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Rubber Maid Barbie of Kansas City Missouri: I am a Very Submissive Sissy-male Slut, who is desperately seeking a Superior Goddess who is both Demanding and a Strict Disciplinarian. I have some experince, but require additional Training to become the Total Subservient that I fantisize about. I Eagerly await the moment that I am Humbly Kneeling before YOU. Collared and Cuffed, with Chastity-Belt and Plug Locked on Tight, and awaiting to Obey YOUR instructions. I am looking for either a part-time or full-time position. I will Humbly Submit to whatever kind of Training YOU require, as well as, Submissively Suffer All Punishments that YOU require me to endure.
For part-time Maid Service, YOU will have to be with-in driving distance of me. But for full-time live-in 24/7 Maid Service, relocation is possible. Therefore; I Humbly await for YOUR Command!!!
Sincerely & Submissively Yours; Barbie

Rubber Maid Barbie is Registered Maid #2104

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Maid Penny Black:

A little about myself: Aged 49 but feel, act and look a lot younger. Size 14-16, with a 36-30-36 figure.

Upto about 14 years ago I was used as a mail slave and my Mistress was slowly turning me into a maid. My work took me to the USA for about 10 years and was used as a maid (9/11 stopped that). I am now in the UK to stay and wish to continue my training.

Maid Penny Black is Registered Maid #2116

Maid JulieTart is a very submissive maid, willing to learn new tricks, and will accept any punishment and humiliation including parties, public displays, and bondage. She is a willing submissive, eater to serve and be used individually or for groups. She only asks for total control.

More pictures are available of Julie Tart in the yahoo group Boys_willbegirls.

See Julie in her undies here

Maids/Maid_JulieTart Maid JulieTart is Registered Maid #2131

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