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Maid Debbie tells her maid-life story:

I started serving for a TV Mistress around 10 years (I was 20) and spent 5 years serving her and her friends part time. This was a delightful period of my life. I was used as a domestic, a party maid and used by all as a slut (wonderful!!). I love serving my Masters and Mistresses orally and love to please them in any way I can. I was regularly punished (a maid can never do a good enough job no mater how hard she tries) and Mistress used to spank, whip and use the crop all on my bottom. She loved to restrain and gag me and enjoyed torturing my nipples and other areas with clamps and pegs. She would often leave me tied up in a bedroom while she entertained and would return to punish and use me for her pleasure at her leisure. I was regularly humiliated in front of mistress friends by being punished in front of them, being made to wear very short skirts (often knickerless), being made to serve orally and sometimes being forced to show my excitement. I have been also been forced to go out dressed (most exciting) but only between mistress friends flats (some of them lived in the same building). All of the above I enjoyed, some not at the time, but always afterwards. I enjoy doing anything when dressed and so I enjoy doing my domestic chores (especially when there are others present, or even if there is a mirror). I always try my best when cleaning and never look to be punished (even when I wish to be) but my main thrill is carrying out all my other duties. I served a female Mistress who only required a domestic and although I enjoyed it to my embarrassment I knew it was not everything that I wanted. I realise that maid should not get to choose what she wants but I am sure it is possible for both Domme and maid to be satisfied. My main pleasure is received by pleasing my Master or Mistress. If I have to clean and take punishment to achieve this then so be it. I met a lovely Mistress recently whose pleasure is solely achieved through punishing subs and so it is my duty to make sure she enjoys her self. She calls me her little pain slut. However she is only free during weekday days and this is getting more difficult for me. She has now lent me to a female Mistress who calls me when she requires a maid to entertain her, usually when she is entertaining. She is a scene Mistress and loves having a sissy maid available when she is hosting a party. I am ideally looking to serve a Mistress or Master who requires a very obedient and willing maid initially part time or occasionally at evenings and weekends. As you can tell I gladly participate and any thing kinky (although WS are not really my thing) and will willingly accept any punishments and humiliations handed out to me. I own and gladly do my own make up, I have my own wigs and shoes, I own several uniforms (all short, flared and in satin) and have a large collection of matching underwear (including corsets). I have some other clothing but nothing classed as day wear as I feel it is important that I am identified as a sissy and do not wish to hide behind my outfits. I assume that this is all part of the humiliation of admitting that you receive pleasure from wearing sissy satin, girly underwear, will willingly grovel at the feet of a Domme, kiss their feet and beg to be abused in any way they deem fit--ah the life of a sissy maid.

Maid Debbie is Registered Maid 2014

Maid Genine says:

Hi, I'm maid genine and I live in southern New York State. I'm naturally very submissive and have been dreaming about serving someone for as long as I can remember. I'm looking for a Mistress/Master to teach me new things. I have no real life experience but I am eager to learn. Whoever finds me can be the first to train me as their own.

Maid Genine is Registered Maid #2028

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Maid Lesley says:

Hi. My name is Maid Lesley. I live in Canada, am married and straight. I love to dress and serve as a maid in either satin, latex or PVC. I always wear a corset and heels when dressed as a maid. I enjoy wearing makeup, but prefer my latex female mask when maiding, as it adds to the restrictive nature of being a maid. It also hides a ball gag nicely to maintain silence. When not dressed as a maid, I like to wear satin pajamas and ballerina slippers around the house to remind me of my feminine personality. I also enjoy plastic bag discipline when I feel particularly naughty. I hope to collect more maid's uniforms so I can always look my best.

Maid Lesley is Registered Maid #2037

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