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Maid Franny is a bondage-loving maid from Westchester N.Y.:

Maid Franny enjoys being Bound & Gagged at all times as a Damsel in distress. Or in this case a maid in distress. When not serving my Mistress's needs. I love extremely tight rope & oriental bondage with tight cloth gags. I'm in deep need to be embarrassed and humiliated by an intelligent woman. A woman who can look me in eyes take total control of my mind and bring me places I never thought of going. Who like me are totally lost in each other . I truly believe, I need to respect and like the woman who I hand over control of my life to. For me HUMILIATION is the most important, as is worshiping her. It is a deep feeling that comes from my sole and I get the sense of deep compliance to the woman who wants to take me on that journey. I love and need humiliation so badly, I would consider deeper degradation such as full toilet training, spittoon training & being an ashtray. Anything as to go deep into a psychological need for my Mistress. And most of all I love when a woman controls my life. So that I'm at her beckon call 24/7, Any Mistress in New York may call upon me for service.

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Maid Franny is Registered Maid 677

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Maid Claire explains herself:

My name is Claire and I'm a sissy maid living in Hampshire England. I'm seeking a Master or Mistress to serve; I have had experience of serving both. I love to be paraded around, to be made to wear a collar and lead, and to serve with my mouth and bright red lips. Thank You

Maid Claire is Registered Maid 1945

Maid Krissie is a 30 y.o. crossdresser, who loves to be forced to dress and behave as a french maid. She loves bondage, humiliation and fetish clothes.

The top left photo shows her shopping in her maid uniform! The store was TESCO, which is a mega-chain similar to Walmarts. Also, see Maid Rae Louise shopping.

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Sissy Maid Krissie is Registered Maid #1972

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