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Mistress Donna’s two Obedient Maids have been performing up to standard lately and Mistress Donna thought the submissive girls deserved to be recognized for their faithful years of service to Her, their Mistress. We are happy to hear about this and we are glad to see them joining Maids around the World.


Pretty Maid Ronnie loves English style maids uniforms and we can see her wearing her lovely royal blue one.

Ronnie also loves to serve and service her Mistress/Master in every way and she is now hoping to find a Master or Mistress for a weekend or 24/7 position. The maid is waiting for Your collar and leash!

Ronnie is Registered Maid #1081.


Vampirella from has sent us these nice photos of the pretty Maid Nora, one of the maids performing for Her and Her guests once in a while.

Nora is a real French maid. She is very submissive and has a strong wool and pvc fetish. This lovely and obedient maid is now available for dominant people from the east of France.

You will find many more pictures at Nora’s web site.

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