had the honor to serve nine Ladies an afternoon Tea. with the assistance of two other sissy maids. It was such a joy to do this for my Mistress. Now i want to find ways to improve to be a better maid for all of the mistress's of our little group . Thank you for having this test to take and see if there is any chance for me to ever be a fully qualified Mistress's maid.

Score 37:  keep up the good work

Score 48:  i just want to become a good girl for the rest of my life

Score 36:  This test is very well conceived. A suggestion: Maybe it would be usefule to include some forced homosexuality questions. Kisses, Maid Laura (lauramaid)

Score 46:  some of the questions..they seem odd.. for example. if a mistress wanted me commit a crime i would not feel it proper to be allowed to serve must entail a deep trust, one of submission on my part and trust in my mistress. she should not put me in a dangerous situations... i am a firm believer in the supiority of the female sex.. however i don't believe that one person is more "important" than the other...a dominant woman is balanced of by her subs and vise-versa please don't feel that i'm being arrogant i just find that to many subs will say anything to get a mistress..i kind of try to tell the truth and hope that a dom will find me to her liking artm e-mail

Score 55:  Thank you Maid Lisbeth

Score 43:  very arousing test.. it maid me feel demeaning

Score 17:  Dear Maid Lisabeth I enjoy your site very much and look foward to serving full time in the near future. Maid Cyndy

Score 66:  Thank you for the test, I have never been a sissy maid, or been trained as one, even though I dream of it constantly.

Score 15:  The maid's qualification test scored me as a 15, which is probably far better than I deserve. I did answer honestly, and do have to wear such uniforms and serve my darling wife and her girlfriends, and even endure their teasing and sometimes unfair punishments but despite all that, I consider myself only average when it comes to actual housework performance. I try hard every day but it seems that no matter how long I work, the housework never seems to get completely done. There is always something that needs attention and each new day brings new duties and it just seems to never end. Perhaps your test should ask more questions about housework performance- which- after all is what being a maid is all about. Yours in panties forever- Joie

Score 71:  Too much focus on the uniform, in my humble opinion

Score 69:  thank you miss

Score 64:  I hope that I will be a submissive maid, honoured to attend a strict Mistress.

Score 30:  Candy Floss looks forward to serving prospective Masters and Mistresses

Score 43:  Maid elinor thought that it was a very good test, she looks forward to pleasing a good Mistress.A good sissy Maid would look after her Mistress.

Score 9:  Thank You Mistress for allowing me to take the test. With All my Love, slut laura

Score 4:  i am humbled by the test results. my mistress will be pleased i have scored so well but will soon realize i am not perfect. Mistress has promised me breast implants and a permanent chastity device when my corset training results in a 22" waist.

Score 26:  <curtseys> Thank you for creating such a creative test. i will work hard to correct my defficiencies. Respectfully submitted, stephie

Score 30:  Mistress it was a good test and I still need to work on being a good maid

Score 50:  I am looking for a Mistress to make me her sissy maid slave

Score 58:  me thinks I am in need of some serious training from a dominant Mistress.

Score 27:  i answered all the questions truthfully and was happy with the score although i know there is room for improvemnet.

Score 31:  I like your weeb site very much but I envy you being a full time maid. Maid valeri

Score 1:  i feel very privilidged to have been allowed to take this test and be given a test score of 1, thank-you mistresses of the world

Score 25:  if it pleases Mistress i would not dare to suggest any changes to the form

Score 28:  I like your site very much in fact I think that it is the best on the web. Humbley yours maid valerie

Score 44:  Thank You, Maid Lisbeth, to consider me as a Good Maid(score 44). I do understand that my weakest is on formal training. I do my best to become a very obedient and service minded maid! Thank You, Maid Lisbeth, [curtsey]

Score 19:  my score was 19 wich was pleasing my mistresses will be pleased thank you very much

Score 11:  Dear Lisbeth, i should love to answer questions regarding the use of restraints and hobbles to give a maid the proper perspective. Strict chastity enforced with a locked belt is most desirable. humbly, slave dana

Score 31:  I loved doing the test, and wish that there had been more questions. I hope to score better soon when I have more experience, and burning red buttocks. Yours obediently, Maid Melanie

Score 11:  Mistress agrees with the test that I need more Formal training and punishment.

Score 36:  It pleases my Mistress that I show promise.

Score 8:  Your test is a wonderful idea. Until i took it i didn't realize how much i do for my Mistress and it gives me a humble feeling seeing all i do for Her and how superior She is. Thank you Maid Lisbeth for such a wondeful website. With all the questions that you asked, i can see that you yourself must be a wonderful maid as well. you must do your Mistress proud. i will be returning to your site often to check for updates, and thank you again for such a great site. Please give your Mistress and extra kiss on her feet, She deserves it because She has done a wonderful job training you. maid danielle

Score 6:  The test was stimulating

Score 43:  I do need some trainning need to become more experienced. I am willing to try.

Score 64:  I really enjoyed taking the test....

Score 56:  Maid is weakest on formal training. The girl needs to receive adequate corrections on the appearance and performance of a maid. Her attitude is however promising and she has the potential of becoming a very obedient and service minded maid!

Score 18:  You might wnat to emphasise cleaning skills as well as proper dress. I am told it is important for a maid to be useful not simply play the part.

Score 40:  great test!

Score 59:  I have never served a mistress as a maid, but the thought of being feminized and owned by a powerful women excites me deeply. Maid Julie

Score 63:  very good test

Score 45:  the test was very good and showed me on how to improve myself to be a better maid.

Score 53:  it's all true

Score 35:  i need you training mistress. please help this sissy maid.

Score 42:  i have a lot to learn, but i humbly wih that my Mistress will teach me, with as much punishment as She thinks i need, to be a better obedient and helpful maid for my Mistress as serving Her is my only need and desire

Score 49:  I sincerely wanted the test to contain more sexual stuff, like strap-on sex.

Score 10:  Dear Maid Lisbeth, What a hard test that was, phew! However I thought that some questions regarding the maids sexual experiences should be included, and of course how far that maid would go to please her misstress and guests. Some times a maid must carry out unspeakable and lewd acts to please her misstress even if the maid has no previous experience in these matters she must allways obey and submit to her misstress and her whims.

Score 36:  I will take all the help you can give me

Score 44:  As a perfect Maid, I would like to be trained intensively in wearing high heels until I'm able to walk normally in 6 or 7 inches heels, Thank you.

Score 5:  A very good test. You could include more questions about "Personal" services performed by slutty maids like myself.

Score 7:  I serve a professional Mistress and have been kept in chains for years.

Score 20:  I liked it very much

Score 44:  Begging your pardon, mistress, but this humble wannabe maid would like to see your test include masters, too.

Score 18:  I hope that this score will be good enough to get me a full time position. Thank you for the opportunity to take this test.

Score 68:  I've always dreamed of seving a Mistress full time. I've never done any of the things on your test but, they sure sound great. I need help finding a sesual yet strict Mistress who would gently yet firmly guide me to being the best sissy maid I can be for her. Please, any help or suggestion would be geatly appreciated.

Score 37:  I don't think it tested my effeminacy enough. There is no one more sissy than I.

Score 32:  none as it is not a maid's place to make suggestions to a mistress

Score 62:  I'm very rough around the edges but could shape up into a great maid.

Score 67:  Very eager to learn to serve mistress or master.

Score 8:  Thank You so much. i will present the results to my new Owner. She has only seen me three times so the information will be helpful to Her. SHe will be better able to fully control me as Her slave, Her maid, Her toilet, and Her property. Thank You submissively maid samantha

Score 11:  The test is very comprehensive and i am very proud of my score. i will take this test again in a few months to monitor my progress. Kisses cindy

Score 18:  I love your site! I visit it often to learn new techniques.

Score 1:  Thank you maid Lisbeth for an outstanding Web page.

Score 14:  I did not think of it as a test but a vow to serve my Mistress

Score 66:  Maid Lisbeth, *curtsey* I need help. I want to be an excellent Sissy Maid so bad that words cannot describe. Unfortunately I have always had problems forming relationships with women. (It's the Sissy In me I just know it.) I was wondering if you might know a way to get the formal training I need yet not spend too much money. I would appreciate any advice you could give me, (as long as it's o.k. with your Mistress) You lucky thing. I would do anything to be given the honor and the priveledge of serving my very own Mistress. Your test is wonderful. Your site is truly a Sissy maids dream come true. Why? Because it gives Sissy maids like me a chance to find a Mistress to serve. A chance I never would have gotten at all if it hadn't been for your site. Thank you Maid Lisbeth for giving me that chance *curtsey*

Score 66:  Maid Lisbeth, *curtsey* It's me Sissy Maid Stephanie Ann again. I just realized that I failed to give you my email address. It's I apologize profusely for wasting valuable time and webspace. I shall now go spank myself as best I can for punishment. This really shows how much help I need. Thank You once more for you're wonderful site. You really should get an award for it. Chow for now darlin' Sissy Maid Stephanie Ann *curtsey*

Score 35:  maid lisbeth. this is a good test and thank you for posting it. annabelle

Score 46:  i will be wearing my maids uniform more very soon as my diet and corset will help to get me back into it

Score 65:  Although rather happy with this score I feel I can achieve more with the appropriate training

Score 0:  i want to serve a Mistress who will keep me dressed 24/7

Score 61:  Maid Markie apologizes for the score of 61. I will seek training and hope to improve my scores before I take the test again.

Score 8:  I really enjoyed the test and wished I was an actual Maid serving Mistress 24 hours, 7 days per week.

Score 64:  needs training

Score 13:  Great Test

Score 8:  I am pleased to respond to your test. My e-mail address is <> I look forward to your reply. Joanne

Score 32:  Gracias muchas grasias ahora se que si puedo ser una doncella. Solo necesito mas dedicacion y disiplina muchas Gracias... muack!!

Score 34:  it's e very good test and i think i will come back another time to verify again

Score 61:  Thank you for this test maid marion

Score 43:  i am a slave to WOMEN

Score 48:  Thank you for allowing me to take the test. I now know where i need to improve and i hope that one day i will find a mistress to live in a 24/7 role and fullfill my true destiny in life

Score 32:  my score is 32 am trying to better it with your help by email maybe just maybe. email address

Score 38:  I love the test. It is difficult to answer honestly sometimes as it is hard to say what one would do as opposed to what one hopes to do. I do hope to be a good maid and am curious how to get formal training without severely breaking my bank account (at least until I find the appropriate Mistress to serve). Maid Tory.

Score 17:  It is a wonderful test and it is an incentive to make a greater effort to serve and to score perfectly on the test the next time.

Score 38:  I would be very eager to begin formal training and accept any role given to me by my prospective mistress and would serve and learn from her to the best of my abilities

Score 40:  Thank you for the opertunity to take this test

Score 17:  Thank you for offering a very good test to help Mistress improve my current status and become the best Maid possible. The questions not only concerned appearances but the feelings and desires of the Maid. Most important, the test emphasized the importance of pleasing the Mistress which should be the reason we all dress in the first place. As a Maid, I love the desires theat are fulfilled within my own soul, but when Mistress appreciates my dedication and service to her, the fantasy and reality of the relationship takes me into a pleasureable region far beyond the latex,leather,plastic,or cloth uniforms I wear. As I tie on an apron in the morning to fix Mistresses breakfast, the urges I feel are both erotic yet totally loving for her. I hope this test will help others see how important it is to "Dress the Best" but never forget the duties and committments to Mistress. Your life will be ideal. Love to All.. Maid Randy

Score 27:  The test was very stimulatin as well as a reminder of my station. Thank you so much

Score 40:  thank you for this test. i need a bit of courage to answer the questions, but now i will also join your maids' register. may some mistress need me. you can reach me with:   nzionfae is mixed: nina + zofe.

Score 43:  thank you for the test mistress lisbeth i will try to be a better maid in future (curtsey) maid sindy e.mail

Score 35:  Yes I agree maid Lisbeth must dress more and get more practical experience. Maid Jenny

Score 11:  My training is still too weak

Score 35:  I like to serve my Misstres and her friends in all ways. Also under the dinnertable for maximum pleasure! Maid Helene

Score 22:  Curtsey Mistress. And to you Maid Lisbeth. My Mistress is vary new at training me. I work long hours and I do not have alot of time for propper training. I want to learn to serve her better. I am in Mississippi and go by the name tiffy. Thank you for your time. Leaving with a deap lady like curtsey and a coy look over my left shoulder as I fludder my eyelashes

Score 22:  i was a little worried about the agreement to punishment questions, since i would hope to serve in a manner that pleases and not need punishment. i do however understand that 'discipline' is an essential reminder of how a maid should serve and would be part of the on-going training.

Score 17:  All questions tempts someone to say YES, even it's not true! I did say the truth. By the way, I'm very happy about the reopening of your site. Best wishes from Germany and I hope, I can decide to send you my pictures pretty soon. Reni

Score 28:  It was my pleasure to take the test and I agree I need more experience under a firm guiding hand

Score 12:  the score of 12 is probably unjustly received as I have a long long way to go before I could ever possibly achieve a rating of "excellent maid" - perhaps it has been my 25 years of servinng experience that has tallied so well - hopefully - many many more househusbands will make the proper adjustment and accept their final role in life-

Score ?:  Jennifer tried to get her test score but was unable but she responded in the affirmative to the vast majority of questions

Score 20:  Some of the questions are the same but with a different value answer. I drop down box would be better

Score ?:  It is really the real qualification result, I ´am a real novice, I have no mistress to serve directly but a Master, and I need to change this situation.

Score 42:  thank You {curtsey} Could You write me how to become a qualified Maid for You, Maid Lisbeth. Curtsey. Please write me Curtsey. Thank You, Maid Lisbeth, Curtsey

Score 51:  good test. My Mistress kisses rather than chastises me

Score 23:  i liked it alot now i know how good of a maid i am

Score 54:  The test is very helpful for me and my future Lady owner to recognise my weaknises and to lead the training in right way. Thank you very much for this wonderfull opportunity to past the test. Rubby klaudia

Score 43:  Thank you for this test. From Toronto, looking for a Mistress to serve.

Score 49:  i would like to be someone maid for life.

Score 25:  Excellent and comprehensive test. Perfect for grading maids of all types.

Score 27:  thank you so very much for giving this sissy the opportunity to find out what areas she needs to work on. submissively, chasety

Score 24:  I thought the test was very good. I have been trained by my Mistress and the questions were appropiate to the training I have received.

Score 66:  I think it is a pretty good test. I wish only I cna become a full time maid.

Score 40:  Thank you mistress, I can now go to Madam Poppy with this information and ask her if I can serve her with the elite maids she has !! She is one of the best Madams in the UK. at the moment and only ever uses your test to choose her domestic maids.

Score 37:  My name is Lorena, I write you from Napoli, in Southern Italy. About the test : the test is heavily biased towards dometic chores, more than towards sexual servitude. I have nothing against performing domestic chores, if the mistress-master asks it, but I consider myself more a passive sexual object than a maid. I love giving pleasure to mistress- master however she-he likes I also love the feeling of being kept in chastity. I understand that I must be faithful, but my Dominant has the right to make sex or have relationships with whoever she-he chooses. I have a lot of experience as a sex slave, not as much as a maid notwithstanding this, I would love to be filed in your maids list. I currently have many lovers-masters, but belong to no one in particular I would like to find a permanent relationship,, at the moment, it hasn't happened yet. I' ll try to send a picture, now. Bye , Lorena.

Score 45:  i am sorry about the bad score, but i am trying to be a better maid!

Score 14:  it seems imust try harder to be as perfect as i can,only mistress can be truly perfect.

Score 28:  Hello, Maid Lisbeth i have just finished the maids test and would like to say that i think it is a very good test. i reseved a score of 28 which i am very proud of. However on question 25 i told a bit of a fid. i have not ironed my uniform as it is pvc but i have ironed my apron. i hope i have not done something wrong yours sissy maid michelle

Score 9:  Thank you for allowing me to take your test. I humbly submit my score to you for approval. I await further instructions from the supreme rulers of the earth. delores

Score 6:  my only coment is that my mistress is making me fuck two guys right now i have one in my mouth and the other up my ass while i m wearing a pair of pretty pink panties around my ankles thank you mistress lisa sissyfuckslut

Score 3:  Greetings Mistress, This is you little slut maid Paul speaking i was asking for permission to become your personal maid and sex slave you can get back to me on my email at well i hope to hear from you soon.

Score 43:  Dear Mistress, i wish to serve as a maid. Please let me know how.

Score 10:  Thank You Mistress

Score 64:  I am ready for practical training

Score 24:  great test!

Score 79:  I must work hard to improve my score

Score 49:  i really enjoyed taking the test. i now realize how much i need to learn so i can serve better. marie lynn

Score ?:   curtsey, forgive me Mistress...this humble slut is very anxious to serve but for now only serves usually on cyber, but occassionally i serve my wife rt...

Score 29:  I agree I need more training

Score 11:  Thank you for allowing me to take this test, Mistress. I have forwarded the results to my Mistress. sissy maid joann

Score 41:  This is a very comprehensive test.

Score 18:  the test was excellent it maid me feel better about myself

Score 26:  I must admit the test score was extremely accurate. I noted my weaknesses and known strengths. Thank you for allowing me to participate.

Score 55:  I must work hard to improve my score and qualify for a higher status than a Fair Maid so that I can better serve my Mistress.

Score 60:  I am aware of fact, that without strict discipline and training I will never be the maid as I want to be. I will be very gratefull for a Mistress, that will take me and give me a proper training.

Score 51:  it's a good thing for a girl to know herself

Score 49:  i hope i become an even better maid

Score 30:  A very thorough and unbiased assessment procedure, Mistress. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into its development. As one who feels most comfortable when dressed in corset and stockings on her knees in front of a high heeled Mistress, the comments received as a result of the test were extremely valuable and will be taken to heart. Thank you again Mistress!

Score 12:  this is a good way to see if you should be a maid

Score 51:  Mrs: i am very unexperieced but willing.

Score 29:  Thank you for allowing me to take the test. I shall report my score to mistress, I do hope that she will be pleased with me. maid joanne

Score 1:  I love this test

Score 29:  thank you Mistress for allowing me to find out were i am weak and need to improve.

Score 15:  It is a very good test but I think that question 100 does not cover every situation. I consider myself to already be a fully qualified chambermaid and housemaid although I do need some further training as a kitchen maid and parlour maid Maid Angela

Score 0:  I have scored 0 points Mistress. Please tell me my next step on the road to complete subservience.

Score 43:  I will try harder to please you and your friends mistress.

Score 24:  i am sure that i can improve but i require the assistance of a regular mistress or dominant tv mistress. i think that maids should also be taught personal hygene for example the forced wearing of a tampon and pantyliners

Score 49:  I have not performed as well as I should have done. I hope bondage and punishment are not in store for me.

Score 24:  A written report and summary would be most useful for my mistress and to better my training,

Score 44:  Dear Maid Lisbeth, I am sadly disapointed by my poor result. I hope to improve in the future, should you have any pointers please tell me. Yours most humbly cissydavina

Score 41:  I enjoy fantasising about serving a dominant lesbian mistress and being forced into pvc maid`s uniform with a satin frilly full pinafore, satin lacy frilly panties, a latex basque and pvc thigh length stilleto boots. I then jerk off and enjoy the sensations. I need more training so please help me to become a submissive maid Maid Lisbeth. Thankyou. Maid Tania

Score 36:  Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about myself. Yours truly, Laurie. And thank you for bringing this site back.

Score 51:  I loved the test and want to know how to become a maid

Score 65:  i agree with my score and welcome any formal would be my honor and privelidge to be the best maid i can for a superior woman or dominant lesbian couple

Score 10:  Thank you for bringing back your wonderful web site. Although I have served a Mistress in the past, I now have been serving a Master for the last two years as his sissy maid. I love being a sissy maid I was put here to serve. Now that you are back, I will be sending photos for you to post from the next time I am in sevice to my Master. If there are any types of photos that you wish to see me in please let me know and my Master will make sure you get them. Thank you so mmuch sissy maid jennifer (e-mail

Score 4:  i would like more sexual training with both a Master and a Mistress

Score 56:  i found it very informative and am interested in furthering my structured training. maid tiffny

Score 29:  An excellent test.

Score 1:  Maid Beryl Hutton is prettily frocked, hugely billowy petticoated and very tightly secured to her punishment chair by Mistress Yvonne. She is also, quite correctly gagged. Does anyone want to buy me from my Mistress?

Score 26 :  i believe it would be pertinent to also have a place where a Mistress could perform a physical test (curtsey)

Score 21:   would love to serve 24/7. I think about it all the time. I wish I could find a full time Mistress.

Score 63:  Dear Maid Lisbeth, maid paula would like to thank you for this qualification test. She tries really hard to become a perfect maid. Curtsey paula

Score 31: Yahoo ID: sissymaid_danielle Even though I am a realatively new maid, I have worked at my position a lot, and although my score isn't necessarily a bad one, with the proper training from a strict Mistress, that score can greatly improve.

Score 51:  Very direct and to the point questions indeed Ma'am.

Score 79:  I think that the test covers all of the important points.

Score 53:  blushing i'm sorrry i didn't score better but i am trying to be a proper maid ..curtsey

Score 13:  a maid shold always be aware of her mistresses sexual desires and always be ready to please her mistress no matter what is ordered.

Score 20:  i work as a pratical maid,cleaning washing etc.i love the role ,and feel very natural in my uniform often in front of complete misstress does punish me should i not be up to standard and i would not expect anything else. regards maid Trudie

Score 61:  I received a score of 61. I need more time in uniform. I believe that in time I will do better, if not my Master will see to my faults with punishment.

Score 50:  I'm so sorry, Mistress

Score 57:  I do not have a formal maid,s costume, although I would love one. I dress in bra and panties, garter belt stockings , high heels, golden heart chain, golden wrist chain, golden ankle chain, nail polish, and fix my hair as feminine as possible with a an air brushy and ribbons. I get up daily an hour before my Mistress wife, prepair her bath, breakfast, and dress her for work. I am personally responsible for her langiere, and make sure she has matching Victoria,s Secret bra and panties each day. I wear the older sets, as they become worn. As she leaves for work, I ask "have I earned my lipstick mistress?" My reward for a good morning,s service is being priviliged to wear lipstick. I then clean the kitchen, and make up her bedroom before I get ready for work. The very very last thing I do before I leave the house, is wipe off the lipstick. I wear it as long as possible. On day,s off, I am sometimes permitted to wear bra and panties all day.

Score 71:  i have a look to learn mistress but am willing to learn please instruct me

Score 72:  I know that I am a novice maid and I need to be taken in hand by a strong, dominant mistress, who will mould me into a proper sissy slave. I am willing to endure all the training and orders that my mistress will give me. Maid Brenda32

Score 14:  I pass easily and Mistress takes me grocery shopping in my maids outfit. I dont curtsey because Mistress likes me to be straight up when in my 6 or 7 in heels and now i am learning to walk in ballet boots

Score 35:  I would just love to be someones maid permanently, to be humbled and chastened

Score 52:  I agree, how funny. Alexis

Score 47:  well i've all ways dreamed of becoming someones full time maid for a mistress-- for life if possible - please your humble servent mark, i grovel before you mistress

Score 23:  thank you your holy majesty for allowing me to take the maids test, i truely desire to become a maid 24/7 to any female superior who will use me, jeff (jefferina)

Score 63:  thank you mistress ,i know that i have to be a good girl or i will be punished.i would like some training in being a maid and to be dressed up in a very frilly maids uniforms and to have lots of make up on

Score 26:  I'm working hard on becoming the submissive sissy maid that my MISTRESS wants me to be, and her training becomes more successfully all the time.

Score 66:  i do not have the experience, but i do have the heart to be a good sissy maid

Score 69:  I want to learn how to be a maid

Score 35:  I'm happy to know that i have full conditions to be a maid. thank you

Score  0:  Excelente test, es genial me encanto.

Score 28:  I shall try harder to please my mistress

Score 28:  I'm Intersexual and seeking a real feminine uk lady, 45-70 I'm finacialy secure. please help

Score 49:  Thank you so much for the chance to see how i can improve myself. Davy

Score 51:  Thank You. Mistress for providing this test. I hope to be someones maid someday and this will help me move forward towards that goal. Maid Samantha

Score 55:  I am a novice maid severely in need of training. If anyone can help me, please e-mail (curtsey)

Score 71:  I love being a sissy. The thought of serving you and kissing your feet makes me feel good.

Score 47:  i am looking for a strict mistress to train me

Score 7:  i love to serve

Score 44:  all Women are Superior to all men

Score 53:  I have not yet achieved the standard I desire.

Score 52:  Excellent!!! work, it's a pity i am not a young "maid" -i am 50 years old- and i did not have the opportunity to express! my self when i was younger.

Score 71:  This maid Heather knows she is in dire need of formal training and needs a strict mistress to give her the discipline she desires.

Score 22:  Mistress, this is a very good test for a maid who is looking for a Mistress, as it tells both of them where the maid needs to improve on.

Score 12:  Thank you mistress.

Score 15:  please mistress, i want to be the best maid in the whole world, im begging to be owned and serve anyone 24/7 as your complete slave, i have no limits and will obey your every wish, im not one of these maids wanting to work for pay, i dont want nothing except to serve a dominate superior 24/7 and pleasing my owner and superior 24/7.

Score 26:  Dear Maid Lisbeth<curtzy> I shall try even harder on skills that i did well in and the skills i did not i shall spend even more hours per day<even if I don,t sleep, I do believe a daily hairbrush on my pantied<of your choice> bottom will help a lot<curtzy> Linda

Score 6:  I am in total appreciation of my Mistress & do what ever is asked of me no matter what the consiquience, humiliation may be, I am totally there for my Mistreses needs not my own, I am pleased to serve in anyway possible, what ever Mistress askes thank you your humble servant krystal

Score 48:  I am in need of real training so that I may someday be worthy of serving a mistress Sincerely Molly Straylight

Score 33:  I look forward to the day when I can be the perfect uniformed maid, dressed entirely as my mistress instructs.

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