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The devoted Maid Subsissy is in service to Mistress Aquarius who can be quite demanding at times. We can see Subsissy dusting in preparation for a Tarot Party her M'Lady held at which she served as Her maid. Afterwards the girl was up for a discipline session which was to teach her proper posture. Lady Aquarius had found Subsissy slouching while serving at the party!

M'Lady and Subsissy are a str8 couple in their 50's from the Adirondack 518 region of NY, who enjoy the D/s Lifestyle and meeting others with like interests. You should all pay a visit to their Web Site.

Subsissy is Registered Maid #1258.


The elegant Maid Veronica has taken a short break from her duties to pose for us. We are impressed by the way she is keeping her long legs in good shape.


The impressive Mistress Maid Betty from France is using some of her valuable time to help a novice onto the right tracks towards servitude. We can see that devotion to the high heels is the lesson of the day. The new girl will probably find herself inside her first uniform any day now.

This is an appropriate occasion to remind ourselves that Superior Maids are in position of valuable knowledge that all of us could benefit from. Those being put under the supervision of a higher ranked maid should be grateful for the opportunity to improve their skills, and we must remember that the Superior Maid always is to be obeyed just as is if She was the Mistress Herself.

Lucky girls being drilled by Mistress Maid Betty would certainly be on a fast lane to higher qualifications. You should all pay a visit to Betty's fascinating web pages.

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