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Latex Maid Patricia in France has been in service to Mistress Brigitte for 20 years. It has been times filled with chores and also times for correction.

Patricia is certainly a lucky maid, we would consider it a privilege to be allowed to bend our knees for the superior and beautiful Maîtresse Brigitte.


The lovely Maid Angela from UK is employed part time by two Mistresses, Who she serves every week.

The chores are carried out under strict supervision of a demanding Mistress, an approach we fully support. We also know from experience that the presence of a cane in a room brings us even higher up on our toes in our strive to please the Mistress. Once tasted, never forgotten! It seems like Angela had a slight slip in concentration this time and that the matter was dealt with there and then.

In between her duties, Angela has actually found time to appear on TV as a maid. Those of you in need of domestic help should also note this: Angela does have some free time to assist with housework and at dinner parties. She is very obedient and will serve both Masters and Mistresses.

Angela is Registered Maid #1259.


Pretty Maid Sophie is a soubrette living in the eastern part of France. Sophie has already some experience as a maid, having been in service to a Maîtresse for more than one year. This attractive girl is now offering her services to a Mistress or a dominant couple in her area.

You will find more about Sophie’s qualifications and interests in her nice homepage, where you can also read 'Les tenues de Soubrettes - Confession de Sophie.'

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