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   The lovely and devoted Maid Vicky is cleaning her Mistress's dungeon. It is obvious for all of us that the Mistress has been very successful in Her training of this maid. Vicky is wearing her latest uniform, a beautiful royal blue outfit. She has been searching all over for such a uniform for quite some time and she was very happy when she found out that Laura at LD Fashions could help her with just what she was looking for.

You should also make a visit to the new Homepage Vicky is setting up.

You can also visit Vicky's Mistress, Mistress Jacquie, here


The beautiful Maid Kathy has dressed up to pose for us in her very becoming Victorian Maid's uniform. We have for some time been looking forward to Kathy making digital photos. As we can see now: it was well worth waiting for!

Once in a while Kathy is stepping out of her busy everyday self to explore her feminine side. Is there a better way of doing this than stepping into a maid's outfit?

Kathy has now opened a new web page with maids, corset and wedding photos and stories.

             Maid Jasmine is a pretty little flower, blooming in Germany. We have suspected that there are quite a few very good maids in Germany, and we are really happy that Jasmine has joined us as the first one.

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