Maids around the World

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Maid April is a part-time, submissive sissy maid residing in Indiana. Her feminization and training is being executed and monitored by her lovingly supportive, obviously amused wife Sara.

April has been on loan to Sara's understanding Mother for small gatherings, much to the delight of the nicely skirted, well-mannered women in attendance.

Pretty Maid Beth Wells from Utica, NY loves to serve Mistresses. She is actually willing to do anything that is asked of her. She has licked boots, gone to the store dressed in uniform and a variety of other tasks.

Beth is Registered Maid #1687.


Lovely MichelleMaid is currently serving as her wife's maid. They are both very happy with their lifestyle and Michelle's wife is taking full advantage of the girl's infatuation with serving as Her own personal maid.

They are planning to begin serious corset training soon and we are looking forward to see photos of the progress here at 'Maids Around the World'.

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