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The lovely and efficient Maid Susan is originally from the UK. She is now in service for Mistress Angel in Canada and she loves taking care of Her and Her house. The Mistress is very pleased with Susan’s work and is showing Her appreciation by permitting the girl to join "The Maids around the World".

You should all drop in for a cosy visit at Susan’s webpage.

Susan is Registered Maid #840

   Mistress Onyx has sent us this very nice picture of Her pretty maid krystal{O}, to be posted on ‘Maids around the World’.

We send our respectful thanks to the Mistress for letting everybody enjoy seeing maid krystal{O} posing for us.


These pictures of the lovely Maid Tami were taken on the day Mistress L had her washing the baseboards in the house.

We know that Tami performed her tasks up to standard this time, but we also know that Mistress L is keeping Her maid under a strict regime. Tami is most of the time wearing a locked on chastity cage under her red panties and just recently Mistress L had her nipples pierced for Her pleasure.

You can read more about the adventures of Mistress L and Tami on Fictionmania: Tami, L's gurl!

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