Maids around the World

Page 47


The beautiful Maid Laurie has sent these lovely photos for all of us to enjoy.

We can see that Laurie is very careful about her appearance, but we are not surprised about this when we hear that she is a good friend of Maid Cheryl who actually took the photo at the left. It is certainly nice to have fellow maids for guidance and inspiration.


Maîtresse Khaly’s maid has certainly had a busy day. We are pleased to see that a girl under education also can be of some use to the Mistress Herself.

Maîtresse Khaly from Strasbourg in France is training maids and slaves up to high standard. Her trainees must be prepared to endure both correction and humiliation, but inevitably they will be transferred into the obedient maids they are destined to become. Maîtresse Khaly has Her own website.

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