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Maid Sarah---aka TV Sarah---is a happy-go-lucky maid and T-girl in the UK. She has quite a range of nice clothes, including, of course, some maid uniforms. Sarah is modeling Marquis' latex Governess' Blouse and Dress which work very well as a maid uniform. She also has a nice black satin Versatile Fashion's French Maid uniform which looks wonderful with a chasity belt. She has another one in blue as can be seen in the bottom photo.

Be sure to visit her well-developed site, Sarah's Studio

Maid Helga is a UK maid working in Poland. She seeks a positiona as a 24/7 submissive, experienced TS maidservant and slave to a Dominant Lady. She promises to keep her Lady's home spotlessly clean, attend to all domestic chores, cleaning, cooking, shopping and the day to day running of the home. She has a lot of experience as a live-in TV maid and as a lady's maid. She can do office work, and even run a dairy(!).

Be sure to visit her site Maid Helga, which has a very interesting biography.

Maid Helga is Registered Maid #1966

Maid Anisha is a very submissive CD from Dhaka looking for employment as a housemaid (bua). She has had 4 years training in household work and is good at cleaning, washing, dusting and gardening. She will also do other odd jobs around the house. Anyone needing a helping hand and willing to employ Anisha please send her an email.

She even has her own yahoo group Anisha's Crossdressing Parlor

Maid Anisha is Registered Maid #1958

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