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Maid Stevie, living in the greater Columbus, Ohio area, has been serving Mistress Jessica Payne (who--among other things--trains Sissy Maids) for 3 years to whom she is totallydevoted. Maid Stevie's fate has been sealed forever as her Mistress' Sissy Maid.

08 Dec 2004
Went shopping with Mistress and She had me buy myself a Hot Pink(due to my being Her sissy) CB2000. How humiliating to first buy and then be taken home and forced to wear and it. Of course, She has "The Key" and is my "Key Holder"...To add to the humiliation She has placed a frilly pink lace sack over my CB2000, so it will make my encased cock and balls all the more sissy and feminine for Her. She then attached Her leash to the back ring of the CB2000 and pulled me around all day on it making me feel like a helpless and powerless sissy. She is so good to me and i absolutely love the way She has trained me to be Her sissy maid. i went from macho man to Her little sissy maid in the blink of an eye. Now i am Her sissy forever and and i know i will always be Her sissy. If any one wants to be taught how to be a sissy maid contact me or Mistress Payne, She has many chores for you alreadty lined up : )And don't keep Her waiting, She hates to be kept waiting, i know from my own experince..... sissy maid steivie

26 Jan 2004
Stevie does an interview with Mistress Payne.
She is available to interview other Mistresses or Mistress-Wives.

22 Nov 2004
UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP: i have served Mistress Jessica Payne for 3 years. She is a wonderful Mistress that has truly made me undersdtand my status as Her sissy maid. She is great at humiliation and went with me to a store to buy my first maid's uniform and then She left me at the counter alone as i paid for it. She took me to buy a CB2000 and made the sales clerk aware that i will wear it.

Now she has transfered Her ownership of me over to Her strict, cruel twin sister, Samantha Cutwire, who dresses me more and more feminine then Her sister did as a sissy maid for Her. i love it as She really knows how to treat me. She had the ablity to make me see my destiny is as Her sissy maid and take me to new heights as a sissy.

i will soon be trianed by Her novice apprentice Miss Merry Payne, a young devilish Mistress that loves to strip ordiary males of their masculinty and enforce the sissification rules as set forth by Mistress Cutwire. Ms. Cutwire has the key to my cb2000 and i am totally in awe of Her and Her apprentice as they make me a more perfect sissy maid.


sissy maid steveie

Maid Stevie is Registered Maid 1869

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Maid Candyfloss' Misress explains her predicatment:

Maid candyfloss is my sub feminised hubby, if you can call him that: she has been fully feminised for nearly 10 years and has been in my service during that time; she is fully trained and has permanent make up applied to her face; she has ladies ingerie tatooed to her body and can never pass as a male again. Candyfloss has been in permanent chastity since April 94 and will never eperience sex again. She only has maids and sissy clothes to wear and is in service 24/7. All of my freinds relatives and business associates knows of her predicament and I often use her or lend her out for parties. Candyfloss lives a total maid's life and has her own quarters which is a room 10 ft x 8 ft, no window, and can only be opened from the outside and the light is controlled by a timer/switch on the outside of her room.

For my part I have a live in girlfreind who is now my lover and treats Candyfloss as her property also.

If anyone would like to corresponde with me regarding my lifestyle and also learn more about Candyfloss,
please email me, Mistress Jay .

Maid Candyfloss is Registered Maid #1890

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Maid Panthia is from the north of England, not currently in service, but looking for a Mistress to serve:

I am in need of training in all aspects. Would like to hear from other maids or mistresses. Seeking a 24/7 relationship. I apologise for the non-straightness of my stockings, but I had been working hard!

Maid Panthia is Registered Maid #1914

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