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Maid Lisbeth and her Sealwear Uniform


This is the uniform Lisbeth has to get into for cleaning, doing the laundry and all the other heavy domestic chores filling her days. With the uniform, Lisbeth has to wear a white coverall cap.

It is a plain no nonsense outfit. Lisbeth knows that it has to be buttoned all the way up. She also knows that she does not have to worry about knickers and suspenders being in sight below the hem of this dress. Unless for inspections, that is.

The collar and cuffs, the bib pinny and the cap are only moderately frilly. Just sufficient for that unmistakably feminine look.


If the doorbell is ringing, Lisbeth has to change into another cap before answering. She must be quick about it, but the cap still has to be adjusted into correct position.

Sometimes, Lisbeth is feeling a bit embarrassed by having to answer at the front door all dressed up in a maid's outfit. There is nothing she can do about it, this is really not a matter for her to decide. The Mistress has made up Her mind, and that is all there is to say about it.

Lisbeth has also been taught that, whoever it is, the caller is to be met with a graceful curtsey.

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