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We are happy to have lovely Maid Miranda joining ‘Maids around the World".

Laura is showing us that it is possible to make a graceful presentation also when the uniform is thigh high.


The seducing Maid Laura from Paris in France is feeling really sexy in her low cut maid outfit and she is very much obsessed with her physical appearance. Therefore she is more easily found in front of a looking glass, redoing her hair or reapplying her lipstick, than actually cleaning the mirror. We do agree that a maid is supposed to make a pretty appearance, but most maids know that this must not be at the expense of performing their chores.

Laura is also admitting another flaw in her character. She regularly serves a couple with friends at dinner in her short and frilly uniform, exposing her garter-framed buttocks. The gentlemen are not able to keep their hands to themselves, and fondle the maid under her skirt as she serve the dishes, in response to which she just blushes.

Laura knows that her slutty and provocative behaviour needs to be brought to an end, and she would be very glad to serve a Mistress who could make her place Her needs above her own.

Laura has now opened her own nice web site, where you may:

 appuyez pour sonner la lauramaid

Laura is also Registered Maid #1077.


This is the beautiful Maid Bianca who loves to please dominant women and Their friends as a sexy looking maid. We are very grateful that Bianca was instructed to join ‘Maids around the World’, letting everybody enjoy these nice pictures.

Bianca has two Mistresses she is serving whenever They need a maid. The Mistresses are keeping the maid under strict control. We can see her safely tied up after some wrong doing, to contemplate on the error of her ways.

Bianca is now looking for a Mistress to serve as a full time live-in maid.

She is Registered Maid #1069.

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