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Maid SissySMS is a well-trained sissy maid seeking to serve a dominant BBW in Southern California. She's talented at massage, especially feet. She's a fairly good cook, with a versatile repertoire.

i humbly beg of You, please allow me the honor of earning the privilege to worship you.

Maid SissySMS is Registered Maid #2265


Maid Molly Straylight is from the Monterey Bay Area in California and wishes to server as someone's sissy maid.

Maid Molly is Registered Maid 2256


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My name is Cynthia and I am a 40 y.o. submissive maid. Being in service to a strong dominant Woman is my is my primary objective. I am an excellent housekeeper and very skilled at most domestic arts including cooking, cleaning, sewing and embroidery. My desire is to be a full working maid with all the responsibilities and limitations my chosen position. My manner of dress and uniforms are quite presentable for a working position. I am a true submissive who receives pleasure from putting myself after those I serve.



Maid Cynthia is Registered Maid #2282

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