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   This is the pretty Maid Erica, who is the property of Mistress Kia. Erica is a very obedient girl, and she spends much time amusing and servicing her Mistress and Her friends.

Mistress Kia has insisted that Erica should share these lovely pictures with us, for everyone to enjoy. We thank the Mistress for Her generosity.


Maid Marci is an experienced and devoted maid coming from the north of England. We can also add that Marci is a very nice and friendly girl, always enjoyable to have around the house performing her chores. Marci is currently uncollared, but we know that she is being considered for a post at the moment with a view to being permanent. All those of You thinking about taking Marci on as Your maid, should not hesitate, or it may become too late.

I think all of us will agree that the picture to the right is quite nice, but it was nevertheless serious doubts about whether to include it. A maid lying down on the job in full uniform is not making a very good example. However, Marci told us that she was caught in the act and assured us that she was severely punished for it. Keeping this in mind, it should after all be justifiable to release the picture.

Marci has now opened her own homepage.

Marci is also Registered Maid #1149


Sissy Maid Rachel is a lovely and promising maid living in the Chicago area. Rachel has not yet had a firm guiding hand in her training, but her ambitions are high and she is looking for a very strict part time Mistress to mold her into an outstanding maid.

Rachel can be reached most days/nights on undernet #tvsex under her nick sissyMaid.

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