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Maid Cherry Maria My name is cherrymaria and i have served my Mistress for more than 4 years..I Love being in service; cooking cleaning pampering my owner. I could not imagine any other kind of life. I love chatting to other maids and even meeting if possible. Please write to me girls. Since i registered here i have already made lots of friends.

Maid Cherry Maria is Registered Maid 2188

Maid Alexa explains:

This sissy is 25 years old, resides in the Washington DC/VA/MD area, and is at present completing her graduate academic studies. She owns three french maid outfits (pvc, rubber, and satin) and is looking for a Mistress to formally introduce her to the world of Female Domination. She craves discipline, as well as having her limits pushed. She is eagerly waiting for you to contact her! Also, see her yahoo profile

Maid Alexa is Registered Maid #2192

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Maid Odette describes here strict regimen of service:

Serving my mistress is the only pleasure that I am allowed. If she is feeling very kind she only punishes me mildly by spanking or whipping me. This is not very often the case as I have usually offended her in some way and so get the punishment that I deserve. She does not flinch from tying me up and using me, caging me and soaking me or even humiliating me to the point that I can't take any more - then she makes me thank her.

Her Mistress adds:

The maid has been lacking in sufficiently strict punishment of late. I have reviewed your correction time page and now have some ideas to set the record straight. I have ordered the construction of a scolds bridle and some knickers encrusted with sand - these will be ready shortly. I find it particularly satisfying that the maid is forced to construct her own items of punishment.

Maid Odette is Registered Maid #2155

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