Maids around the World

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Maid Slut Jacqueline is a nice zofe living in Germany. Jacqueline thinks she was born to serve her Mistress. She will happily fulfill all wishes of her Mistress and receive her punishment with gratitude.

Jacqueline is Registered Maid #1517.

Pretty Maid Rhiannon is living in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Masters and Mistresses in Detroit MI, Windsor, London, Sarina Ontario or perhaps Erie PA should note that Rhiannon is seeking to serve as a real sincere maid, dressed in regular maids clothing, or sexy as Master/Mistress wishes.

Rhiannon is Registered Maid #1532.

The attractive Maid Alice is living in Scotland

Alice has her web pages at There we can enjoy lots of nice photos of the pretty Maid Alice and also the ravishing Mistress Celia.

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