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        The stunning Maid Andrea is the second German maid to join us in less than a week! She is wearing her beautiful formal black uniform and an adorable pink maid's dress. Andrea is proving what we never doubted: Germany is rich on lovely and obedient maids.

Andrea has always been attracted to french-maid, victorian-maid and brides-maid outfits and she really enjoys doing her household dressed up as a sissy maid. You will find much more about Andrea at her homepage.

 Maid Gabby is a friendly and fun loving maid living in UK. I think we can add that she is also very pretty indeed.

She loves to dress up to play the maid once in a while, and at Gabby's homepage you will find several nice photos showing how she is maiding for her friend Vicki.

~50K ~50K ~50K
~50K ~50K ~50K

Maid Isobel is another beautiful maid living in UK. Isobel has been a maid for many years, and her partner makes sure that she is properly dressing and behaving as an obedient sissy maid. We can see that her partner has made a good job of it, making Isobel into a perfect and also very seductive maid.

You will find many other photos of Isobel showing us
her great collection of uniforms in Maid Isobel's Gallery.

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