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This is Maid Karen, one of the good looking maids of Maryland.

Karen is very concerned about society's opinion about crossdressing. We should all drop in at Karen's World and let her encourage us to open our minds and enjoy life forwhat it really is.

In Karen's World we can also enjoy her nice photo album with more than 330 pictures.

 Pretty Maid Satingirl from Holland is posing for us in her beautiful uniform. Satingirl is a qualified and experienced maid, who has been in full time service for three years now. Her Mistress has however decided to move to another country. This is unfortunate for the girl, but good for one thing: a great opportunity has come up for any Mistress in Western Europe looking for a new and well trained maid.

Satingirl is Registered Maid #779 and she is also setting up her own homepage.


This is the lovely Maid Rebecca from Canada. Rebecca's highest wish is to serve a Mistress on a full time basis, to be at Her beck and call day and night. Mistresses looking for a new maid should note that this girl will obediently do all domestic chores, and she will also accept any training necessary to satisfy her Mistress' personal wishes exactly as required.

Rebecca is Registered Maid #676

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