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Maid Maria_Jones is a total maid!

    I have been in a 13 year monogomous relationship which has just come to an end due to Maria, since which I have started hormone treatment--16 weeks in--and my boobs are starting to grow well.
I so love dressing in my maids uniform and find it most addictive which has now resulted in me buying a Black one, a White one, and a Pink one. I'm happy to dress as a maid both indoors and have been out in it to clubs many times.
    I am looking for friends, from which relationships might grow. The idea of being someone's housewife is a stunning one as I am a good cook, etc. etc.
In addition to my two maid pics is one of me getting ready to go out--I love to be fully glam'd up--after dressing as a maid, and therefore the right person needs to be able to accept me as Maria, not only as a maid, but also as someone they want to show off and spoil. Whilst having been hetrosexual all my life I'm not excluding the possibility of being with another Trangendered girl or a guy (whilst being totally inexperienced!)...depending on it being the right one. I'm amazingly loyal to the person I'm with and give everything I can to a relationship. I fairly regularly go out clubbing in London which can be a great way for people to meet me. I live in SW London (Teddington). I love clubbing but also like going to smart "straight" venues as Maria.

Maria Loves to hear from others!

Maid Maria_Jones is Registered Maid 2160

Maid Aimee_Lynn explains herself:

47 year old submissive maid seeks employment by Dominant Woman for chores, service and whatever She may require of me. I am a very hard worker and will do all chores directed to me to complete. I have my own uniforms, and I am very open minded about service both private and public and for whoever You deem appropriate.
Maid Aimee_Lynn is Registered Maid #2161

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Sissy Maid Suszette explains herself:

I am a 39 years old submissive maid living in Switzerland. My shiny black Uniforms I have made by myself. Cause of my weakness they are lockable. I am married and need no new position but I would like to have E-mail contact with other maids.

21 Mar 2004: Note the new pinafore dress which Sissy Maid Suszette made herself!!!!

Sissy Maid Suszette is Registered Maid 2167

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