Maids around the World

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The sweet Maid Ashley Anne is a very obedient and submissive maid living in Atlanta.

We are now happy to inform all Mistresses in the Atlanta area that Ashley is looking for a new position. Any Mistress appreciating excellent service and unquestioned obedience will certainly be pleased with Ashley's performance.

Ashley is Registered Maid #943.


We are happy to present these nice photos of Sissy Maid Tonya, who has been instructed to show them to the world.

Sissy Tonya is now seeking to serve as a maid to a dominant female or couple in the Baltimore, MD area. Tonya has training in housework and personal service and her experience includes service as a sissy maid to a couple for two years.

Please let Tonya know if she can be of service.


Maid Terry is dressing up in her pretty maid's outfit for us. The dress is quite short and the girl must not forget to keep her panties and garters in perfect order.

We know that Terry loves her uniform - she actually finds it rather exciting too be wearing it.

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