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Let us have a good look at the adorable Maid Cheryl. Cheryl is a well trained and fully qualified maid, living in New Jersey near NYC. As we can clearly see, she is just the maid for those requiring perfection in their maid's appearance and performance. No doubt she attracted lots of attention at the Dressing for Pleasure ball shown to the left.

Maid Cheryl has something resembling a home page at Petticoat Pond

Visit Maid Cheryl's Gallery

Maid Cheryl is telling us a little more about herself in a note she has dropped in the Guestbook.

Sissy is a very experienced and widely respected maid. There are many satisfied Ladies in NYC, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston who have enjoyed the quality of her services. Sissy is also a friendly girl with a great sense of humour.

I am now happy to tell you that Sissy is creating her own web site, dedicated to Dominant Ladies and the sissies who serve them. It is a nice place to visit, and it is going to be even better! Sissy has great plans for her site. Make sure to drop by once in a while to see how it develops.

 This is the pretty Maid Sarah who is living in UK. She is wearing a very nice black uniform with lots of lace and frills. Underneath it, we can see a lovely petticoat.

Sarah is getting her uniforms from Rosalind Woods, and her wardrobe includes a beautiful jade green maid's outfit and a sensational silver wet look maid's dress.

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