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Maid Lisbeth and her

Mrs. Silk's Creation for Nancy Maids


Lisbeth is dressing up in her best uniform. It is a royal blue taffeta outfit created by Mrs. Silk. It is only being put to use when Lisbeth has to accompany the Mistress to parties as her Nancy Maid. The last check of the stocking seams are being made before Lisbeth is curtsying and presenting herself for inspection


Lisbeth is showing that the padlock at the top of the zipper is safely secured before handing over the key to her Mistress. The lock is relieving Lisbeth of any temptation to slip out of the maidís uniform before the night is over and all duties have been performed to everybody's satisfaction.

Some of you may have noticed that the stocking seams are out of alignment. I can assure you that the matter was seriously dealt with.

Lisbeth is lifting up the dress and her heavily frilled petticoat for inspection of the chastity belt. The inspection is actually not necessary. The belt is made in stainless steel and is designed for long term use. It is impossible to do anything about it without using the keys. The Mistress is of course the key holder and only She knows when the belt will be removed. Lisbeth hopes that it will be off by tomorrow, but she suspects that it might still be on next week.

There is however one good thing about wearing the chastity belt. Lisbeth knows that she will have less confessions to make when presenting herself for the next punishment time.


Lisbeth is not allowed to go out of the front door dressed in her best uniform, without protecting it with a mac. Lisbeth would have preferred to wear a neutral grey trench coat, but the Mistress has decided that she shall always be using the glass clear pink plastic mac. Lisbeth is hoping that they will not be meeting much people on their way to the party.

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