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Maid LittleJo laments her current lack of service. Should any domininat women in the New Jersey area be interested in training a new Sissy maid, Maid LittleJo is ready, able and willingly submissive.

Maid LittleJo is Registered Maid #2144

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Maid Prissy has had one year of training 24/7 as a sissymaid and knows her proper place. she cleans house, cooks, and will serve as a personal maid for her new Mistress or/and Master. prissy craves a strict and controlling Owner to serve and service. prissy is very submissive and will never question Your wishes, which will be her orders.

Maid Prissy is Registered Maid 2147

Soubrette Ginette seek a Mistress in the South of France, near the Mediterranée. She is a true French TV: effeminate, submissive, obedient.
55 years of age, 1,75m in hight, with a good physique. She is used to being dressed as a women.

Maid Ginette is able to do all housework: housekeeping, cooking, ironing, to polish shoes and boots, give bath, serve table, Mistress, and friends discreetly.

Maid Ginette is Registered Maid #2156

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