Maids around the World

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The lovely Maid Loretta from northern Illinois is wearing her pretty chamber maid uniform while doing her daily chores. Although Loretta is somewhat a novice now, she hopes in the near future to be placed into a position of full time servitude, and it is her ambition to furthering her skills and become the best maid that she can possibly be.

This opportunity should be considered by all genuine Mistresses looking for a new maid.

Loretta is Registered Maid #628


The obedient Maid Trine from Norway is a part time maid, doing all the housework, and serving wife/mistress Hilde and her male lover. They both punish the girl with birch, brush and cane on bare bum if she misbehaves, and Trine also has to spend long times in the corner before and after punishment, and also while her wife and lover make love.

Trine is Registered Maid #627


This is the beautiful Maid Jessica who is a maid for her wife, Mistress Nikki. Once a day Jessica has to put on this pretty uniform, which she actually made herself under Mistressís orders, and perform her daily chores.

In case you should be in doubt, Jessica is a cd.

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