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Maid Joanna is quite a busy maid! She explains her regimen well:

I work 2 full 14 hour days a week Mondays and Fridays. In Summer: French maid. Cooler weather: Black dress, Tightlace Corset, Black pantyhose Apron. Also, each Thursday I do the supermarket shoping: black skirt, black blouse, black stockings. My wife/Mistress is a fussy boss--I get punished if the work is not done properly. Sometimes I also do some of her friends housework or serve at tupperwares parties, etc. I have been a CD since chidhood. Been working as a maid for just over 5 years now. Also attatched is my list of duties . I'd like to hear from other maids or their Mistresses.

Joanna is Registered Maid #1849

Maid Dany is a very serious maid from Italy. She has a very nice maid site in Italian called Perservirla, Signore . She also moderates the Sissy Maid Italia group on Yahoo.

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Maid Brenda is a very fortunate maid to be under the strict control of Mistress Elleana; her mistress explains:

Brenda is my personal sub maid. I am I am Mistress Elleana, a domanant bitch and i like to keep Brenda dressed in female attire even when she is off duty and relaxing. I also keep her masked a lot of the time as it means I dont have to look at her pityfull pleading face when she is begging me not to punish her. Brenda is easiest to controll when totally incased in latex so i tend to keep her locked into it as much as possible weather for punishment, pleasure or relaxation.

Brenda is Registered Maid #0000

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