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Maid Zofe Vivienn, is an extremely lucky German maid/zofe:

Hello, I am Zofe Vivienn from Germany. I am married to Madame Gaby and have served her since 1991. My favorites are making housework in my zofendress or get bound for many hours or over night. My Madame likes to put me in women's clothes and then going outside in the forrest. When i am very naughty, she bounds me to a tree and blindfolds me with a Tuch(Scarf?) and goes away. My heart is bumping over my head when i stand there and can not see. We would like to get in contact with people with the same interests as us. I am very angry about my bad English, please forgive me. Lovely Greetings, Vivienn

Visit Madame Gaby and Maid/Zofe Vivan's home page here

Maid/Zofe Vivienn is Registered Maid 1927

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Maid Klaudia is very submissive, trying to obey as much as possible anytime and follow the commands of the Mistress. If she has any, she loves her as much as anything else. She is prepared to be under strict discipline if it is neccessary to improve her skills. The most effective ways how to make corrections is bondage but it is naturaly the thing, that must be decided by Mistress. She is very happy to have the opportunity to present herself at her web page as well.

03 Mar 2004: Yes, those latter three photos are of Klaudia serving in a bar!
See her home page for MORE bar-maid photos, including 2 of her friends!!!

Maid Klaudia is Registered Maid #1934

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Sissy Maid Simone is a part time maid living in Northern California. She has undergone extensive training as a sissy maid, she is very submissive and obedient, and she does her best work when she is being supervised by a strong demanding mistress.

Sissy Maid Simone recently graduated from Sissy Maids Training 101 class with Madame Steele taught by East Coast SissyMaid Stephanie on Dec. 6th, 2003. See her graduating class picture. See more on Sissy Maid Stephanie's   Sissy Maids Academy

Sissy Maid Simone is Registered Maid #1941

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