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For years, Maid Gina has longed to be owned by a strong, but nurturing woman who would transform her into Her personal feminized pet. She longed to be kept dressed as a girl and trained to be as feminine as possible. And now as the property of the fabulously wicked Mistress Sarah that dream is coming true with an intensity that Gina never believed possible.

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Gina is from New York City.

Maid Gina is Registered Maid #1595

Although Maid Holly has had very little formal training she is very willing and is always looking to improve herself. She loves her maids uniform and once dressed is deeply subservient. She can, however, be a bit of a flirt and would benefit from some strict discipline.

Holly is quite a convincing girl and can pass generally without notice as a girl in public--she would love to be paraded by a mistress in her maid costume--but she is, at the same time, also terrified of the humiliation this brings. Holly is making attempts to prepare herself for this possible event. She has recently managed to buy herself a pair of ladie's high-heeled shoes from a high street shop (dresses in male attire). She walked up to the assistant and asked if try on some ladies shoes. She manage to try on two pairs and even stand up in one pair before her nerve broke. She managed to buy the second pair and although she felt very silly she was proud of herself--it was a step in the right direction.

Maid Holly is Registered Maid #22xx

Maid Tina Marie Carr says:
i have recieved training in all phases of maid service and housekeeping. i hand and machine wash, clean , dust , vacuum, sew and cook. i prefer a Strict/Dominant Mistress/Master to serve. i have experience serving at dinners and parties. i am a sub-bottom and prefer regular spankings. i am into light bondage and have experience being cuffed and collared. i have my own traditional maid uniform, and have no limitations where dress is concerned. i am very submisive . i am very comfortable in the sissy maid role as well as baby girl and schoolgirl role play. i am located in new york on long island

Maid TinaMarieCarr is Registered Maid #1868

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