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This is pretty Maid Bettie who is living in Madison, WI, in the midwest of USA.

Bettie is recognising that she is no more than a hopelessly naughty novice. It is embarrassing enough for the girl that the petticoats push the hem of her uniform so that her stocking-tops are always on display, but Bettie also admits that in weak moments she might even be caught doing things most maids now they should refrain from.

We do however believe that Bettie sooner or later will become a good and well behaving maid, but maybe a little obedience training would speed up her progress?

Bettie would love to hear from other maids.

  The lovely Maid Cindy is taking a few minutes off in front of the fireplace, after an exhausting day in service.

Although we know that a maid is not supposed to sit down unless told so, we also know that a little relaxation once in a while may improve the maid's performance in the long run.


Sweet Maid Caroline from Hampshire, UK is presenting a nice curtsey for us, and she is also letting us have a closer look at her pretty panties.

Caroline knows from experience that she needs frequent discipline with cane or birch to ensure her continuing obedience. An appealing challenge for Mistresses who enjoy getting maids on their toes, is it not?

The maid is very keen to serve an understanding Mistress, especially one who is herself a CD.

Caroline is Registered Maid #1022.

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