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This is the sweet Maid Buffy (a.k.a. Buffy the Vamp) who is living in Kansas City. Buffy has recognised that she needs more experience as a maid and she is a now looking for a full time Mistress.

Buffy has admitted that she has one major downfall, that she is a total slut. We do however know that most Mistresses would have no problems utilising and rectifying such a weakness. Actually, many Mistresses enjoy the challenge of modifying the behaviour of girls like Buffy. They know that such girls have great talents and that the reward would be a maid trained for perfect servitude.

Buffy is Registered Maid #884


The lovely Maid Lynne from Wales has been in service for 4 years with Mistress Tina. It is a pleasure for us to see that the maid seems to be very well trained.

The daily chores are performed with dedication, the girl has learned to kneel in patience when waiting for new instructions and she also knows that all details of her uniform must be kept on order, even those normally covered by the hem of her maidís dress .

Lynne is Registered Maid #893


Pretty Maid Susan from California is very submissive, and she has been properly trained to serve both Mistresses and Masters skilfully.

Although being a well qualified maid, Susan knows that she must work harder at improving her standard. That is an attitude we like to hear from any maid, and You should also note that this girl is willing to submit totally for the right Mistress.

Susan is Registered Maid #892

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