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Sissy Maid Sophie wishes only to serve, performing all domestic (or other) duties as required and taking punishment if her work is not up to scratch.

Sissy Maid Sophie is Registered Maid 2132

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Maid Tonia: I live in Holland and was introduced into my maidhood by a Mistress: for Her it was just a simple "try-out", but that gave me the "click" to go on and specialize in being a maid. Of course I would really like to be assighned to a work-house or hotel and be a maid full time, with rewards foor good work, but also punishment for bad work and behaviour.

Maid Tonia is Registered Maid #2139

Maid Julie is a 23 years old and from Dublin Ireland. She is looking to serve a Mistress in the evenings and weekends. She have never served a mistress before, but is yearning to learn all the skills required to serve a mistress. She is quite gainfully employed at one of the worlds lagrest software companies.

Maid Julie is Registered Maid #2141

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