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We are happy to see pretty Maid Denise among us in Maids around the World.

She is posing in her nice uniforms and she is even letting all of us have a glimpse of her frilly and feminine panties.

Denise is now seeking training and 24/7 position by strict Mistress/Master. She is Registered Maid #1451.


This is pretty Maid Elinor from Scotland, dressed in her lovely petticoat and maids dress when carrying out her domestic chores. She wishes to serve and submit to a mistress who accepts her crossdressing as normal.

Elinor has photos in the house of sissify and also at her website, a site dedicated to encourage girls to wear skirts with pride.

She is Registered Maid #1463.

Pretty Maid Claire is living in Indianapolis. She is a very submissive, well trained, well behaved and humble girl who sincerely desires to serve a Mistress.

Maid Claire is Registered Maid #1542.

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