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Maid Brenda is a fetish maid and doll residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

Yes, that really is Brenda dressed as a maid in a Beauty Salon! The salon was quite accomodating: Brenda called them up and asked if she could have her hair and makeup done as she was going to dress as a maid, and they said yes. They were actually quite delighted, and after her hair was done, she got into her uniform and they actually wanted to take pictures of her, to which Brenda quite readilly agreed(!). Perhaps some other maids will give it a try.

Maid Brenda can relocate anywhere in the US and would love to relocate to Europe.

Maid BrendaTV is Registered Maid #1984


Maid Violet is a great fan of satin corsets, stiletto heels, and, of course, maid uniforms. She loves cross dressing with her maid uniforms, and receiv ng humiliation and punishment. She has four maid dress: black satin, blue satin, violet satin, all with long sleeves, and one open breast (not shown), all from Versatile Fashions. And she likes maid bondage. She serves her Wife, Mistress Nora

Maid Violet is Registered Maid #1992

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