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Ciao from Italy. Latex Maid Raffaella in Caserta is posing for us in in her shiny and sexy uniform. We can all agree that the outfit is very becoming to her, and we are probably not taking much wrong when we assume that Raffaella is a fetish maid who adores the high boots and the long gloves.


Sweet Maid Shelly is dressed up in her beautiful royal blue uniform, richly fringed and with a full petticoat.

Shelly is obediently bending over. Many of us have been in a similar position, always wondering: what's next? We can see that Shelly could not resist the temptation of trying to get a quick glimpse at what she is up for.


Pretty Sissy Maid Jennifer has been instructed by her Master to send these nice photos of His sissy maid to be displayed on 'Maids Around the World' for everyone to enjoy. We send our respectful thanks to Master Paul.

Jennifer is modelling two uniforms, a french maids uniform with lots of lace and petticoats and a short outfit showing off both her legs and panties. We are also reminded that even the most well trained maid can end up spending time in the corner once in the while.

Jennifer is Registered Maid #1278. Those of you looking for a part time maid in NJ should note that Master Paul wants the girl to look for another Master/Mistress to serve.

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