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Maid RaeLouise Maid Rae Louise is 44 and resides in the Midwest. She has been a faithful maid to Tricia since the summer of 2003. Mistress Tricia has informed her that she will soon be heading to the local grocery store for shopping as well as other errands while in proper uniform.

31 Oct 2004
UPDATE: Rae Louise went shopping as a maid! Hopefully, some other maids will be inspired by her courageous act and do the same. Also, see Maid Krissie shopping. Additionally, see Maid Brenda who actually went to a beauty salon!

Maid Rae also has a yahoo group devoted to maids who go in public called Public Maids

Sissy Maid RaeLouise is Registered Maid #1990

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Maid Stephanie explains her mission in life:

Dear Mistresses, For a long time I have had a desire to be a live-in Maid & office tart in a beauty salon but I think it will never happen.

I don't believe in being negative & prefer to be positive in life. Due to my living conditions I have very little time for being a maid & office tart which is frustrating.

I have had little practice at being a maid & office tart. I am 5'8" tall & have little hair, but I am blessed with a size12 figure & have been out dressed as a female despite having dark hair round the chin area. Because I have good balance I can quite easily walk in 3" heels but have not tried 5" heels for a long time.

I tend to get stressed up & tense due to something not working out or trying to hard. I think colour coordination is important. If I was wearing a red satin maids uniform with black trimmings I would wear red lipstick & red nail varnish.

You may be interested to know that i have got myself on video as a female.

You never know I might end up as a gift wrapped fairy. I am shy, quiet and I don't socialise much.

Yours submissively Stephanie

Maid Stephanie is Registered Maid #2022

Maid Jeanne is a novice German maid/zofe, but has a very good attitude: most willing to please.

Maid Jeanne's gallery is just starting: expect more pictures soon!

Maid Jeanne is Registered Maid #1989

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