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Maid Poppy says:

I'm looking for a mature Madam to serve as her tv maid come general dogs body; being the tv maid is NO fantasy to me--it's pure reality. i'm a workaholic and being the tv maid fulfils that for me because once i've finished all my chores I simply start again. i do love enforced feminization and sissification, being made to wear maids uniforms 24/7 is definetely for me especially if im wearing high heels padlocked onto my feet and a chastity belt also padlocked on to my body. I have been serving a variety of Mistresses and Madams now as their tv maid for almost 30 years so I should have some knowledge about being the tv maid. I am now 54 years of age its getting late in life for me to find such a Madam to take me on full time but hopefully one Madam or Mistress may just take me on and to that Madam I shall perform all chores and tasks exactly how Madam wants them done with great effort to everything that I do.
I am totally respectful and curteous and 100% subservient to all Ladies no matter what age they may be, at present I have 4 maids uniforms and I thoroughly adore humilliating circumstances on my behalf even more so if I am sent to the shops wearing a very long transparent pvc mackintosh over my uniform showing off my uniform to everyone, what ever the weather.

My dream would be for me to be abducted by 2 or 3 dom ladies taking me from life as a man and forcing me into a 24/7 life of servitude as their tv maid. All they would need is a van asking me to give them directions on the map inside their van then one of them puts over my mouth & nostrils a cloth containing chloroform , when i wake up i am probably in another country chained to a wall awaiting the arrival of my new madams to serve and be dressed by them into their new tv maid.


Thank you Madam

Maid Poppy is Registered Maid 22

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Maid Beverely of East Anglia England, says:

I am a mature but young-at-heart TV maid.
I have done some short term service for TV friends.
I have had CP and humiliation and have my own uniforms.

I'm ooking for short term service for a few hours for a few days by arrangement for ladies or very feminine TVs or TSes or couples--no single men please.

I welcome mail from other maids.


Beverley Patricia

Maid Beverely is Registered Maid #22

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Maid MichaelNC says:

I am a very young maid at 20, but I am eager to clean and serve. It would please me to no end to clean for a Mistress.

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Maid MichaelNC is Registered Maid #22

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