Maids around the World

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Maid Karen is currently serving Mistress "D" and we can see the girl making a nice curtsey when bringing in the champagne. It does not surprise us to hear that she scores as an excellent maid.

Karen has been working on her submissive side for a long time, but serving Mistress as a maid under Her strict supervision has convinced the girl that her destiny is to humble herself to superior women.

Maid Karen is available in Southern California.

Maid Donna is looking very cute in her pretty dress. We are happy to wish her welcome among 'Maids around the World'.


Maid Stevie is the submissive sissy husband of Madame, Mistress Mary Anne, and the girl is required to provide rigorous sissy maid services to Her and Other Superiors.

Stevie has undergone extensive training and is subject to strict discipline. We can see that the crop is put to use whenever correction is needed, but we are also glad to see that a well trained, obedient maid is a happy maid.

Sissymaidstevie is Registered Maid #1825.

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