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Maid Tami from San Diego, California, explains her current status:

i am Maid Tami, and i am in online servitude to my Master William. He ordered me this morning to register with your service, as He felt that it would enhance my subservience and obedience, and because He knew that listing His maid here would be a source of pride and arousal for Him. While i serve Master William online at this point, He informs me that He fully expects my eventual compliance with real-time meetings. He has also informed me that His training is in preparation for my eventual presentation to my Wife and future Mistress, who currently does not know about my status as a submissive sissy maid.
i hope to please Master Willaim each day, and expect that my infractions will be met with swift, but just, punishment. In particular, Master William expects that His maid will NOT become physically aroused while in His service. To this end, Master William has recently purchased a CB-3000 for me and expects that i will wear it along with my buttplug whenever my Wife and future Mistress will not suspect its presence. He has further informed me that my Wife and future Mistress will eventually own the key to my chastity device, but that he controls it for now.
Comment (30 Dec 2003): Thank you for having such a wonderful site. Master William is at work right now, but has instructed me to obey the Maid Training Academy virtual instructions for the next 4 hours. Therefore, i'm off to work!

Maid Tami is Registered Maid 2008

Maid Lisa Lisa is a novice maid who is looking for a local North East UK Mistress who needs a maid. She's never been in service before, but willing to learn. She simply adores short frilly uniforms, but is willing to be in the uniform of Mistress' choice. She is not into pain.

Maid Lisa is Registered Maid #1995

Maid Jennifer location: NY. CT, NJ and Western Mass Age 40, very submissive, scored 6 on test, available for part time service, accepts serious corporal discipline and bondage, have all own uniforms and toys plus sissy girl outfits. More info and photos available on request at Maid Jennifer . Sissy Maid Jennifer is Registered Maid #2031

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