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Maid Synthia is a Florida sissy maid who loves to wear her maid out-fits. She is looking for people (preferably female) for possible service and fun. She is 22 and have a small build(145 lbs) and can't wait to hear from you.

Maid Synthia is Registered Maid 2229

Maid Katrena explains:

I am now under the permanent collar of Lady Kay. She is very strict and keeps me chastized most of the time wile in her service. She is great and i am working very hard for a permanent collar. I am in Loveland, Colorado.

Maid Katrena is Registered Maid #1950


Mistress Dora explains:

Hello all:

My name is Mistress Dora I am about to present to you all My very well trained and very well behaved Sissy Maid Toni. I have trained Maid Toni in every aspect of personal service as a ladies maid, head of My housekeeping staff and personal assistant.

I have spent the last couple of years transforming a very poorly behaved male dominant to the perfect Sissy Maid. I feel Maid Toni is now prepared to work special occasion parties, high tea parties as well as special functions as a Sissy Maid.

Any Ladies or Gentlemen in need of Sissy Maid Service may contact Me directly at Males in need of Sissy maid training or females in need of French maid training may also contact Me.

Dominantly Yours,

Mistress Dora

Mistress Dora's Sissy Maid Toni:


My name is Sissy Maid Toni. I am proud to belong to Mistress Dora. Mistress has carefully trained and transformed me from being an embarrassing dominant male to being Mistress's obedient personal sissy maid. I have been taught to be responsible for Mistress's laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping and entertaining. I also act as Mistress Dora's personal secretary.

I strive every day to better my ability to serve. I offer respect and obedience and ask nothing in return except the privilege of serving the beautiful Mistress Dora.

Mistress has recently informed me She feels I am ready to be offered out for maid service to other Dominants in need of a sissy maid. I am very proud Mistress feels I am ready for such a step and I am looking forward to earning Mistress's praise.

Interested parties may contact Mistress Dora .


Sissy Maid Toni

Maid Toni is Registered Maid #1872

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