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The sweet Maid Katja is an obedient chambermaid from Germany, who is available for weekend services and also for longer periods when demanded.

All those of you who would like to have this maid serving you in any and all domestic tasks should not hesitate to pay a visit to Katja's new homepage.


This is the cute Maid Wendy who is a very contented trannie living in England. Wendy loves to dress to please, always very feminine. I think we all agree that she is quite successful at it.

Wendy is now constructing her own homepage where you can read her bio and also enjoy more photos.

Wendy is Registered Maid #728.


We are now very pleased to wish the lovely Maid Clarissa welcome to our gallery. Her Mistress Ayisha did decide that the maid should to join ‘The Maids Around the World’, but She was kind enough to Clarissa to let her choose when the time was ready.

The girl is owner of three main maid's dresses and a variety of accoutrements. The 5" pumps are locked onto her by the Mistress, to relieve the maid of any temptation to slip out of them when out of Her sight.

Clarissa is especially fond of the picture at the right, reminding her of a treasureable moment when she was honored by being allowed to worship at her Mistress' bare feet.

See her profile here with a few very educating essays to start with.


She is Registered Maid #729.

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