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Maid Abbie, from the South East of the UK:
I am a happily married maid to my wife/Mistress Susan, we are both new to this lifestyle so would love to hear from like minded people. I am a very happy maid and enjoy cooking gourmet meals for my mistress best out of all my duties. My mistress is very good to me and only punishes me when I have done something wrong. Most of my outfits are from Superdressess in Germany and I am lucky enough to have an outfit for every day of the week and a best one for Sundays.

Maid Abbie is Registered Maid 2088

Maid SteffyLatex:

I was invited to join the registry by the Web Maid after she saw my Yahoo profile. I am honored to be asked and to do so as I am a Rubber Doll / slave first and foremost with maid duties on occasion.

Maid SteffyLatex is Registered Maid 22

Maid Tallia from Central-Northern NJ says:

Hello Maids, Masters, and Mistresses! My name is Tallia. I am a very submissive sissy maid, and am looking for a Master or Mistress that I can serve as a live-in maid for the rest of my life. I am very obedient, and am very very moldable into whatever you desire. I am willing to do anything that you wish. I know I am not very passable at the moment, but I am very willing to fix myself up for you. Please feel free to drop me an email.

Maid Tallia is Registered Maid #2277

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