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Maid Tamara from Pennsylvania tells us:

I have only been in maid service a short time but would love to increase the time I am dressed and able to serve Mistress Anna. I have not as yet had any disipline since I have obeyed all her wishes. I would consider working for her friends if asked. I have 3 lovely maid dresses now and would love to get a few more. Some of my feminine finery can be locked on including shoes and I would welcome some more bondage in my service of her.

Maid Tamara is Registered Maid 22

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Sissy Maid Jenny Michaels is in Pennsylvania--more specifically, in the PA/MD/DC area. She is a submissive and very much enjoys being a slave.

In the Victorian Maid uniform, she's wearing 3 petticoats that she got from Calyco , which is primarily a square dance shop and is TV friendly and encourages other TVs to visit (not en femme , however).

She's started a home page , though currently there is not much there, but she hopes to add more soon.

Sissy Maid Jenny has gone out in public in her Victorian Uniform--good for her!

Sissy Maid Jenny Michaels is Registered Maid #22

Sissy Maid Brenda Michelle is a Senior Maid in Boston, Massachusetts, who currently serves Mistress [Lady] Kim .

She highly recommends the transformation service Makeovers for You in Lynn. Ma.

She has a nice home page

Sissy Maid Brenda Michelle is Registered Maid #22

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