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The lovely Maid Jenni is living in South Wales in the UK. She is in the possession of Mistress Tanya. We send our thanks to the Mistress for letting all of us admire the pretty girl in her frilly uniform.

As Mistress Tanya lives overseas from her maid, She wants to make Jenni available for use by females and tvs in the girl's own area. The maid is new at the scene and is still in training, but she thinks it would be a pleasure to find someone that could use her services. We are confident that any Mistress would enjoy having this girl at Her disposal.

Jenni is Registered Maid #1582.


The sweet Maid Dannielle is a very compliant young maid from Manchester in England. She is convincing and feminine and she would certainly be a pleasure to have around, dressed in her very short maid's uniform.

We are happy to say that Dannielle is very willing to learn to be the best maid she can be. She recognises that she will have to agree to whatever types of training Mistress would wish of her and will accept punishment and chastisement should she be careless enough to get some things wrong. This should be a great opportunity for Mistresses who enjoy to mould their maids to high standards.

Dannielle is Registered Maid #1601.


Sissymaidmiranda's Mistress has instructed the girl to send us these lovely photos to be displayed for the whole world to enjoy.

We are of course happy about this, and we are also very pleased to see that the Mistress has the intention of bringing the maid up to an exemplary high standard. Miranda is being taught to practice curtsies while waiting for the guests to arrive, after working late she has been forced to go out in public to recycle cans in 20 degrees F - all dressed up as a maid, and she has experienced the necessity of presenting herself for the wood paddle after spilling a drink during a party her Mistress was giving.

Sissymaid Miranda, we send you our best wishes for a swift progress!

Miranda is Registered Maid #1629.

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