Maids around the World 

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Maid Michelle is a lovely, chatty and friendly girl living in UK. She is just now making her own homepage where she is telling us the story about Michelle and where she will also be letting us know about some of her secrets.

At Michelle's homepage you will find a link to her Mistress in Cardiff, Mistress Alex. Michelle is very lucky to be serving this wonderful Mistress and I do also believe that Mistress Alex must be very satisfied with the maid.

        Maid Melissa is a very nice and dedicated maid living in Seattle, WA USA.

Melissa is currently not in service, and any Mistress in the Seattle area who are in search of a pretty, obedient and hard working girl, should consider this maid. I will advice You to be quick about it. Melissa will for sure not be vacant for long. Drop in and have a look at her homepage.

      This is the lovely and seducing Miss Rachel who has been a maid for years. I am sure that everyone will agree that Rachel is taking excellent care of her appearance.

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