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We are happy to have received this nice picture of Maid Geraldene from Essex in UK. Geraldene is the poperty of and a trainee sissy maid for her wife, Mistress D.

The Mistress is training the girl on regular house chores, but she has now given Geraldene strict instructions to further her training outside of the home. She has told her to find a willing sissy maid or TV Mistress to help train her in the art of fellatio so that she may better serve Her male guests.

Geraldene is Registered Maid #1700 and you will find more about Mistress D's instructions in the registry. The girl is also constructing her own web site.

Maid Geraldene also has a yahoo group called Maids and Slaves. If you post to the group, 'tell 'em the Web Maid sent ya (:-).


This is the fascinating Maid Toyra from Switzerland.

Toyra loves role play and she would like find a Lady (or Couple) who could enjoy to feminize Toyra further and make her into Her own toy. Toyra has a very nice homepage, where we can enjoy lots of photos of Toyra and read about her fantasies.

Toyra is Registered Maid #1640.

Sissy Maid Jaime - property of Mistress Elisa - is dressed up in her pretty uniform. We are pleased to see that she has been taught to kneel properly at attention. Jaime is proud to serve Mistress Elisa under the guidance of SissyCrystal, who is Head Maid to Mistress Elisa.

We send our thanks to the Mistress and Her Head Maid for having the girl joining 'Maids Around the World'.

Sissy Maid Jaime is Registered Maid #1657.

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