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Alyssa in Pinafore

Alyssa pinafored at Talon's

Madame Steele showing Alyssa how it's done.
(Picture by Lacey)

The graduating class of 06 Dec 2003:
Stephanie, Fifi, Sapphire, Steele, Alyssa, Simone
(Cameramaid: Maid Lacey)

Maid Alyssa is an extremely active California maid in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. She currently serves Madame Steele in San Jose part time for the Royal Court ( Imperial Royal Lion Monarchy ) and Her Tea Parties, along with her good friends Saphyre , Fifi, and Lacey.

Madame Steele runs a Yahoo Group of interest to submissive sissies.

Maid Alyssa herself runs two important regional maid groups on yahoo:
     Bay Area French Maids
     San Jose Sissy Maids
If you live in the SF Bay Area, and especially in or around San Jose, you want to join either or both of these groups
(tell Alyssa you saw it here :-).

Maid Alyssa invites all CD/TV/TS/TG friends to chat with her via her yahoo profile .

If you like her pinafores (I do :-) and outfits, please visit her seamstress Jo-An Torres' site I Love It , or visit her shop in Fremont. Jo-An also sponsers "Dress-up Wednesdays" starting at 6:30pm each Wednesday night. First-timers are welcome, but get an invitation first (email or call). See her calendar for more SF Bay Area CD/TV/TS/TG activities.

Maid Alyssa is also very happy to report that she passed Sissy Maids Training 101 class with Madame Steele taught by East Coast SissyMaid Stephanie on Dec. 6th, 2003. See more on Sissy Maid Stephanie's   Sissy Maids Academy .

Be sure to visit Maid Alyssa's extensive Home Page

The happy Maid Bunny has been told by her Mistress to share these nice photos with us, which we appreciate very much.

Bunny is a busy maid, fully trained to the standard her Mistress requires, and spending all of her time when not working, at service for her Mistress. She has a number of different uniforms but her Mistress does like her to be in her Rubber Uniform for "Special Occasions" as She puts it. That is when Bunny is required to serve a few of Her friends that She invites around for some Girlie Fun.

When dressed in her French Maid style uniforms, Bunny has to answer the door to any callers, even the postman. Her sister, mother in law, and her Mistress's aunties and friends are all regular callers so she is kept very busy serving them at all times. She is even being loaned out to her mother-in-law on a regular basis for household duties.

Maid Anne Maid Anne loves to be the sexy, elegant and obedient personal maid and property of a mistress. Her favourites are garters, stockings, high heels, corsets, short satin french maid uniforms and of course her stainless steel collar, which is unfortunately locked by herself at present.

Maid Anne is Registered Maid #1953

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