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Tina Cream is a sissy slut maid, needing verbal abuse/hummilliation from either a mature female or couple or TV aunt.

Maid tinaCream is Registered Maid #1897

Slave Maid Chrissie's lament:

I've been seeking a real Mistress online for two years now but I've only ever found online Mistresses and they have always been in America.
I would be willing to relocate in time for the right Mistress but this will take a little time to build up a friendship and trust. I am 100% serious about this life style. It is driving me mad trying to find what I want - it's so difficult to find a Mistress who is genuine as I am sure its hard for a Mistress to find a genuine slave.
I am 27 years old. I am single and straight and live alone at moment.
I've been into fetish and BDSM etc for 10 plus years, but its only really in the last 2 years I've become more active in it due to the internet and chat rooms.
I've loved cross dressing for many years but I am still not open about this desire to be force-femmed.
I am open about it online but what I mean is that my friends and family etc don't know and I don't intend to let them know. I really hope You can help me find my future, I really would love to find a position as a male maid in a Mistress house full time, but if I can find any Mistress who is just willing to start me off in this search I would be grateful.
I adore and love Women but strong dominant independent Females are my dream Women. I crave to serve at the feet of a Mistress. I just want to make my Mistresses life better and give Her the pleasure of humiliating me.
I will offer my freedom and my personal rights to my Mistress. I have read about the truth of 24/7 slavery, and I understand the reality of it.
Like most slaves I would love to be a 24/7 slave full time in the home of a Mistress and not have to go out to work, and just concentrate on my slave duties, but I do know that I am most likely to have to work to help support Her and give Her the life She desires. I am a self employed builder so I do earn good money most of the time so if I was sent out to work for Her I could offer Her a good income. I am no millionaire but I make a good salary. I've also just been offered a good mortgage so I've got the means to give Her a nice home if She needs one.
I like the idea of serving a Mistress as a male maid slave full time or also part-time but I am truly seeking a partner as in a Girl friend or Wife who i can serve as Her slave sub. I know I am wanting a lot but I don't want to give You any untrue information about what I seek.
serving a Mistress just as Her slave sounds good in the stories but if there isn't any love or any desire to take the situation further on then I can guess that in time it would get very frustrating for the slave.
I am willing to start by serving a Mistress who is just wanting a domestic slave, one who isn't Her lover. but in the long term I do want a family of my own so I would love to meet a Mistress who I can love and want to be with and start a family etc.
I would love to answer any questions You may have.


Slave Maid Chrissie is Registered Maid #1940

Sissy Maid Ruby lives in Tampa Bay Area, Florida.

She is a sissy and loves to wear sissy clothes whenever she can.

Since sissy ruby is retired and in her mid-sixties she is no longer capable of being a good maid. she hasn't the stamina and her legs give out easily but she can still dream of being a good maid.

sissy maid ruby wears one of her maids uniforms whenever she can and does the houshold chores as best she can. she is slow but reliable.

As far as discipline goes, sissy maid ruby is much more receptive to the "carrot" than the "stick".

Sissy Maid Ruby is Registered Maid #2043

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